LaxPower Directory

The LaxPower directory below shows information only for the principals.  We also have a number of individuals who serve as coordinators for high school lacrosse and may put you in touch with one of them depending on the nature of your communication.
Name Title E-Mail Address Areas of Responsiblity
Larry Feldman Executive Director of LaxPower MD1, MD2, High School, PR program, site as a whole
Bob Kroshefsky Director of Men's Lacrosse MD3, JuCo, USLIA, NCLL, NLL, LaxPower Forum
Dan Larsen Director of Women's Lacrosse & Dir. of Comm. WD1/2/3/JuCo, Newsletter, Links, Archives, Ask the Ref/Ump

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Dr. Laurence Feldman, Executive Director
Dr. Robert Kroshefsky, Director of Men's Lacrosse
Dr. Daniel Larsen, Director of Women's Lacrosse

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