(1) Shut down all instances of your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, or whatever you happen to be using). Restart the browser, but do not go to LaxPower.

(2) Delete your "cookies." Here are two examples**
Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> General tab -> click on "Delete Cookies"

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy (at left) -> click on "Clear" to the right of Cookies

In other browers, look for a similar procedure.

**If you know how to delete only the forum cookie(s), do that instead.
(3) That should correct the problem, so head back to the Forum.

(4) Note the deletion of cookies may result in all topics and messages at the Forum appearing new/unread. You can do a quick blitz by clicking on "Mark all forums read" near the lower left on the forum index page or see this topic, which may help you proceed more selectively.

(5) The problem should not occur again on that computer with that browser. However, it could happen on a different computer or using a different browser on the same machine. If that should happen, just follow the steps above.

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