Men's Division II
TeamRecordPower RatingsPR Rank
Wheeling Jesuit4-108-80.214   80.3085.169.13311516
Dominican U.5-86-50.161   79.0684.079.53332211
Colorado Mesa4-79-40.329   77.0882.229.9737298
Saint Anselm3-118-70.319   81.5284.966.3425178
Chestnut Hill5-78-60.155   83.0885.444.1621147
Franklin Pierce2-106-60.333   79.4183.157.1132275
Florida Southern7-610-60.087   84.1385.622.4218135
Dowling11-313-20.081   88.4290.963.98624
Saint Michael's10-511-50.021   86.2188.102.971284
Seton Hill7-712-40.250   85.8187.592.801394
Adams State1-84-80.222   75.5778.636.2040373
Saint Leo5-86-70.077   81.0383.785.0927243
Lake Erie5-77-70.083   82.3184.614.1223203
NYIT10-413-30.098   87.3088.381.341073
Pace5-95-10-0.024   80.8782.833.6229281
Merrimack11-613-30.165   87.9888.750.69761
Lenoir-Rhyne4-105-100.048   78.6281.114.8334340
Rollins2-103-120.033   78.2880.714.7535350
Adelphi16-313-3-0.030   88.9089.850.94550
Mercyhurst14-213-10.054   90.5090.66-0.71330
Limestone15-217-20.012   91.9091.90-1.14110
Catawba12-414-30.074   85.2484.98-0.991516-1
Queens U. of Charlotte8-58-6-0.044   84.5784.68-0.231719-2
Le Moyne12-217-10.087   91.1990.51-2.3524-2
Pfeiffer10-612-60.042   87.6886.58-2.80911-2
Mars Hill11-411-30.052   87.8986.67-3.05810-2
Shorter0-12-80.200   70.5173.396.354245-3
Molloy5-107-90.104   83.6983.86-0.031923-4
Bentley7-75-9-0.143   85.6284.70-2.271418-4
S. New Hampshire3-93-11-0.036   81.3381.760.692631-5
Lees-McRae0-101-100.091   75.8474.44-2.223944-5
American International1-130-14-0.071   78.2176.18-3.643641-5
Ohio Valley0-20-70.000   70.7364.62-10.604146-5
C.W. Post16-26-6-0.389   89.4586.18-7.06412-8
Belmont Abbey5-75-11-0.104   83.5581.81-3.612030-10
Mercy11-36-7-0.324   86.8684.59-4.931121-10
Notre Dame de Namur7-81-12-0.390   80.9076.78-7.832840-12
Assumption8-73-11-0.319   82.9179.29-7.092236-14
Dominican C.2-131-12-0.056   81.5477.50-7.752439-15
Wingate7-84-10-0.181   84.9181.35-7.171632-16


  • Only teams that played in both years are included.  However, power rating (PR) ranks were not altered to account for the differences.

  • Teams with the same PR on ratings pages may have different ranks here (e.g., if two teams have a PR of 84.50 and ratings-page ranks of 27 and 28, respectively, their ranks may be reversed on this page, as ordering in the case of ties is arbitary).

  • Teams are shown in descending order by change in PR rank and then by change in PR.

  • Power rating change accounts for differences in the mean PR and the standard deviation between the two years and cannot be derived by subtraction.

  • Greater change is naturally possible -- and in fact probable -- in the divisions having more teams.

  • If they change, teams ranked towards the extremes last year generally have only one way to go; they can also change the most.
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