was started in 1997 by Larry Feldman, who developed and still maintains the "engine" that generates the computer ratings for college and high school teams.  In 1998, Bob Kroshefsky and Dan Larsen joined LaxPower to work on college men's and women's lacrosse, respectively, and they soon took full responsibility for those areas.

The next year, to expand the audience, Larry began coverage of high school boys' lacrosse, which was taken over and expanded by George Baldassare in 1999, and later girls' lacrosse, which George Hollenbeck took over in 2002 and further developed.  Bill Allen came on board in late 2001 and has been a mainstay with women's lacrosse scores and recruits ever since.

Larry also started the highly regarded LaxPower Forum in 1997.  It was expanded from a single forum to one for college and one for high school.  Dan eventually converted it to the multiple-forum, user-moderated system in place today, and George B. continues as its long-time chief administrator.  The Forum remains the premiere place for online discussions in the world of lacrosse.

LaxPower had features other than the power ratings from beginning, including video clips and lacrosse trivia.  Over the years, many more were developed, among them news coverage, scoreboards and game calendars, recruit databases, Forum polls, user-provided in-game updates, listings of HS and college All-Americans, and a variety of analytic reports about the sport.

In early 2006, Steve Layne joined LaxPower brought his audio/video coverage from  He and his team in Philadelphia developed SportsPower to create sites for other sports.  The interest in the concept was considerable, and The Active Network (Active Network, LLC as of May 2014) acquired LaxPower/SportsPower in the summer of 2007.

Dan and George B. will depart in December 2017. For the 2018 season, George H. will shift to boys' lacrosse, and his daughter Keelin takes over girls' lacrosse. LaxPower's staff as of January 2018 and the area each covers are shown below.

Bill AllenWomen's Lacrosse
Larry FeldmanComputer Ratings
George HollenbeckBoys' Lacrosse
Keelin HollenbeckGirls' Lacrosse
Bob KroshefskyMen's Lacrosse
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