Official Lacrosse Rules - College, Pro & High School

Welcome to this section devoted to the rules for the "fastest game on two feet."  Gaps in knowledge are common among parents and fans, and players and coaches are hardly immune from mistakes where the rules are concerned either.

Regarding rules questions, see the links at the US Lacrosse web site below.  You can find links on those four pages to purchase or download PDF copies of the rule books.  The PDF versions of the NCAA rules are available at their web site as well as at these links:   Men's Rules   Women's Rules.  Note that the file sizes are rather large.
Men's Lacrosse Rules
Boys' Lacrosse Rules
Women's Lacrosse Rules
Girls' Youth Rules

Interested in officiating?  If so, see the US Lacrosse web site's page or send an e-mail to for men's lacrosse or to for women's lacrosse.

Professional Lacrosse: The 2010 rule book for the National Lacrosse League is available as a large Word file.  Major League Lacrosse does not appear to have a separate rule book but uses these adjustments to college playing rules:
  • • The MLL uses a 60-second shot clock, which is reset after a goal is scored, a shot hits the post or is saved by the goalie, or there is a change of possession. If the clock runs out, possession is granted to the other team.

  • • Because of the shot clock, there is no restraining box to "keep it in" as in college lacrosse.

  • • The MLL also has a 2-point arc. Players must have both feet behind the line before shooting the ball in order for a 2-point goal to be scored.

  • • There are two television timeouts per quarter in MLL games. They are at the first dead ball stoppages under 9 minutes and under 4 minutes. Dead ball stoppages include goals, penalties, and changes of possession.

  • • There is a maximum of 19 players dressed in uniform per team in MLL games.

  • • All quarters and overtime periods must begin with a face-off, regardless of a man-up/man-down situation.

  • • A goal can be scored after the horn sounds to end a quarter as long as the shot was released prior to the horn.
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