Year Men's Women's
Division I Division II Division III Division I** Division II Division III
  1971   Cornell          
1972 Virginia          
1973 Maryland          
1974 Johns Hopkins Towson        
1975 Maryland Cortland        
1976 Cornell Hobart        
1977 Cornell Hobart        
1978 Johns Hopkins Roanoke        
1979 Johns Hopkins Adelphi        
1980 Johns Hopkins UMBC Hobart      
1981 North Carolina Adelphi Hobart      
1982 North Carolina   Hobart Massachusetts    
1983 Syracuse   Hobart Delaware    
1984 Johns Hopkins   Hobart Temple    
1985 Johns Hopkins   Hobart New Hampshire   New Jersey
1986 North Carolina   Hobart Maryland   Ursinus
1987 Johns Hopkins   Hobart Penn State   New Jersey
1988 Syracuse   Hobart Temple   New Jersey
1989 Syracuse   Hobart Penn State   Ursinus
1990 Syracuse*   Hobart Harvard   Ursinus
1991 North Carolina   Hobart Virginia   New Jersey
1992 Princeton   Nazareth Maryland   New Jersey
1993 Syracuse Adelphi Hobart Virginia   New Jersey
1994 Princeton Springfield Salisbury Princeton   New Jersey
1995 Syracuse Adelphi Salisbury Maryland   New Jersey
1996 Princeton C.W. Post Nazareth Maryland   New Jersey
1997 Princeton NY Tech Nazareth Maryland   Middlebury
1998 Princeton Adelphi Washington Maryland   New Jersey
1999 Virginia Adelphi Salisbury Maryland   Middlebury
2000 Syracuse Limestone Middlebury Maryland   New Jersey
2001 Princeton Adelphi Middlebury Maryland C.W. Post Middlebury
2002 Syracuse Limestone Middlebury Princeton West Chester Middlebury
  * Title and tournament participation vacated by the NCAA's Committee on Infractions.
** National Collegiate (Divisions I/II) until 2001.

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