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Men's Division I Games
DateTimeMatch-up (and location if neutral)Network(s)
Jan 26, Sun1:30 pmU.S. Team Blue vs. U.S. Team White at Orlando, FLESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 10:00 pm
Feb 8, Sat1:00 pmJacksonville at DukeESPN3
Feb 9, Sun11:30 amOhio State at Johns HopkinsESPNU
Feb 10, Mon7:00 pmSiena at SyracuseTWC
Feb 15, Sat1:00 pmDenver at DukeESPN3
 1:00 pmHoly Cross at St. John'sESPN3
 4:00 pmTowson at Johns HopkinsESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 2/16 11:00 am
Feb 16, Sun4:00 pmAlbany at SyracuseTWC, ESPN3
 7:00 pmNotre Dame at JacksonvilleNBCSN
 9:15 pmOhio State vs. Massachusetts at Jacksonville, FLNBCSN
Feb 21, Fri7:00 pmPenn at DukeESPN3
Feb 22, Sat11:00 amHofstra at PrincetonESPNU
 1:00 pmMaryland at SyracuseTWC, ESPN3
Feb 23, Sun11:00 amAir Force vs. Marist at Denver, COAltitude
 1:30 pmCanisius at DenverAltitude
Mar 1, Sat12:00 pmNotre Dame at North CarolinaESPN3
 1:00 pmSiena at St. John'sESPN3
 7:30 pmSyracuse at VirginiaESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 3/02 9:00 am
Mar 7, Fri5:30 pmNorth Carolina at PrincetonESPNU
Mar 8, Sat5:00 pmPenn at VillanovaFCS
Mar 9, Sun6:00 pmDuke at LoyolaCBSSN
Mar 10, Mon7:00 pmPenn State at Denver(delay only)
Delay: Altitude 3/11 10:00 pm
Mar 11, Tue4:00 pmBucknell at North CarolinaESPN3
 7:00 pmMarquette at DukeESPN3
Mar 15, Sat12:00 pmSyracuse at Johns HopkinsESPNU
 1:00 pmOhio State at Denver(delay only)
Delay: Altitude 3/16 12:00 pm
 2:00 pmNorth Carolina at DukeESPNU
Mar 16, Sun5:00 pmVirginia at Notre DameESPNU
Mar 18, Tue3:00 pmHofstra at St. John'sESPN3
 7:00 pmHarvard at North CarolinaESPN3
Mar 19, Wed6:00 pmLoyola at GeorgetownCBSSN
Mar 22, Sat1:00 pmDartmouth at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
 2:00 pmMaryland at North CarolinaESPNU
 3:00 pmRutgers at DenverAltitude
Delay: Altitude 3/24 5:00 pm
 4:30 pmJohns Hopkins at VirginiaESPNU
Mar 23, Sun12:30 pmSyracuse at DukeESPNU
Mar 25, Tue7:00 pmGeorgetown at VillanovaCBSSN
Mar 29, Sat11:00 amDenver at GeorgetownFCS
 12:00 pmNotre Dame at SyracuseESPNU
 2:00 pmNorth Carolina at Johns HopkinsESPNU
 2:00 pmVillanova at Penn StateBTN
 6:00 pmSt. John's at ProvidenceFS1
Mar 30, Sun12:00 pmVirginia at MarylandESPNU
Apr 2, Wed7:00 pmBinghamton at SyracuseTWC, ESPN3
Apr 4, Fri7:00 pmAlbany at Johns HopkinsESPNU
 7:00 pmDenver at VillanovaCBSSN
Apr 5, Sat12:00 pmDuke at Notre DameESPNU
 3:00 pmVirginia at North CarolinaESPNU
Apr 6, Sun1:00 pmMarquette at St. John'sESPN3
Apr 8, Tue7:00 pmBoston University at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
 7:30 pmLehigh at PrincetonESPNU
Apr 11, Fri6:00 pmDuke at VirginiaESPNU
Apr 12, Sat11:00 amMichigan at Ohio StateBTN
 2:00 pmMaryland at Johns HopkinsESPNU
 2:00 pmNavy at ArmyCBSSN
 4:30 pmSt. John's at DenverCBSSN
 6:00 pmNorth Carolina at SyracuseESPNU
Apr 17, Thu7:00 pmBucknell at LoyolaCBSSN
Apr 18, Fri7:00 pmJohns Hopkins at NavyCBSSN
Apr 19, Sat12:00 pmMaryland at Notre DameESPNU
 1:00 pmPrinceton at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
 1:00 pmRutgers at DukeESPN3
 1:00 pmVillanova at St. John'sESPN3
 3:00 pmHobart at SyracuseESPN3
 3:00 pmSyracuse at HobartTWC
Apr 23, Wed7:00 pmVillanova at Johns HopkinsESPNU
Apr 25, Fri4:30 pmPatriot League Semifinal #1CBSSN
 5:00 pmACC Semifinal #1ESPNU
 7:30 pmPatriot League Semifinal #2CBSSN
 7:30 pmACC Semifinal #2ESPNU
Apr 26, Sat1:30 pmHarvard at YaleFCS Central
Apr 27, Sun1:00 pmACC ChampionshipESPNU
 1:00 pmPatriot League ChampionshipCBSSN
May 3, Sat10:00 amAmerica East ChampionshipESPNU
 12:00 pmArmy at Notre DameESPNU
 12:00 pmJohns Hopkins at LoyolaCBSSN
 4:00 pmColgate at SyracuseESPN3, TWC
 4:30 pmBig East ChampionshipFS1
May 4, Sun12:00 pmIvy League ChampionshipESPNU
May 10, Sat12:00 pmAlbany at LoyolaESPNU, WatchESPN
 2:30 pmHarvard at Notre DameESPNU, WatchESPN
 5:00 pmCornell at MarylandESPNU, WatchESPN
 7:30 pmNorth Carolina at DenverESPNU, WatchESPN
May 11, Sun1:00 pmJohns Hopkins at VirginiaESPN2, WatchESPN
 3:00 pmDrexel at PennESPNU, WatchESPN
 5:15 pmAir Force-Richmond at DukeESPNU, WatchESPN
 7:30 pmBryant-Siena at SyracuseESPNU, WatchESPN
May 17, Sat12:00 pmNCAA QuarterfinalESPN2, WatchESPN
 2:30 pmNCAA QuarterfinalESPN2, WatchESPN
May 18, Sun12:00 pmNCAA QuarterfinalESPNU, WatchESPN
 2:30 pmNCAA QuarterfinalESPNU, WatchESPN
May 24, Sat1:00 pmNCAA Semifinal #1ESPN2, WatchESPN
 3:30 pmNCAA Semifinal #2ESPN2, WatchESPN
May 26, Mon1:00 pmNCAA ChampionshipESPN2, WatchESPN

Women's Division I Games
DateTimeMatch-up (and location if neutral)Network(s)
Jan 26, Sun1:30 pmTeam USA vs. North Carolina at Orlando, FLESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 1/27 12:00 am
Feb 16, Sun1:00 pmCanisius at SyracuseESPN3
Feb 22, Sat12:00 pmNorthwestern at DukeESPN3
Feb 26, Wed5:00 pmLoyola at Johns HopkinsESPNU
Feb 27, Thu7:00 pmNotre Dame at North CarolinaESPN3
Mar 5, Wed5:00 pmGeorgetown at DukeESPN3
Mar 10, Mon7:00 pmMaryland at SyracuseESPN3
Mar 23, Sun1:00 pmNorthwestern at SyracuseESPN3
Mar 26, Wed7:00 pmBoston College at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
Apr 1, Tue6:00 pmAlbany at SyracuseESPN3
Apr 2, Wed2:30 pmVanderbilt at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
Apr 3, Thu7:00 pmOregon at CaliforniaPAC12
Apr 5, Sat12:00 pmMaryland at North CarolinaESPN3
 1:00 pmBrown at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
 3:00 pmVirginia at Notre DameESPN3
Apr 6, Sun1:00 pmColorado at StanfordPAC12
Apr 9, Wed6:30 pmLehigh at NavyCBSSN
Apr 11, Fri4:00 pmSouthern California at ColoradoPAC12
 5:00 pmStanford at OregonPAC12
 7:00 pmDuke at Notre DameESPN3
Apr 12, Sat1:00 pmPrinceton at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
Apr 13, Sun12:00 pmUSC at DenverDelay: Altitude 2:00 pm
Apr 16, Wed7:00 pmBoston University at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
 7:00 pmDuke at North CarolinaESPN3
Apr 18, Fri4:00 pmCalifornia at DenverDelay: Altitude 6:00 pm
 6:00 pmJohns Hopkins at Penn StateBTN
Apr 19, Sat3:00 pmSyracuse at Notre DameESPN3
 8:00 pmFlorida at NorthwesternComcast Chicago
Delay: Comcast Chicago 4/21 2:30 pm
Apr 24, Thu11:00 amACC Quarterfinals #1 & #2RSN
Apr 25, Fri1:00 pmACC Semifinal #1RSN
 3:00 pmACC Semifinal #2RSN
 7:00 pmDartmouth at HarvardESPN3/WatchESPN
Apr 26, Sat1:00 pmVillanova at ConnecticutFS2
 2:00 pmOhio State at Johns HopkinsESPNU
Apr 27, Sun1:00 pmACC ChampionshipRSN
May 3, Sat1:00 pmLoyola at SyracuseESPN3
 2:30 pmBig East ChampionshipFS2
May 4, Sun12:00 pmAtlantic Sun ChampionshipCSN Mid-Atl.
May 23, Fri5:00 pmNCAA Semifinal #1ESPN3
 7:30 pmNCAA Semifinal #2ESPN3
May 25, Sun8:30 pmNCAA ChampionshipESPNU, WatchESPN

Major League Lacrosse (MLL) Games
DateTimeMatch-up (and location if neutral)Network(s)
Apr 26, Sat7:00 pmOhio at CharlotteESPN3
Apr 27, Sun6:00 pmRochester at New YorkCBSSN
May 2, Fri7:30 pmBoston at RochesterESPN3
May 3, Sat7:00 pmNew York at ChesapeakeESPN3
May 4, Sun5:00 pmOhio at DenverESPN3
May 9, Fri7:30 pmNew York at RochesterCBSSN
May 10, Sat3:30 pmChesapeake at CharlotteCBSSN
 7:00 pmOhio at FloridaESPN3
May 17, Sat6:00 pmCharlotte at BostonESPN3
 8:00 pmNew York at OhioESPN3
 9:00 pmRochester at DenverCBSSN
May 30, Fri7:30 pmBoston at New YorkESPN3
 9:30 pmCharlotte at DenverCBSSN
May 31, Sat7:00 pmOhio at ChesapeakeCBSSN
Jun 1, Sun1:00 pmFlorida at RochesterESPN3
Jun 5, Thu7:30 pmChesapeake at RochesterCBSSN
Jun 6, Fri8:00 pmBoston at OhioCBSSN
Jun 7, Sat5:30 pmNew York at FloridaCBSSN
 7:30 pmDenver at CharlotteESPN3
Jun 14, Sat7:30 pmBoston at ChesapeakeCBSSN
 9:00 pmNew York at DenverESPN3
Jun 20, Fri7:30 pmRochester at FloridaCBSSN
Jun 21, Sat7:00 pmCharlotte at New YorkESPN3
 7:00 pmChesapeake at DenverESPN3
Jun 26, Thu7:30 pmMLL All-Star GameCBSSN
Jun 28, Sat7:00 pmBoston at CharlotteESPN3
Jun 29, Sun1:00 pmDenver at RochesterCBSSN
Jul 3, Thu7:30 pmFlorida at New YorkESPN3
Jul 4, Fri4:00 pmChesapeake at OhioCBSSN
 9:00 pmBoston at DenverCBSSN
Jul 5, Sat7:00 pmRochester at CharlotteESPN3
Jul 19, Sat6:00 pmNew York at BostonESPN3
 7:00 pmCharlotte at OhioCBSSN
Jul 20, Sun3:00 pmFlorida at DenverCBSSN
Jul 26, Sat4:30 pmDenver at OhioCBSSN
 7:00 pmBoston at FloridaESPN3
Jul 27, Sun3:00 pmChesapeake at New YorkCBSSN
Jul 31, Thu7:30 pmDenver at ChesapeakeCBSSN
Aug 1, Fri7:00 pmNew York at CharlotteCBSSN
Aug 2, Sat3:00 pmFlorida at BostonESPN3
Aug 9, Sat5:30 pmDenver at New YorkESPN3
Aug 16, Sat4:00 pmMLL Semifinal #1CBSSN
 6:30 pmMLL Semifinal #2CBSSN
Aug 23, Sat7:00 pmMLL ChampionshipCBSSN

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