Results for Contest Installment No. 3

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Cab. 7
Swar. 3
Bow. 7
Conn. 5
Cort. 11
Gett. 4
End. 7 (ot)
F&M 12
W&L 11
Tuf. 15
Ham. 8
Den. 11
Hav. 7
Lyn. 6
Stev. 3
StM. 13
Muhl. 11
Skid. 11
Trin. 10 (ot)
Mr TCab. (4)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (1)StM. (2)Skid. (2)10 (20)
Dehuntshigwa'esCab. (3)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (1)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (4)Lyn. (1)StM. (2)Skid. (1)9 (19)
Go Ephs!Cab. (4)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)SIT (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (1)Lyn. (1)StM. (1)Trin. (1)9 (19)
tomsurfCab. (4)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (1)StM. (2)Skid. (1)9 (18)
seahawkCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)9 (18)
owu1965Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)9 (18)
bboozCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)9 (18)
ryandevinCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)9 (18)
MDL29Cab. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)End. (2)F&M (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (3)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)9 (18)
Skeebo_13Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)9 (18)
stewlaxdadCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)9 (18)
valaxfanCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)9 (18)
dstonerCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)9 (18)
diamondlaxCab. (3)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (1)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (3)Trin. (1)8 (18)
greenpointCab. (2)Bow. (3)Cort. (2)End. (1)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (3)Trin. (1)8 (18)
D-IIICab. (4)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (3)Lyn. (2)Muhl. (1)Skid. (1)8 (18)
sanderfishCab. (4)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)SIT (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (1)StM. (1)Trin. (2)8 (17)
LALaxmanCab. (3)Bow. (1)Cort. (1)SIT (1)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (3)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (17)
statesmanCab. (3)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (1)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (3)Trin. (1)8 (17)
longstick33Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
iFOGOCab. (3)Bow. (1)Cort. (1)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (1)8 (16)
tleckCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
littlebones25Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
jcombsieCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Ham. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
ipatrickCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
fastguy01Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
woody45Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
WaynoCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
jumpinlcCab. (4)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (1)StM. (1)Trin. (2)8 (16)
lax5&13Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
lax4life00Cab. (3)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Lyn. (1)StM. (2)Trin. (3)8 (16)
Two GirlsCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
Go4fanSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
POT63Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
NCWahooCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
nclaxfanCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
Baldo85Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
joe laxerCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
Berry Viking LaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
jumbolaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
phulaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (3)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Stev. (3)Muhl. (1)Skid. (1)8 (16)
mvf83Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
34nhlaxCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
richardCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
laxseymourCab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)8 (16)
LaxmaniaCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)8 (16)
Great Blue Heron>BaldoCab. (4)Bow. (1)Cort. (3)SIT (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (4)Stev. (1)StM. (1)Trin. (1)7 (17)
diiilaxgirlCab. (3)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (1)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (1)Stev. (1)Muhl. (2)Skid. (4)7 (16)
laxdad1954Cab. (4)Bow. (1)Gett. (2)End. (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (1)StM. (1)Skid. (2)7 (16)
mxlax10Cab. (2)Bow. (1)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (3)Den. (3)Stev. (1)StM. (3)Trin. (1)7 (16)
goalielax10Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)SIT (4)F&M (2)Ham. (1)Den. (4)Lyn. (1)Muhl. (1)Trin. (2)7 (16)
maddog29Cab. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (4)End. (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (1)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Skid. (3)7 (15)
GBHogCab. (3)Conn. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (4)Hav. (2)Lyn. (1)Muhl. (2)Skid. (1)7 (15)
1rocklaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (3)W&L (2)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Trin. (1)7 (15)
HardmeshCab. (4)Bow. (1)Cort. (3)SIT (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Trin. (2)7 (15)
cb14440Swar. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (4)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (1)Lyn. (1)StM. (2)Skid. (1)7 (15)
AMClaxCab. (4)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)SIT (1)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (1)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (15)
nickharris02Swar. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (3)W&L (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (15)
CockyBobcatSwar. (2)Bow. (4)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (1)Stev. (3)StM. (1)Trin. (1)7 (14)
swmcdcoloSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
laxgeezerCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
88mdgradCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
TeesteeCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
hbglaxmanCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
OWU7520Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
Hank StamperCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
laximus primeCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
CADCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
OWU75-29Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
lowlaxinCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
wolflaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
hudz38Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
lax2mmaCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
laxengriffin88Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
laxcoach00463Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
idealtinCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
JordindeanCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
packlaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
AAAApple2013Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
BismarckCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
fraukneesCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
cthelmsCab. (3)Bow. (1)Gett. (2)SIT (1)W&L (2)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
Severn AttackCab. (4)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)SIT (1)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (1)StM. (3)Trin. (2)7 (14)
CapeElizabethCaperCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
DonkeyLaxCab. (1)Bow. (1)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
brasil66Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
clubball43Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
mustang7Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
toddypCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
Captain EnoCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
WarMotherCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
MDubLaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
qckstkCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
bball22131Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
red wineCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
BansheeHawkeSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
Crabbers24Swar. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
laxlabs5Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
Big CatCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
turkoman19Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
skeetlaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
agent smithCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (1)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Trin. (2)7 (14)
Techlax12Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
pkane15Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
rutlandwrightCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
Hums79Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)7 (14)
BigRedRulesCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (14)
nokegrazeCab. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (4)StM. (1)Trin. (2)7 (13)
RedRobinCab. (1)Bow. (1)Gett. (1)SIT (1)W&L (4)Tuf. (2)Den. (4)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)7 (13)
HogknutzCab. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (1)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Trin. (4)7 (13)
nathanc29Cab. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Stev. (4)Muhl. (1)Trin. (2)7 (13)
TheGreyGooseCab. (3)Conn. (2)Gett. (4)SIT (2)F&M (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (1)StM. (2)Skid. (1)7 (13)
nbslax16Cab. (2)Conn. (4)Cort. (1)SIT (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)7 (12)
BaerManCgCCab. (3)Conn. (1)Cort. (4)SIT (1)W&L (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (1)Stev. (2)StM. (4)Trin. (1)6 (15)
fat_middieCab. (4)Conn. (1)Cort. (2)End. (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (4)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Trin. (1)6 (15)
albionlaxCab. (2)Conn. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (2)Den. (4)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (14)
woodsonCab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (1)SIT (4)F&M (1)Tuf. (4)Hav. (2)Stev. (1)StM. (1)Skid. (2)6 (14)
Carl TuesdayCab. (1)Conn. (1)Cort. (3)SIT (3)W&L (2)Tuf. (3)Den. (2)Lyn. (1)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)6 (13)
Buffalolax78Swar. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (3)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (13)
GoOrange1419Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
OWU 74-8Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
yeahdatsrightCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
wlu_lax6Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
deeznuts25Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
thewarrior19Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
cwplaxmanSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Ham. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
tpickCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
FlowmerzCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
naperock99Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
KJH278Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
cdcrabsSwar. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
HbgLaxFanCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
fingerlaxCab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
m32380Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
OspreyCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
laxityCab. (2)Conn. (1)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (3)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
Bakerman54Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
skelly412Swar. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Ham. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
PittlaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
lax2008Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
DUCKFANDANCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
marcc195Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
acelaxCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
Moved2TexasCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
SNMALAXCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
3lax40Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
dennispCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)6 (12)
owu788Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
vwn101Swar. (1)Bow. (2)Gett. (3)SIT (1)F&M (2)Tuf. (3)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (3)Skid. (1)6 (12)
LaxDoveCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
BlindDartThrowerCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
Reverend30Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)6 (12)
murphdawg40Cab. (1)Bow. (3)Cort. (3)End. (2)W&L (1)Tuf. (4)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (1)Trin. (1)5 (12)
silentp26Cab. (1)Conn. (1)Gett. (4)SIT (2)F&M (4)Tuf. (1)Den. (4)Stev. (1)Muhl. (1)Trin. (1)5 (12)
jtslaxCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
zamboniCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Ham. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)5 (10)
laxmom4Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Ham. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
tousuz22Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Ham. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)5 (10)
alphalaxCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
doublewallCab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
klinks24Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
btspartanCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Lyn. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
iceguySwar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
DD-TechCab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Skid. (2)5 (10)
samarimsCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
GDawgSwar. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)5 (10)
Mount40Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (1)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (3)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
tomkavSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
Reggie029Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
omegabullCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Ham. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
jablersSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Den. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
dfishmanCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
4wheelCab. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)F&M (2)Ham. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
TitanslaxCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
noke11coachCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)5 (10)
bglaxerCab. (2)Conn. (1)Gett. (2)End. (2)F&M (1)Tuf. (3)Den. (4)Stev. (3)Muhl. (1)Trin. (1)4 (10)
fcr430Cab. (1)Conn. (1)Gett. (4)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (4)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (1)Skid. (1)4 (8)
BDL3Swar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Ham. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Skid. (2)4 (8)
camdadCab. (2)Conn. (2)Cort. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)4 (8)
chipper1Cab. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)4 (8)
jralax11Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)F&M (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)4 (8)
theratSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)4 (8)
navylax84Cab. (2)Conn. (2)Gett. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)StM. (2)Trin. (2)3 (6)
kbklaxdadSwar. (2)Bow. (2)Gett. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)Tuf. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Muhl. (2)Trin. (2)3 (6)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Cab. 165
Swar. 19

Cab. 90
Swar. 10
Bow. 138
Conn. 46

Bow. 75
Conn. 25
Cort. 137
Gett. 47

Cort. 74
Gett. 26
SIT 152
End. 32

SIT 83
End. 17
F&M 70
W&L 114

F&M 38
W&L 62
Tuf. 174
Ham. 10

Tuf. 95
Ham. 5
Den. 130
Hav. 54

Den. 71
Hav. 29
Lyn. 59
Stev. 125

Lyn. 32
Stev. 68
StM. 150
Muhl. 34

StM. 82
Muhl. 18
Skid. 59
Trin. 125

Skid. 32
Trin. 68

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