Results for Contest Installment No. 4

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Duke 13
UNC 11
Mass. 9
PSU 8 (ot)
Colg. 12
Fair. 6
Corn. 8
Yale 7
Hof. 13
Del. 5
Leh. 7
Army 6
Tow. 10
SB 9
UMd 11
Vill. 5
Prin. 11
Penn 4
JHU 11
Syr. 7
!!! hi thereDuke (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (4)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Leh. (2)Tow. (1)UMd (1)Prin. (1)Syr. (1)7 (14)
1A DutchmanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
1a tpickerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)5 (10)
1rocklaxUNC (1)Mass. (3)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)8 (17)
2laxdadDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
3lax40UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
4wheelUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Yale (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
5lacrosseUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
12samDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
34nhlaxUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
45's FatherDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
88mdgradUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
aUNC (2)Mass. (4)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Army (1)SB (1)UMd (4)Prin. (1)Syr. (1)5 (14)
AAAApple2013Duke (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Army (1)SB (1)UMd (4)Prin. (1)Syr. (1)6 (16)
acelaxDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
adirondlaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
albionlaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (3)JHU (2)10 (20)
alphalaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
AMClaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
armylaxdadUNC (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (1)Del. (2)Army (4)Tow. (1)UMd (3)Prin. (1)Syr. (4)6 (9)
avp1010Duke (2)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (3)Syr. (1)7 (17)
AWS2012UNC (3)Mass. (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (4)4 (7)
Bakerman54Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Baldo85Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
balexDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)SB (2)UMd (4)Prin. (1)JHU (2)8 (16)
BansheeHawkeUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
bboozDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
BDL3Duke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
bebop 14Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Berry Viking LaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
bglaxerUNC (2)Mass. (3)Fair. (3)Corn. (1)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (3)Prin. (1)JHU (2)6 (12)
bibba1UNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BigBillyFUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (2)Del. (1)Leh. (2)SB (4)UMd (4)Prin. (2)JHU (1)6 (13)
Big CatUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BigGreenLaxDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
bigred2415UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
Big Red OkieUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
BigRedRulesDuke (2)PSU (1)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
BishopDuke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Del. (1)Leh. (3)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (3)8 (18)
bishops16UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BismarckUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
bkrol4UNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (3)Prin. (2)JHU (4)7 (16)
blackstorm44UNC (1)Mass. (1)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (4)UMd (1)Prin. (4)Syr. (1)6 (13)
blaxdogUNC (1)Mass. (1)Colg. (4)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)SB (1)UMd (1)Prin. (2)JHU (4)8 (18)
Blind BuddhaUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
BlindDartThrowerDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
bluehenfanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
bluejay14Duke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
Bluejay1981UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
bnehringUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BoboDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
BoogerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BoxplotDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)Vill. (1)Prin. (2)Syr. (3)6 (12)
BoysHSLDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
BrokerlaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Yale (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
BruceHDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
Bruno72Duke (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Leh. (4)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (1)JHU (1)7 (17)
brunos13Duke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (4)Prin. (2)JHU (1)8 (18)
btarr8UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
btownlaxDuke (1)Mass. (3)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (1)Prin. (4)JHU (2)9 (19)
btspartanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
BUDJEDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (3)JHU (1)8 (16)
Buffalolax78Duke (1)PSU (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (4)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
callmekowskiUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
camdadDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Captain EnoUNC (1)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (3)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (17)
cdcrabsUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
CDKDuke (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (1)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
chase3639UNC (1)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (4)Army (1)Tow. (2)UMd (1)Prin. (1)JHU (4)5 (10)
Cheryl BedfordDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
clonerDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
clubball43Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
CockyBobcatDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (3)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (4)Prin. (1)JHU (1)8 (16)
Crabbers24Duke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
crabheadUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
Crease24Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
CTDutchDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (3)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (3)8 (16)
CU77UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (1)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (2)3 (8)
cwoz72Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
cwplaxmanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
D-IIIUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DaddioUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
dave3687UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
dbk209UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DD-TechUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Dehuntshigwa'esUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
DemoLaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
dennispUNC (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (16)
dfishmanUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
diamondlaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
dirdirdirtyUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Leh. (4)Tow. (2)UMd (1)Prin. (2)JHU (1)6 (14)
DonkeyLaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DONThateMEbcIMtheBESTUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (3)Corn. (3)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (3)JHU (1)7 (14)
DotheQ31Duke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
doublewallUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
doug7779UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
dpadsDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
drexeldragons10Duke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
DUCKFANDANUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
dudzooUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Yale (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
duncanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
eddied37Duke (1)PSU (1)Colg. (1)Corn. (1)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (3)JHU (4)8 (17)
ESPNUDuke (1)Mass. (1)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Army (2)SB (4)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (1)7 (13)
eyelacksDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
fcr430UNC (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (4)Corn. (1)Hof. (1)Leh. (4)SB (1)Vill. (2)Prin. (1)Syr. (1)5 (11)
FF08AUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
fingerlaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)10 (20)
FlowmerzUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
flyerfan17UNC (1)Mass. (1)Colg. (4)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (2)Syr. (1)8 (18)
ForceDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
fraukneesUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
funkfactorUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
gbusDuke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Army (1)Tow. (1)UMd (3)Penn (2)Syr. (1)6 (14)
GDawgUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
GenghiskhanbluejayUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
gewreckerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
giants25Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
GLaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Glory DaysUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
goalielax10UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
goalmanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Go Ephs!Duke (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (1)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (4)JHU (2)8 (18)
gotigersDuke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (15)
Great Blue Heron>BaldoUNC (2)Mass. (4)Fair. (1)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (1)JHU (4)7 (16)
greatdaytobeawildcatDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)5 (10)
Green BearDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
greenielaxDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (17)
greenpointDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Army (2)Tow. (1)UMd (3)Prin. (2)Syr. (3)6 (12)
gryphonlaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
gsolaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
gtrocks643UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Guru42Duke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (3)Penn (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
handbagUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Hank StamperUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
HardmeshUNC (1)Mass. (1)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (3)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (3)Syr. (1)8 (18)
harleyDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
haroldg48UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
hasphin298Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
hawklaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (1)7 (16)
HbgLaxFanDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
hbglaxmanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
hehatemeDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
hlhj3101UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
hmorganctDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (4)JHU (1)9 (19)
hockeymom721UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)5 (10)
Hockeysk8dadDuke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (3)Tow. (1)UMd (1)Prin. (1)JHU (3)9 (18)
HogknutzUNC (1)PSU (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (14)
HoneybeeUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
hop77UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
HopBJayDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)SB (1)UMd (4)Prin. (3)JHU (1)9 (19)
hoppy27UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)5 (10)
HoustonSullyDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
hudz38Duke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Hums79UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
iceguyUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
idealtinUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
iFOGODuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (10)
IggyFanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
ilovethisgame99UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
ilstatelax19UNC (2)PSU (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
ithafanUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (3)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (13)
jablersUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
jariniDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Army (1)Tow. (2)UMd (4)Prin. (1)Syr. (2)8 (17)
jayratDuke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jcombsieUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
jcuozzo22UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
jdlaxDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (4)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (3)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)10 (20)
jdlaxerDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jerseyaceUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (3)JHU (2)6 (13)
JetzmanDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jmrshaughnessyDuke (3)PSU (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (4)Syr. (2)6 (14)
JNELDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
joe laxerDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
JoeLingle21Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
JOE LUZUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
joe smithUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
johntwattsUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
JordindeanUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Army (3)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (1)JHU (1)5 (11)
jralax11Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
jtslaxUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
jumbolaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
jumpinlcDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (1)Penn (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
justlacrosseUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
kbklaxdadUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
kellsUNC (1)Mass. (4)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (1)JHU (1)8 (17)
KelvinplaceUNC (1)PSU (1)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (14)
kevoconnor16Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
KJH278UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
klinks24Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
kojack0001UNC (4)PSU (1)Colg. (1)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)5 (9)
LALaxmanUNC (2)Mass. (1)Colg. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
lax4funDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
lax5&13UNC (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (4)UMd (2)Prin. (1)JHU (2)7 (13)
lax43UNC (1)PSU (1)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Leh. (4)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (3)Syr. (1)6 (16)
lax2008Duke (1)PSU (1)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (4)Prin. (4)Syr. (1)6 (15)
laxalifeDuke (2)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (1)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (14)
laxchefDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (1)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (4)Prin. (2)JHU (3)8 (16)
LaxcityDuke (1)Mass. (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (4)7 (14)
laxcoach00463UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
laxdadx3Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
LaxDoveDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
laxengriffin88UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
laxgeezerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (15)
LaxGK2416Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laximus primeUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
laxitupDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxityDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxlabs5Duke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
laxlust27UNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
laxman27Duke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (19)
LaxmaniaUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
laxmom4UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laxmoonUNC (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (17)
LaxmuttDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (3)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (3)Tow. (1)UMd (1)Prin. (1)Syr. (2)9 (18)
laxter9Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
laxxreffUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
leeroggyDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
LFDLaxerDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Yale (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
lhrcpaUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
liblaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
lilaxdadDuke (1)Mass. (4)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)7 (14)
LindenUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
longpolerobertDuke (1)Mass. (3)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
longstick33Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
lowandawayDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
lowlaxinUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (1)Leh. (3)SB (2)UMd (3)Penn (1)Syr. (2)3 (8)
M5Duke (1)Mass. (3)Colg. (1)Corn. (3)Del. (1)Leh. (3)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (19)
m32380UNC (1)PSU (1)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)SB (2)Vill. (1)Prin. (4)JHU (4)6 (15)
maddog29Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Army (1)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (17)
mandownlaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
marcc195Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
mdkDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
MDL29UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
MDubLaxDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
michaelUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Mickey25Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
MinerleyDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
mlt3Duke (2)Mass. (4)Fair. (4)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Army (1)SB (1)UMd (1)Prin. (1)JHU (1)6 (13)
MohawkUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (3)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)SB (3)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (13)
moloUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
MommalaxUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Yale (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)4 (8)
Mount40Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Moved2TexasDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
moxlaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
mrs_sierralaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Mr TDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
murphdawg40UNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (1)Syr. (2)5 (11)
mustang7Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
nafxalDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
nanbabeUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)5 (10)
naperock99Duke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
nathanc29UNC (2)Mass. (4)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)6 (13)
navylax84Duke (2)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (1)5 (13)
nclax72UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
nclaxfanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
NCWahooDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
NJBlueJayUNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (3)SB (3)UMd (1)Penn (1)JHU (3)6 (14)
NJExit2Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
noddyboffinUNC (2)Mass. (3)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (3)Prin. (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
noke11coachUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
noslowdownlaxUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
OakMtnlax24UNC (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (19)
oldbartmanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
oneidalakerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
onemorelax4UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Yale (1)Hof. (2)Leh. (4)Tow. (2)UMd (1)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (15)
orangefanDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
oulaxdefcon1Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
OWU 74-8UNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)SB (1)UMd (2)Penn (3)Syr. (3)5 (11)
OWU75-29Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
owu788UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
owu1965Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
OWU7520UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
packlaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
pantherlaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
PdogDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
pesreedDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
phulaxDuke (1)PSU (2)Fair. (3)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (3)Prin. (1)JHU (3)7 (14)
PittlaxDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
pkane15Duke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (2)Syr. (1)7 (15)
poetwarrior35Duke (1)PSU (4)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (1)Vill. (1)Prin. (1)Syr. (4)6 (10)
polarkUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
PopsUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
portlax12UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
POT63UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (3)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
presto-change-oUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Provlax28UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
qckstkDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
QuakerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
QuakerSouthUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
RAJUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
random846Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
rcharris8Duke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (4)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (14)
Reddogslax7Duke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Yale (1)Del. (3)Leh. (3)SB (2)Vill. (3)Prin. (1)Syr. (3)5 (8)
redjay73UNC (1)Mass. (1)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (4)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (1)JHU (2)8 (18)
red wineDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Reggie029Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
renegade22UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Reverend30Duke (2)Mass. (4)Colg. (1)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)7 (14)
richardUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
rittDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
rk1Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
RoadmanUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
RU crazyDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
rustygUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
rutlandwrightUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
salax1818UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
samuel14850Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
sander4106Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
sanderfishUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)5 (10)
sandorDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
seacoasterDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
sectvlaxUNC (2)Mass. (4)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Del. (1)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (1)4 (11)
setlax22UNC (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Del. (2)Leh. (3)SB (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)6 (14)
sierralaxDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
silentp26Duke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)Tow. (1)UMd (4)Prin. (4)JHU (1)9 (19)
Skeebo_13UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
skeetlaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
SLOTEXNUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
smeisterDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
smmtigerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
SNMALAXDuke (2)Mass. (3)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
SoCal GladiatorDuke (1)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)SB (1)UMd (3)Prin. (3)JHU (2)8 (18)
splax18UNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
squig93Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (3)Syr. (1)7 (15)
standardUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
statesmanDuke (2)Mass. (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)Tow. (2)UMd (3)Prin. (3)JHU (1)9 (18)
stretchDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
sufan88Duke (2)Mass. (4)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Leh. (1)SB (1)UMd (3)Prin. (1)Syr. (3)8 (16)
sum654Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
swmcdcoloDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Tally24UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tank68Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (3)Corn. (2)Hof. (1)Army (1)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (17)
TartanHUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)4 (8)
Techlax12UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
TeesteeUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
TheDoctor303UNC (1)Mass. (1)Fair. (2)Corn. (4)Del. (4)Leh. (1)SB (1)UMd (1)Prin. (4)JHU (1)6 (12)
TheGun7Duke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)SB (1)UMd (4)Prin. (3)JHU (1)9 (19)
The OgreUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
The original #3UNC (3)Mass. (4)Fair. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (1)Army (1)SB (1)UMd (4)Prin. (1)Syr. (1)5 (13)
theratUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
TiggerDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
TimlaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
TitanslaxUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Tlax1982UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
tleckDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
toddypDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
tomkavDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tousuz22UNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)7 (14)
tpickDuke (2)PSU (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (1)SB (2)UMd (3)Penn (2)Syr. (3)3 (7)
TrinityUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
TrojansDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
troo hooDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (1)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (1)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (3)JHU (2)9 (18)
troydarallieDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (4)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)Tow. (1)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (1)8 (14)
turkoman19Duke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
tvlaxDuke (1)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Two GirlsUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
tyler2400Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
uslaxdadUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
vihoDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
VIIUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
vwn101Duke (1)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (3)Del. (3)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (1)JHU (2)6 (11)
wahoomurfUNC (1)Mass. (1)Colg. (3)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (3)Prin. (2)JHU (1)8 (17)
walkerUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
WarMotherUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
WaynoUNC (2)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Army (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
WhitebuffaloeUNC (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Willy23Duke (1)Mass. (3)Fair. (1)Corn. (4)Del. (1)Leh. (1)SB (2)UMd (1)Prin. (4)JHU (2)7 (16)
wlu_lax6UNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)6 (12)
wojo83Duke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
wolflaxDuke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)9 (18)
woodsonUNC (4)Mass. (2)Fair. (1)Corn. (2)Del. (1)Leh. (2)SB (2)Vill. (1)Prin. (3)Syr. (2)4 (9)
wrapchequeUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
xander1Duke (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
xfilesctDuke (1)PSU (1)Colg. (1)Corn. (4)Hof. (1)Leh. (3)SB (2)UMd (4)Prin. (2)Syr. (1)7 (16)
YardbirdUNC (1)PSU (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (3)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)JHU (2)6 (13)
yeahdatsrightDuke (2)PSU (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)Tow. (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
zamboniDuke (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
zephyrUNC (2)Mass. (2)Fair. (2)Corn. (2)Del. (2)Army (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)Prin. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
Zone-dUNC (2)Mass. (2)Colg. (2)Corn. (2)Hof. (2)Leh. (2)SB (2)UMd (2)Prin. (2)JHU (2)8 (16)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Duke 182
UNC 197

Duke 48
UNC 52
Mass. 305
PSU 74

Mass. 80
PSU 20
Colg. 192
Fair. 187

Colg. 51
Fair. 49
Corn. 372
Yale 7

Corn. 98
Yale 2
Hof. 230
Del. 149

Hof. 61
Del. 39
Leh. 269
Army 110

Leh. 71
Army 29
Tow. 159
SB 220

Tow. 42
SB 58
UMd 335
Vill. 44

UMd 88
Vill. 12
Prin. 326
Penn 53

Prin. 86
Penn 14
JHU 240
Syr. 139

JHU 63
Syr. 37

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