Results for Contest Installment No. 5

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Fair. 17
Hob. 12
Duke 13
Geo. 11
UNC 11
UMd 10
Corn. 16
Penn 11
Prin. 10
Yale 9 (ot)
Navy 12
Colg. 11
JHU 11
UVa 10 (ot)
Drex. 6
Hof. 5
Loy. 12
Vill. 11
Syr. 10
Reggie029Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)9 (18)
JoeLingle21Fair. (3)Duke (3)UNC (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)8 (17)
45's FatherFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
laxdadx3Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)8 (16)
johntwattsFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
doublewallFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
adirondlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
bglaxerFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
oulaxdefcon1Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Crabbers24Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)8 (16)
shana1317Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
owu788Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
OWU 74-8Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
PopsFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)8 (16)
AAAApple2013Fair. (2)Duke (4)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Navy (1)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)7 (17)
knightsoutFair. (4)Geo. (1)UNC (4)Corn. (1)Prin. (4)Colg. (1)JHU (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (1)7 (17)
s.mcmahonFair. (1)Duke (3)UNC (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (4)Navy (1)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Syr. (1)7 (16)
nathanc29Fair. (2)Duke (3)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
goalmanFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (3)JHU (1)Drex. (3)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)7 (15)
greenielaxFair. (2)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)Vill. (1)7 (15)
dudzooFair. (4)Geo. (1)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (1)JHU (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)7 (15)
4wheelHob. (1)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)7 (15)
Willy23Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
lax2mmaFair. (2)Duke (3)UNC (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)7 (14)
WhitebuffaloeHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
ithafanFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DONThateMEbcIMtheBESTFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
noslowdownlaxHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
deeznuts25Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
Mount40Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
TrinityFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Tlax1982Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
tleckFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
rustygFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
mustang7Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
JordindeanFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Go Ephs!Fair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
cwplaxmanFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DD-TechFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jumbolaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxalifeFair. (1)Duke (2)UMd (4)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Vill. (1)7 (14)
xander1Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
tsheaFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Zone-dFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
gotigersFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
turkoman19Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
hoppy27Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
acelaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
pgco12Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
eyelacksFair. (2)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxdad1954Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
12samHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
GenghiskhanbluejayFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
smmtigerFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
lklaxFair. (4)Duke (1)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Mickey25Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tousuz22Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
BlindDartThrowerFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BismarckFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
lax5&13Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
RandyCFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
skelly412Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxter9Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
VIIFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
random846Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DaddioFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tomkavFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
OspreyFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
RAJFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
polarkFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
AAA2933Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxchefFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Reddogslax7Fair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)Vill. (1)7 (14)
CADFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
ryanjc4Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
walkerFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
mandownlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Big Red OkieFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
gimmelaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)7 (14)
AWS2012Fair. (2)Duke (3)UNC (1)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Navy (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)7 (14)
armylaxdadFair. (1)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (4)7 (13)
GvsportmomFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)7 (13)
xfilesctFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)7 (13)
hornlaxFair. (1)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (1)Syr. (4)7 (13)
aFair. (1)Duke (1)UNC (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (3)Navy (1)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)7 (13)
laxicoFair. (1)Duke (3)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Navy (1)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)7 (13)
laxcoachmdFair. (1)Duke (1)UMd (3)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (1)JHU (4)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)7 (13)
BishopFair. (3)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (3)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (1)7 (13)
poetwarrior35Fair. (1)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)JHU (4)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)7 (13)
redjay73Fair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (1)Prin. (4)Colg. (4)JHU (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)7 (11)
FlowmerzFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)6 (16)
blackstorm44Fair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (4)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (1)6 (16)
mlt3Fair. (3)Duke (4)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (4)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (2)6 (15)
chase3639Fair. (2)Geo. (1)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (4)Navy (1)JHU (4)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)6 (15)
Hockeysk8dadFair. (3)Duke (3)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (3)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)6 (14)
ESPNUFair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)6 (14)
brunos13Fair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Vill. (1)6 (14)
CU77Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)6 (14)
LALaxmanFair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (14)
!!! hi thereFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (4)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (1)6 (14)
Dehuntshigwa'esFair. (2)Duke (4)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)6 (14)
sticky42Fair. (1)Duke (1)UMd (3)Corn. (4)Prin. (3)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)6 (14)
JetzmanFair. (2)Duke (1)UNC (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (3)6 (13)
PatcornellFair. (1)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (4)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (1)UMBC (1)Syr. (2)6 (13)
ZacLax7Fair. (2)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (1)Colg. (1)JHU (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)6 (13)
flyerfan17Fair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)6 (13)
HogknutzFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Navy (1)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
CDKFair. (1)Duke (3)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (3)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)6 (13)
onemorelax4Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (4)Vill. (2)6 (13)
lax2008Fair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (4)Navy (1)JHU (1)Hof. (1)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
Guru42Fair. (3)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (1)Prin. (3)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)6 (13)
zephyrFair. (3)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)6 (13)
HardmeshFair. (1)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (4)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
harleyFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (1)Prin. (4)Colg. (4)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)6 (13)
HoustonSullyFair. (4)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
btownlaxFair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (1)6 (13)
moloFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
noddyboffinFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
sanderfishFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Moved2TexasFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
woodsonFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
klinks24Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
kclaxcoachFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
MDubLaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
QuakerSouthFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
sierralaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
nanbabeHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
88mdgradFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
liblaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
3lax40Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
rutlandwrightFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Two GirlsFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jralax11Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bkrol4Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
Great Blue Heron>BaldoFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)6 (12)
balexFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (4)6 (12)
hawklaxFair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)6 (12)
POT63Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Tally24Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Hank StamperFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
AMClaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
dstonerFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Penn (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
squig93Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
GDawgFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
LindenFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (3)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Vill. (1)6 (12)
NJBlueJayFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
TartanHFair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
camdadFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
hasphin298Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jdlaxerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
DUCKFANDANFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
mrs_sierralaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
The OgreFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (1)Prin. (2)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
skeetlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
michaelFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
lax4funFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
statesmanFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxityFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
seacoasterFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jcombsieHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
haroldg48Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
navylax84Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
clubball43Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
TeesteeFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bigred2415Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
BKDFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
samuel14850Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Big CatFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
wrapchequeFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
lax.esqFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
CTDutchFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
LaxmaniaFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
KJH278Hob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Bluejay1981Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxcoach00463Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
zamboniFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
VanderbiltFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
5lacrosseFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
CuervolaxFair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (1)Colg. (3)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Vill. (2)6 (12)
tvlaxFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)6 (12)
JNELFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
NCWahooFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Hums79Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
blacknightfanFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
TimlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
avp1010Fair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (4)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Sohcahtoa%Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
WaynoFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
marcc195Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
sectvlaxFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (2)Penn (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
BrokerlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
wolflaxFair. (2)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
hbglaxmanFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Crease24Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
qckstkFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bebop 14Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
ilovethisgame99Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
Techlax12Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
mdkFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
dirdirdirtyFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
kbklaxdadFair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
splax18Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
joe laxerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
justlacrosseFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
BDL3Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Mr TFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jariniFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
longstick33Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
kevoconnor16Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
JmD326Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bluejaydestroyerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
RoadmanFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
uslaxdadFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
troo hooFair. (3)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (3)UVa (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)6 (11)
oneidalakerFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)6 (11)
tpickHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (1)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (3)6 (11)
IggyFanFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Syr. (3)6 (11)
laxmoonFair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (3)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)6 (11)
jumpinlcFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (3)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)6 (11)
silentp26Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)6 (11)
laxdadHob. (3)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Navy (1)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)6 (9)
goalielax10Fair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)5 (14)
lax4life00Fair. (3)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (3)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (13)
gbusFair. (3)Duke (4)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (13)
albionlaxFair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (3)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (13)
BUDJEFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (13)
GLaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)5 (12)
ChiLaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (12)
jayratFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)5 (12)
jmrshaughnessyFair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (4)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)5 (12)
tank68Fair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (12)
LaxmuttFair. (1)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (1)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)5 (12)
ilstatelax19Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (1)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)5 (12)
TheGun7Fair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (1)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)5 (12)
greenpointFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (3)5 (12)
laxman27Fair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (1)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)5 (12)
Glory DaysFair. (2)Duke (3)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (12)
pkane15Fair. (2)Duke (4)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)5 (12)
etborerFair. (4)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (1)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)5 (12)
jdlaxFair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (3)5 (12)
duncanFair. (3)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (12)
BigBillyFFair. (3)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)5 (12)
wahoomurfFair. (1)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (3)5 (12)
laxgeezerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (1)5 (11)
wooden stickHob. (2)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (3)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)5 (11)
bdwheelsHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (4)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)5 (11)
laxxreffFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
SNMALAXFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
SoCal GladiatorFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)5 (11)
vwn101Hob. (1)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (1)UMBC (2)Syr. (3)5 (11)
The original #3Fair. (4)Geo. (1)UNC (1)Penn (1)Prin. (1)Navy (4)UVa (2)Hof. (4)Loy. (1)Syr. (1)5 (11)
Bakerman54Fair. (4)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (1)5 (11)
laximus primeFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (4)Syr. (2)5 (11)
hmorganctFair. (1)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)5 (11)
phulaxFair. (4)Duke (1)UNC (2)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (1)UMBC (2)Syr. (3)5 (11)
1rocklaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
bnehringFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
bibba1Hob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Severn AttackFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (3)5 (10)
laxitupHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
toddypHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
sander4106Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Green BearFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
handbagHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
PittlaxFair. (2)Geo. (1)UMd (2)Corn. (1)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (3)5 (10)
enophilHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
btspartanFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
#30sheaFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
jcuozzo22Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
GoOrange1419Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
diamondlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
TheHopFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
DonkeyLaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
btarr8Fair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
giants25Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
DALaxDadFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
callmekowskiHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
FF08AFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
JOE LUZHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
yeahdatsrightFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
wlu_lax6Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
nclax72Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Blind BuddhaFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
stretchFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
gryphonlaxHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
bombsawayFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
sandorFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
HbgLaxFanHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
GAELSFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
ForceFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
pantherlaxFair. (1)Duke (4)UMd (3)Corn. (1)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)5 (10)
TheDoctor303Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
lowandawayFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
dano18Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
portlax12Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
1A DutchmanFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
MinerleyHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
nickharris02Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BruceHFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laxengriffin88Hob. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
SasmanocFair. (3)Geo. (2)UNC (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (3)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Syr. (2)5 (10)
smeisterFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
HoneybeeFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
TerminatorHob. (4)Duke (3)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Captain EnoHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BigRedRulesFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
OWU75-29Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Penn (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
bboozFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
DotheQ31Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
QuakerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
red wineHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
avidgolfer98Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
OWU7520Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Bud Light HooFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laxlabs5Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
SLOTEXNFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
MommalaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
bluehenfanFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
jtslaxHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
TrojansHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BoxplotFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (1)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)5 (10)
packlaxHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Skeebo_13Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
bishops16Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
iceguyFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
owu1965Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
LaxcityFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
gsolaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
HopBJayFair. (2)Geo. (1)UMd (1)Corn. (3)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)5 (10)
rk1Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
dbk209Hob. (2)Duke (3)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laxseymourHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
jablersFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
vihoFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Baldo85Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
swmcdcoloFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
renegade22Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
alphalaxHob. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
gewreckerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BoboFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laxgunnerFair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (1)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (3)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)5 (9)
leeroggyHob. (1)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (4)JHU (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)5 (9)
fingerlaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (1)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (3)5 (9)
CockyBobcatHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)JHU (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (4)5 (9)
maddog29Fair. (2)Duke (1)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (1)UVa (3)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (3)5 (9)
blaxdogHob. (1)Duke (4)UMd (1)Corn. (1)Prin. (1)Colg. (4)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (4)Syr. (1)4 (10)
drexeldragons10Hob. (1)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (10)
cwoz72Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)UMBC (1)Syr. (4)4 (10)
jerseyaceFair. (3)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (4)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (2)4 (10)
sufan88Hob. (1)Duke (3)UMd (3)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Colg. (3)JHU (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (3)Syr. (2)4 (9)
hehatemeFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
NJExit2Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
PeaceintheLaxCreaseFair. (2)Duke (4)UNC (1)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
1a tpickerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
murphdawg40Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
BansheeHawkeFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
woody45Hob. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
pesreedHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
lhrcpaFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
sum654Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
troydarallieFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
D-IIIFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
hockeymom721Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
rcharris8Hob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
WarMotherHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
Reverend30Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
richardFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
dpadsFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
lilaxdadFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
BoysHSLFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
TitanslaxFair. (2)Geo. (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
fcr430Fair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
cdcrabsHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
BoogerFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
lax43Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
DemoLaxHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
Berry Viking LaxFair. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
dennispHob. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
MohawkFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
sherrifamimiFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
johnhenry111Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
standardFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
orangefanHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
mach-oneFair. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
littlebones25Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Navy (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
aJimmyZeeIthacaHob. (1)Geo. (1)UMd (1)Corn. (4)Prin. (3)Colg. (1)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)3 (8)
hlhj3101Hob. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
joe smithHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
dfishmanHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
moxlaxFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
gtrocks643Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Drex. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
LFDLaxerFair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)JHU (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
dave3687Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
oldbartmanHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (3)UVa (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
MDL29Fair. (2)Geo. (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
Buffalolax78Hob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Prin. (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (3)UMBC (1)Syr. (2)3 (6)
idealtinHob. (2)Duke (2)UMd (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
OakMtnlax24Hob. (3)Duke (2)UMd (2)Penn (2)Prin. (1)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Syr. (4)3 (4)
LaxDoveHob. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Penn (2)Yale (2)Colg. (2)UVa (2)Hof. (2)UMBC (2)Syr. (2)2 (4)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Fair. 331
Hob. 68

Fair. 83
Hob. 17
Duke 361
Geo. 38

Duke 90
Geo. 10
UNC 99
UMd 300

UNC 25
UMd 75
Corn. 378
Penn 21

Corn. 95
Penn 5
Prin. 349
Yale 50

Prin. 87
Yale 13
Navy 87
Colg. 312

Navy 22
Colg. 78
JHU 146
UVa 253

JHU 37
UVa 63
Drex. 127
Hof. 272

Drex. 32
Hof. 68
Loy. 344

Loy. 86
Vill. 30
Syr. 369

Vill. 8
Syr. 92

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