Results for Contest Installment No. 6

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Leh. 9
Navy 4
Colg. 15
Army 13
Drex. 11
Del. 8
Loy. 8
UVa 12
UMd 8
PSU 13
Vill. 8
Yale 10
Penn 9
Duke 12
Syr. 10
UNC 13
ND 13
StJ. 6
!!! hi thereLeh. (4)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (2)JHU (1)ND (2)5 (13)
1A DutchmanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
1a tpickerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
1rocklaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (3)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (3)8 (15)
2laxdadLeh. (3)Army (1)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (3)5 (12)
3lax40Navy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)4 (8)
4wheelLeh. (4)Colg. (1)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (1)UNC (2)StJ. (2)6 (13)
5lacrosseLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
12samLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
34nhlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
45's FatherNavy (2)Colg. (4)Drex. (1)OSU (1)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (13)
88mdgradLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
aLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
AAA2933Leh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
AAAApple2013Leh. (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (4)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)6 (15)
acelaxNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
adirondlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
aJimmyZeeIthacaNavy (2)Army (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (1)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (3)6 (12)
albionlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (3)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (15)
alphalaxNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
AMClaxNavy (1)Colg. (4)Del. (1)OSU (1)UVa (4)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (10)
armylaxdadLeh. (4)Army (1)Drex. (1)OSU (2)UMd (1)Vill. (4)Yale (1)Syr. (3)JHU (1)ND (2)4 (8)
avidgolfer98Leh. (4)Colg. (4)Del. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (14)
avp1010Leh. (3)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (1)JHU (1)ND (4)5 (13)
AWS2012Leh. (2)Army (2)Del. (1)OSU (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (3)ND (2)5 (11)
Bakerman54Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
Baldo85Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
balexLeh. (2)Army (1)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (4)5 (13)
BansheeHawkeLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
BBCMGNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
bboozLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
BDL3Leh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
bdwheelsNavy (1)Army (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (4)UVa (2)PSU (1)Penn (1)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (4)6 (15)
bebop 14Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)9 (18)
Berry Viking LaxLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)5 (10)
bglaxerLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
bibba1Leh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
BigBillyFLeh. (1)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (2)JHU (3)ND (4)5 (11)
Big CatLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Bigfoot 7Navy (1)Colg. (1)Del. (1)OSU (2)UMd (1)Vill. (3)Penn (2)Syr. (3)JHU (2)ND (4)2 (5)
BigGreenLaxLeh. (4)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (3)6 (14)
bigred2415Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Big Red OkieNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
BigRedRulesNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
BishopLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (3)7 (15)
BismarckLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
BKDLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
blacknightfanLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
blackstorm44Leh. (4)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (4)Vill. (1)Penn (2)Duke (1)JHU (1)ND (4)7 (16)
Blind BuddhaNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
BlindDartThrowerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
bluehenfanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Bluejay1981Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
bnehringLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
BNordstrom14Leh. (2)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (3)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (1)JHU (3)ND (4)7 (14)
BoboLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
bombsawayNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
BoogerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
BoxplotLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (3)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (13)
BoysHSLNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)3 (6)
BrokerlaxNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
brookln231Leh. (4)Colg. (4)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (2)8 (15)
BruceHLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
brunos13Leh. (1)Colg. (4)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)ND (2)9 (18)
btarr8Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
btownlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (2)8 (14)
btspartanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
BUDJELeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Bud Light HooNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Buffalolax78Leh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
CADLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
callmekowskiLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
camdadNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Captain EnoLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
cdcrabsLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
CDKLeh. (4)Colg. (4)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (1)ND (2)8 (17)
chase3639Navy (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (4)ND (2)7 (13)
Cheryl BedfordLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
ChiLaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
clonerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
clubball43Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)5 (10)
CockyBobcatNavy (1)Colg. (3)Del. (1)OSU (2)UMd (2)PSU (1)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (4)3 (8)
Crabbers24Navy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
crabheadLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Crease24Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
CTDutchNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
CU77Leh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Syr. (1)JHU (4)ND (4)6 (13)
CuervolaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (1)UVa (3)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (11)
cwoz72Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
cwplaxmanNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
D-IIINavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (14)
DaddioLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
DALaxDadLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
dano18Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
dave3687Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)5 (10)
DD-TechLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
deeznuts25Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
Dehuntshigwa'esLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
DemoLaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
dfishmanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)5 (10)
diamondlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
dirdirdirtyLeh. (4)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (1)PSU (1)Penn (2)Duke (1)JHU (1)ND (4)6 (14)
donbergeronLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
DonkeyLaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
DONThateMEbcIMtheBESTLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (3)8 (17)
DotheQ31Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
doublewallNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
doug7779Navy (1)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (3)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (4)ND (2)6 (12)
dpadsLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
drexeldragons10Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
drunkmonkeyLeh. (3)Colg. (3)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (1)ND (4)7 (17)
DUCKFANDANLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)5 (10)
dudzooNavy (1)Army (1)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (4)Syr. (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)2 (6)
duncanLeh. (2)Colg. (3)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (1)PSU (1)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (4)9 (17)
eatyourtatersLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
eddied37Leh. (4)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (4)7 (13)
ejf4Leh. (2)Colg. (3)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)ND (2)9 (18)
enophilLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
ESPNUNavy (1)Army (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (3)PSU (1)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (4)7 (15)
etborerLeh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (4)8 (14)
eyelacksLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
fcr430Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
FF08ALeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
fingerlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
FinnLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Duke (4)JHU (1)ND (4)8 (18)
FlowmerzNavy (1)Army (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (4)7 (15)
flyerfan17Navy (1)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UMd (4)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Duke (1)UNC (2)ND (4)6 (13)
ForceLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Franush83Leh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
GAELSNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (4)Duke (2)JHU (1)StJ. (2)4 (10)
gbusNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
GDawgLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
GenghiskhanbluejayNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
gewreckerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
giants25Leh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
GLaxLeh. (1)Colg. (1)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (4)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Glory DaysLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (3)ND (2)6 (11)
goalielax10Leh. (1)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (4)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (1)ND (4)7 (17)
goalmanLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (15)
Go Ephs!Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
GoOrange1419Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
gotigersLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
Great Blue Heron>BaldoLeh. (2)Colg. (4)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (16)
Green BearLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
greenielaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (1)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (3)8 (16)
greenpointNavy (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (3)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (2)7 (14)
gryphonlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
gtrocks643Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Guru42Leh. (2)Colg. (3)Del. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (3)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (3)7 (15)
GvsportmomLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
handbagLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
Hank StamperLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (3)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (3)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (11)
HardmeshNavy (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (4)ND (4)7 (14)
harleyLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
haroldg48Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
HbgLaxFanNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
hbglaxmanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
hehatemeLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
hlhj3101Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
hmorganctLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)7 (15)
Hockeysk8dadLeh. (2)Colg. (3)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (1)StJ. (4)7 (13)
HogknutzLeh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (1)ND (4)8 (17)
HoneybeeNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
HopBJayNavy (1)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (3)UMd (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)5 (12)
hoppy27Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
hornlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (3)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)7 (15)
HoustonSullyLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (14)
Hums79Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
iceguyNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (1)PSU (2)Penn (1)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (4)5 (11)
idealtinLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)5 (10)
iFOGONavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)5 (10)
ilovethisgame99Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
ilstatelax19Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (4)5 (11)
ithafanLeh. (2)Colg. (3)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (3)Duke (1)JHU (1)StJ. (2)7 (15)
jablersNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
jayratLeh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (3)7 (15)
jcombsieNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
jdlaxLeh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (3)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (16)
jdlaxerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
jerseyaceLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
JetzmanNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (3)6 (13)
jmrshaughnessyLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (1)Penn (2)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)5 (11)
JNELLeh. (2)Army (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (3)6 (12)
joe laxerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
JoeLingle21Leh. (2)Army (2)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (3)Vill. (3)Penn (1)Syr. (1)UNC (1)ND (3)5 (12)
JOE LUZNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
joe smithLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)4 (8)
johnhenry111Navy (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (4)Loy. (2)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)UNC (1)ND (4)8 (17)
johntwattsLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
jumbolaxLeh. (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (4)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
jumpinlcLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)7 (15)
justafanLeh. (4)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UMd (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (2)6 (13)
kclaxcoachNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
kellsNavy (1)Army (1)Del. (3)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (4)Penn (2)Syr. (1)JHU (1)ND (2)3 (7)
KelvinplaceNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
kevoconnor16Navy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
klinks24Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
knightsoutNavy (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (2)JHU (4)ND (2)6 (11)
LALaxmanLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UMd (1)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (3)7 (16)
lax.esqLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
lax2mmaLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Penn (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (3)6 (14)
lax4funLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
lax4life00Leh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
lax5&13Leh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
lax2008Leh. (1)Colg. (2)Del. (1)OSU (3)UVa (1)PSU (1)Penn (1)Syr. (4)JHU (4)ND (2)5 (7)
laxalifeLeh. (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (3)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (4)7 (15)
laxchefNavy (1)Colg. (1)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (4)6 (12)
LaxcityLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (1)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (4)7 (13)
laxcoach00463Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (14)
laxdad43Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
laxdad1954Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (1)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)6 (14)
laxdaddyNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
laxdadx3Leh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
LaxDoveLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxengriffin88Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxgeezerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (3)8 (16)
laxgunnerNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (2)JHU (3)ND (2)4 (8)
laxicoLeh. (2)Army (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (1)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)7 (16)
laximus primeLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UMd (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)7 (15)
laxitupNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
laxityLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
laxlabs5Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (3)9 (18)
laxlust27Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
laxman27Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (17)
LaxmaniaLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
laxmoonLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
LaxmuttLeh. (3)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)PSU (1)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (17)
laxseymourNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
laxter9Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
laxxreffNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
leeroggyLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
LFDLaxerNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
lhrcpaLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
liblaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
lilaxdadNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)6 (12)
LindenLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
littlebones25Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
longpolerobertLeh. (2)Army (1)Del. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (3)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (16)
longstick33Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
lowandawayLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
M5Leh. (1)Colg. (4)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
m32380Leh. (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (4)Loy. (1)UVa (3)PSU (1)Yale (3)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (2)9 (17)
mach-oneNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
maddog29Navy (1)Army (2)Del. (1)Loy. (1)UMd (1)PSU (2)Yale (1)Syr. (4)JHU (3)ND (4)4 (8)
mandownlaxLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
mdkLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
MDubLaxNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
michaelNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
Mickey25Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
MinerleyLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
MohawkLeh. (2)Army (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (2)7 (14)
moloNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
MommalaxNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Mount40Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Moved2TexasLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
moxlaxNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
mrs_sierralaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Mr TLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
murphdawg40Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
mustang7Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
nathanc29Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (1)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)7 (16)
navylax84Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
nclax72Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
nclaxfanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
niulax7Leh. (1)Army (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (4)7 (13)
NJBlueJayLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (16)
NJExit2Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
noddyboffinLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)StJ. (2)5 (10)
noke11coachLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
noslowdownlaxLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (11)
OakMtnlax24Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
oldbartmanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
omegabullLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
oneidalakerNavy (2)Army (1)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (4)PSU (1)Yale (1)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (4)5 (12)
orangefanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
OspreyNavy (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (4)JHU (1)ND (2)7 (17)
oulaxdefcon1Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
OWU 74-8Leh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
OWU75-29Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
owu788Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
owu1965Navy (1)Army (1)Del. (1)OSU (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)UNC (3)ND (3)4 (10)
OWU7520Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
packlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)StJ. (2)6 (12)
Papa_StampedeNavy (1)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (11)
PatcornellLeh. (1)Colg. (4)Drex. (1)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
pesreedLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (14)
photonNavy (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (3)Loy. (2)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (4)7 (13)
phulaxLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (1)PSU (1)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (3)ND (4)9 (17)
PittlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
pkane15Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
pklaxLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (3)JHU (3)ND (3)7 (15)
poetwarrior35Leh. (2)Army (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (4)UVa (2)PSU (1)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (4)ND (1)8 (15)
polarkLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
PopsLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
portlax12Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
POT63Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Provlax28Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
qckstkLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
QuakerLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
RAJLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
random846Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (1)JHU (3)ND (2)5 (10)
rcharris8Leh. (1)Army (1)Del. (2)Loy. (1)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Penn (2)Syr. (4)JHU (2)ND (4)4 (8)
Reddogslax7Leh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (3)Penn (1)Syr. (3)JHU (4)StJ. (1)5 (8)
redjay73Leh. (1)Army (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (3)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)6 (15)
red wineNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Reggie029Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
renegade22Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
Reverend30Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
richardNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
rk1Navy (2)Colg. (1)Del. (2)OSU (1)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)5 (11)
RoadmanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
rustygNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
rutlandwrightLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
ryanjc4Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
SaltineWarriorLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
samuel14850Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
sander4106Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
sanderfishLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
sandorNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)6 (12)
SasmanocLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (1)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (3)JHU (2)ND (3)8 (16)
seacoasterLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
sectvlaxLeh. (3)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (2)JHU (2)StJ. (2)6 (12)
setlax22Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (4)UMd (1)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (1)JHU (1)ND (4)5 (13)
sierralaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
silentp26Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)PSU (1)Penn (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (16)
Skeebo_13Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
skeetlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
skelly412Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)3 (6)
smeisterLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)10 (20)
SNMALAXNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
SoCal GladiatorLeh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (17)
splax18Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)5 (10)
squig93Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
standardLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
statesmanLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
StevieLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
sticky42Leh. (1)Colg. (4)Drex. (2)Loy. (4)UVa (1)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Syr. (1)JHU (3)ND (2)6 (14)
stretchLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)9 (18)
sufan88Navy (2)Army (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (2)JHU (3)ND (3)5 (10)
sum654Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
swmcdcoloLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Tally24Navy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (14)
tank68Leh. (1)Colg. (2)Drex. (1)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (1)Penn (1)Duke (2)JHU (4)ND (3)7 (14)
TartanHNavy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
Techlax12Leh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
TeesteeLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
TerminatorLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
TheDoctor303Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
TheGun7Leh. (1)Army (1)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (4)6 (14)
TheHopNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
The OgreLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
The original #3Leh. (4)Colg. (1)Drex. (1)Loy. (1)UVa (4)Vill. (4)Yale (1)Duke (1)JHU (1)ND (2)8 (15)
thewarrior19Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
TiggerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)8 (16)
TimlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
TitanslaxNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
Tlax1982Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
tleckLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
toddypNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
tomkavLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
topcorner 818Navy (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
tousuz22Navy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
tpickNavy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)OSU (2)UMd (1)Vill. (3)Penn (1)Syr. (3)JHU (2)ND (2)1 (2)
TrinityLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
troo hooNavy (1)Colg. (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (4)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (1)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (3)6 (13)
troydarallieNavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
tsheaLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
turkoman19Navy (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
tvlaxLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (2)PSU (1)Yale (2)Syr. (1)JHU (2)ND (4)8 (17)
Two GirlsLeh. (1)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (4)UMd (1)Vill. (1)Yale (4)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (4)6 (15)
uslaxdadLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
VanderbiltLeh. (2)Army (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
VIINavy (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
vwn101Navy (2)Army (1)Del. (1)OSU (2)UVa (3)PSU (2)Yale (3)Syr. (2)JHU (3)ND (1)4 (9)
wahoomurfNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)5 (10)
walkerLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (14)
WarMotherNavy (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
WhitebuffaloeLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)PSU (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)9 (18)
Willy23Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
wlu_lax6Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
wojo83Leh. (2)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (3)ND (3)7 (14)
wolflaxLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (1)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (1)JHU (2)ND (3)8 (16)
wooden stickLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)8 (16)
woodsonLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UMd (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)4 (8)
woody45Leh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)ND (2)9 (18)
wrapchequeLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
xfilesctLeh. (2)Colg. (1)Del. (1)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (4)ND (2)6 (11)
YardbirdLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (3)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Penn (2)Duke (2)JHU (1)ND (2)6 (13)
yeahdatsrightLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Del. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)UNC (2)ND (2)7 (14)
zamboniLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
zephyrLeh. (2)Army (2)Drex. (2)Loy. (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Syr. (2)JHU (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Zone-dLeh. (2)Colg. (2)Drex. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Vill. (2)Yale (2)Duke (2)JHU (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Leh. 276
Navy 116

Leh. 70
Navy 30
Colg. 290
Army 102

Colg. 74
Army 26
Drex. 229
Del. 163

Drex. 58
Del. 42
Loy. 346
OSU 46

Loy. 88
OSU 12
UVa 342
UMd 50

UVa 87
UMd 13
PSU 94
Vill. 298

PSU 24
Vill. 76
Yale 249
Penn 143

Yale 64
Penn 36
Duke 221
Syr. 171

Duke 56
Syr. 44
UNC 43
JHU 349

UNC 11
JHU 89
ND 376
StJ. 16

ND 96
StJ. 4

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