Results for Contest Installment No. 9

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Colg. 11
Buck. 10
Duke 6
UMd 5
UNC 11
UVa 9
Fair. 9
Den. 8 (ot)
Pri. 12
Har. 5
Mass. 14
Hof. 13
Navy 8
Geo. 10
Syr. 8
Drex. 13
Tow. 5
ND 10
Vill. 7
lowandawayColg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)8 (16)
LaxmaniaColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
Willy23Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
liblaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
PeaceintheLaxCreaseColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)Navy (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
BoysHSLColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
lhrcpaColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
squig93Colg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (2)7 (14)
HoustonSullyColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
dbk209Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
walkerColg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
NJExit2Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (14)
SasmanocColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (1)7 (13)
noddyboffinColg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Drex. (3)ND (1)7 (13)
fingerlaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (1)7 (13)
mdkColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Geo. (1)Drex. (2)ND (1)7 (13)
CockyBobcatColg. (1)Duke (1)UNC (1)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)7 (12)
BishopColg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (1)Fair. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (4)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (2)6 (13)
Bigfoot 7Colg. (1)UMd (1)UVa (1)Fair. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (1)ND (3)6 (13)
jumbolaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
dpadsColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Mickey25Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
idealtinBuck. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
1A DutchmanColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
BigRedRulesColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
woodsonBuck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
laxter9Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
PatcornellColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
2laxdadColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
cwplaxmanBuck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
M5Colg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Fair. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (2)6 (12)
statesmanColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
swmcdcoloColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
cdcrabsColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
TitanslaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
TrinityColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
lax5&13Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
dfishmanColg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
oldbartmanColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
GoBlueLaxColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (1)Pri. (1)Mass. (3)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (3)ND (3)6 (12)
CDKColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
wlu_lax6Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Reggie029Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
duncanBuck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (2)6 (12)
Go Ephs!Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (2)6 (12)
nclaxfanColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
jdlaxerColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
laxengriffin88Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
laximus primeColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
GoOrange1419Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
seacoasterColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
nclax72Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
zephyrColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
tousuz22Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
ChiLaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
BansheeHawkeColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
LindenColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
5lacrosseColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
blackstorm44Colg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (3)ND (4)6 (12)
88mdgradColg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
Mr TColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
laxtigerColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
uslaxdadColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
TartanHColg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)Navy (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
CADColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
lax4life00Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (12)
4wheelColg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)6 (12)
laxman27Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)6 (11)
nathanc29Colg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (11)
sufan88Colg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (11)
Hockeysk8dadColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (4)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (1)6 (11)
mach-oneColg. (2)UMd (1)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (1)6 (11)
xfilesctColg. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (11)
wojo83Colg. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (11)
wolflaxColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (11)
laxmoonColg. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)6 (11)
albionlaxColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (1)6 (10)
Bruno72Buck. (3)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (2)ND (1)6 (10)
BoxplotColg. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (4)Tow. (2)ND (2)6 (10)
Hank StamperColg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (3)Fair. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (1)6 (10)
LuvNPhillyLaxColg. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (3)Pri. (2)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (1)6 (9)
setlax22Colg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (4)Pri. (1)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (2)ND (1)6 (7)
1rocklaxColg. (2)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (12)
SoCal GladiatorColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (2)5 (12)
tank68Colg. (3)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (3)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (2)5 (11)
Papa_StampedeBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (1)Drex. (1)ND (2)5 (11)
IggyFanColg. (2)UMd (3)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (1)Drex. (2)ND (3)5 (11)
laxgeezerColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
trandallColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxgunnerColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
RoadmanBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
packlaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)Navy (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxalifeBuck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (3)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Geo. (1)Tow. (1)ND (3)5 (10)
ryanjc4Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
navylax84Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)Navy (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
OWU 74-8Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
richardColg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
Franush83Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Big Red OkieColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
BismarckBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
clubball43Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Moved2TexasColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Bud Light HooBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Dehuntshigwa'esBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
brunos13Colg. (2)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (1)5 (10)
Hums79Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
JetzmanBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
ilovethisgame99Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
poetwarrior35Buck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (3)Den. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Drex. (1)ND (1)5 (10)
Mount40Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
zamboniColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
Crease24Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
owu788Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
balexBuck. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
kclaxcoachBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
gsolaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxlabs5Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
moxlaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
harleyBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
troo hooBuck. (1)Duke (2)UVa (3)Fair. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (3)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (2)5 (10)
Cheryl BedfordColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
omegabullColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
lax4funColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
MommalaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
mustang7Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
JmD326Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
polarkBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
sander4106Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
btspartanColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
FlowmerzBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
POT63Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
bnehringColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
OWU7520Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
hockeymom721Colg. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
cwoz72Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
iceguyColg. (2)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxitupColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
BDL3Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Baldo85Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
moloColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
diamondlaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
DALaxDadBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
tomkavColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
FF08AColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
laxityBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
laxlust27Colg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
btarr8Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
skeetlaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
johntwattsColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
jcombsieColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
acelaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
oneidalakerBuck. (1)Duke (2)UNC (1)Fair. (1)Pri. (4)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)5 (10)
LFDLaxerColg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
BUDJEColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
callie12Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
TeesteeBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
gtrocks643Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
Zone-dColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
dave3687Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
MDL29Buck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
crabheadBuck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
bombsawayBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
QuakerColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
giants25Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (10)
hasphin298Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
jdlaxBuck. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (1)ND (4)5 (10)
OspreyBuck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)5 (10)
GAELSColg. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (1)5 (9)
silentp26Buck. (1)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (1)5 (9)
tvlaxBuck. (2)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (3)Drex. (1)ND (1)5 (9)
mommajagsColg. (2)UMd (1)UNC (1)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (3)Drex. (1)ND (2)5 (9)
DONThateMEbcIMtheBESTColg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (9)
mlt3Buck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (1)Pri. (3)Mass. (3)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (1)ND (1)5 (9)
flyerfan17Buck. (1)Duke (2)UVa (1)Fair. (1)Pri. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (1)Vill. (1)5 (9)
LALaxmanColg. (1)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (2)5 (9)
BoboBuck. (2)Duke (1)UVa (4)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)5 (9)
avp1010Colg. (1)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (1)Pri. (4)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (1)ND (1)5 (9)
hmorganctColg. (1)UMd (2)UVa (4)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (1)ND (1)5 (7)
drexeldragons10Buck. (2)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (1)ND (1)5 (6)
goalielax10Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (4)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (1)ND (4)4 (10)
bdwheelsBuck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (4)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)4 (10)
btownlaxColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (1)Pri. (4)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)4 (10)
HopBJayBuck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (3)Syr. (1)Tow. (2)ND (3)4 (10)
lax2mmaBuck. (1)UMd (1)UNC (1)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (2)4 (9)
Reddogslax7Colg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (1)Pri. (4)Mass. (3)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (2)4 (9)
maddog29Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (3)Fair. (2)Pri. (3)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (2)4 (9)
YardbirdBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (1)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (1)Tow. (2)ND (3)4 (9)
wahoomurfBuck. (1)UMd (2)UVa (1)Den. (3)Pri. (3)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (9)
jerseyaceColg. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (4)Vill. (1)4 (9)
ilstatelax19Buck. (1)Duke (2)UNC (1)Den. (2)Har. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (9)
wrapchequeBuck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (4)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (1)4 (9)
DUCKFANDANBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
Green BearColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
splax18Buck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
PittlaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
rutlandwrightColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
scmatthews8Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
handbagBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
34nhlaxBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
laxseymourBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
stretchBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
ELJEFE22Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
hbglaxmanBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
BigBillyFColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
bboozBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
noke11coachBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
MohawkColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
DonkeyLaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
laxdadx3Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
BlindDartThrowerColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
1a tpickerColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
kevoconnor16Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
aJimmyZeeIthacaBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
OWU75-29Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
lilaxdadBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
doublewallBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
bibba1Buck. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
JOE LUZBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
toddypBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Hof. (2)Navy (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
GDawgBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
Blind BuddhaBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
BrokerlaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
tleckBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
gryphonlaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
mrs_sierralaxBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
deeznuts25Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
CU77Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
bluehenfanColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
MDubLaxBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
laxxreffColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
aColg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
qckstkColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
Two GirlsColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
troydarallieBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
AMClaxColg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (4)Har. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Tow. (1)ND (1)4 (8)
Provlax28Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
lax43Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
longstick33Colg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
sandorBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
callmekowskiBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
joe smithBuck. (2)Duke (2)UNC (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
klinks24Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
laxchefBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
samuel14850Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
BoogerColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
NCWahooBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
bluejaydestroyerBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
SaltineWarriorColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
VanderbiltBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
sierralaxBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
renegade22Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
turkoman19Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
3lax40Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
TheHopColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
eyelacksBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
PopsBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
goalmanColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
LaxcityColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Geo. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
noslowdownlaxColg. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)4 (8)
gbusBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
Glory DaysBuck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (3)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (3)Drex. (2)ND (1)4 (8)
QuakerSouthBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
RAJBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (8)
clonerBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)4 (8)
fcr430Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)Vill. (2)4 (8)
TheGun7Buck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (4)Pri. (4)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (1)4 (7)
laxdad1954Buck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)4 (7)
AAA2933Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (2)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (7)
enophilColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (1)4 (7)
rcharris8Colg. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (2)Vill. (1)4 (7)
Chicago 7Buck. (2)UMd (1)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Pri. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Drex. (1)Vill. (1)4 (7)
ithafanColg. (2)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Har. (1)Hof. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Drex. (2)ND (2)4 (7)
JoeLingle21Buck. (1)Duke (1)UNC (2)Den. (4)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (3)Tow. (2)Vill. (1)4 (7)
LaxmuttColg. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (4)Pri. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)4 (7)
laxicoBuck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (3)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Drex. (1)ND (2)4 (7)
Bluejay1981Buck. (2)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (2)4 (7)
jumpinlcBuck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (1)ND (1)4 (6)
pkane15Buck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (2)Vill. (1)4 (6)
chase3639Colg. (2)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (1)Hof. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (2)ND (1)4 (6)
jablersBuck. (2)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Tow. (1)ND (4)3 (8)
HogknutzBuck. (1)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (8)
armylaxdadColg. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Tow. (1)ND (3)3 (8)
oulaxdefcon1Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (4)Pri. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Tow. (1)ND (2)3 (7)
gotigersBuck. (2)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (3)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (7)
longpolerobertBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Har. (1)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (2)3 (7)
eddied37Buck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (1)Den. (2)Har. (1)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (4)3 (7)
kellsBuck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (1)3 (7)
lax2008Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (3)Pri. (3)Mass. (1)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (3)3 (7)
laxcoachmdBuck. (1)UMd (4)UVa (1)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (1)JHU (3)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
oclax15Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
gewreckerBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
KelvinplaceColg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
johnhenry111Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)3 (6)
FLlaxBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
smeisterBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
WarMotherBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
knightsoutBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
laxdaddyBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
wooden stickBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
dano18Buck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
hlhj3101Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
adirondlaxBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
bigred2415Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
45's FatherBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
SNMALAXBuck. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
orangefanBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
Tally24Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
NJBlueJayBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
joe laxerBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
WaynoBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
VIIBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
pesreedBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
JNELBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
GLaxColg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
bebop 14Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
Captain EnoBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Drex. (2)ND (2)3 (6)
DotheQ31Colg. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
dudzooColg. (1)UMd (1)UNC (1)Den. (1)Har. (1)Mass. (4)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)3 (6)
OakMtnlax24Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (3)Pri. (3)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (3)Tow. (1)ND (1)3 (5)
Buffalolax78Colg. (2)UMd (2)UNC (2)Den. (4)Har. (2)Hof. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)ND (1)3 (5)
phulaxBuck. (1)Duke (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)3 (5)
AWS2012Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (3)Den. (1)Pri. (2)Mass. (3)JHU (3)Syr. (4)Tow. (1)Vill. (1)2 (5)
TrojansBuck. (1)UMd (2)UVa (4)Den. (1)Pri. (1)Hof. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (1)Drex. (4)Vill. (1)2 (5)
HbgLaxFanBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)2 (4)
leeroggyBuck. (2)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (1)2 (4)
tpickBuck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)2 (4)
Big CatBuck. (2)Duke (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)Vill. (2)2 (4)
DaddioBuck. (2)UMd (1)UVa (2)Den. (2)Pri. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (4)Syr. (2)Tow. (1)Vill. (2)2 (4)
Reverend30Buck. (2)UMd (2)UVa (2)Den. (2)Har. (2)Mass. (2)JHU (2)Syr. (2)Tow. (2)ND (2)2 (4)
The original #3Buck. (1)UMd (1)UVa (1)Den. (3)Har. (1)Mass. (1)JHU (4)Syr. (4)Drex. (1)Vill. (3)2 (2)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Colg. 168
Buck. 162

Colg. 51
Buck. 49
Duke 204
UMd 126

Duke 62
UMd 38
UNC 32
UVa 298

UNC 10
UVa 90
Fair. 63
Den. 267

Fair. 19
Den. 81
Pri. 290
Har. 40

Pri. 88
Har. 12
Mass. 302
Hof. 28

Mass. 92
Hof. 8
Navy 5
JHU 325

Navy 2
JHU 98
Geo. 13
Syr. 317

Geo. 4
Syr. 96
Drex. 201
Tow. 129

Drex. 61
Tow. 39
ND 261
Vill. 69

ND 79
Vill. 21

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