Results for Contest Installment No. 1

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Penn 14
Duke 9
UVa 13
Stony 7
StJ. 10
Yale 9
UNC 10
Fair. 9
Denv. 18
Leh. 10
Pri. 10
Hof. 7
UMd 12
Loy. 10
Geo. 9
Navy 8 (ot)
ND 10
PSU 9 (ot)
Syr. 6
Army 2
LaxtapPenn (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)10 (20)
umterp69Duke (1)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (4)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (4)9 (19)
CockyBobcatDuke (1)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)9 (19)
Coach YDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
LaxxreffDuke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
lowlaxinDuke (2)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (4)9 (18)
CrazyBaldhead14Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
Skelly412Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
laxgunnerPenn (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (3)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (3)9 (18)
severna park laxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
Brettb33Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
jmd326Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
Bamdnd07Penn (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
BetweenTheLinesDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
troydarallieDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (4)9 (18)
crabheadPenn (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
audio4tvDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
usopen2Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (18)
jdlaxDuke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)9 (17)
Laxercize74Duke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (4)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (17)
LAXGOALIE298Duke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)9 (17)
tyler24Duke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)9 (17)
kloepfer56Duke (3)UVa (1)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (3)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)9 (17)
Cashmoney1969Duke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)9 (17)
deeznutsDuke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)9 (17)
TheMooseDuke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)9 (16)
speedracerDuke (4)UVa (1)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)9 (16)
blaxdogPenn (1)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (4)8 (18)
aJimmyZeeIthacaDuke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (18)
dudmanDuke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)8 (18)
the original #3Duke (1)UVa (4)StJ. (3)UNC (1)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (4)8 (18)
MDL29Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)8 (17)
red2013Duke (2)UVa (1)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)8 (17)
kmlax20Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (17)
avp1010Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (4)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)8 (17)
ntaylor2014Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (4)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)8 (17)
LaxMuttDuke (1)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (17)
thisguy161Duke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (17)
rcflecheDuke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (1)Syr. (4)8 (17)
mattandbrookesmomDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)8 (17)
devsulDuke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)8 (17)
NassaulaxDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (17)
diamondheadsDuke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)8 (17)
setlax22Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)8 (17)
megayetipusDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
tomkavPenn (1)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (3)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
hipandkneedocDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
-a-Duke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (3)8 (16)
tcat14Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
oneidalakerDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (4)Syr. (2)8 (16)
cmb808Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
mattknoblochDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
sanderfishDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
PeteyDeeLFDDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
swmcdcoloPenn (1)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)8 (16)
onthecreaseDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
ospreydiverDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
mrbroskiDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
giants25Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Dehuntshigwa'esDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
2laxdadDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)8 (16)
RCSLAX25Duke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (3)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (16)
GQuinzDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
navylaxdadDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Willy23Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
jmertz19Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)8 (16)
sdfanman85Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
jtslaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
SULaxclerkDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
lhrcpaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Bigred-HoyaPenn (2)Stony (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
CT06820Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
DennispDuke (3)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)8 (16)
sweetlou1000Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
dmunson43Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
dieselsumoDuke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)8 (16)
3lax40Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
JohntwattsDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
canesrule6Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
zone-dDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
jersey aceDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (16)
CatsLax5Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
BrokerlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
statesmanDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Fresno laxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
ianlax1313Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
KJH278Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Manup1Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
jumbolax76Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
GLaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (4)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (16)
SALTINE WARRIORDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (3)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)8 (16)
relaxer88Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
hihandlesPenn (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
WGMarshallDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
jimbo2Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Laxinlaner3Penn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
MohawkDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
mrssierralaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
CointossDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Big CatDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
vihoDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
BismarckDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
bassaloneDuke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
quickstix16Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
laxman277Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
laxitupDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
acelaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
AWS2013Penn (1)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)8 (16)
camdadDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
TrinityDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
crv14Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
CU88Penn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)8 (16)
maroon123Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
wojo83Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)8 (16)
oblax21Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
bombsawayDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
VangorDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)8 (16)
laxlabs5Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
Baldo85Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
rcharris8Duke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Denv. (4)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (16)
SPLAX18Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
laxroadrunnerDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
BedFox22Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (16)
BigBillyFDuke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (4)8 (15)
VinPenn (1)UVa (4)Yale (3)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (15)
jkbertDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (2)8 (15)
hbglaxmanDuke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (3)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (3)8 (15)
zephyrDuke (2)UVa (1)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)8 (15)
drunkmonkeyPenn (1)UVa (3)Yale (4)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (3)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (15)
pkane15Duke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (4)8 (15)
Bigfoot 7Duke (3)UVa (1)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (15)
wahoomurfDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (15)
Moelax17Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)8 (15)
hawkslax26Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (4)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)8 (15)
TourneyGeneralDuke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (15)
phulaxDuke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)8 (15)
wacman10Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (15)
patjoe5Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (3)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)8 (15)
mbeyer17Duke (3)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (1)8 (15)
HooDatDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)8 (15)
AlbionlaxDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)8 (14)
Falmouth03Duke (4)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Leh. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (4)8 (14)
xfilesctDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (4)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (1)8 (12)
kmearles1Duke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (4)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (2)7 (17)
tenmanrideDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)7 (16)
Hawks2002Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (4)Syr. (4)7 (16)
bigjack116Duke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (16)
flyerfan17Duke (2)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (16)
harleyDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (4)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (16)
laxman27Duke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (16)
tb toadDuke (1)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (4)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)7 (16)
flashfloodDuke (2)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Navy (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)7 (16)
bulldoglax1Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)Fair. (1)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)7 (16)
JahrensDuke (1)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)7 (16)
brunos13Duke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (16)
TUlax12Penn (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (16)
fsmith814Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (4)7 (16)
bluehennation33Duke (1)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (2)7 (16)
Hoboken99Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (4)7 (16)
kemps33Penn (1)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)7 (16)
cougar nationDuke (2)UVa (1)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (4)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (16)
midatlflagmanDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (4)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (16)
papajackDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (16)
hpuck4Penn (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (16)
jetzmanDuke (1)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
drdave51Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Hof. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
gsolaxDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (4)Syr. (2)7 (15)
bbersinDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (3)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (15)
bhock002Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (4)7 (15)
Paulraz7Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (4)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)7 (15)
Bluejay1981Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (1)Syr. (2)7 (15)
BigGreenLaxFanPenn (1)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (3)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (15)
GAELSDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (1)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
miles99999Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (15)
gknight24Duke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)PSU (1)Syr. (2)7 (15)
laxalifeDuke (3)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)7 (15)
14bluejayDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
GVegas16Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (2)7 (15)
Ducks ruleDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (15)
MDubLax13Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
mlt3Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (4)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (4)7 (15)
ToddyPDuke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (15)
jbrutmanDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (15)
duncanDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (15)
CuervolaxDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (3)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (15)
rick_rambisDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (3)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)7 (15)
Stitches#1Duke (1)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (15)
OverUnderDuke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
doms76Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (3)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (14)
CU88aDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)7 (14)
BryanNehringDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
rutlandwrightDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jaymaj1317Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
ctbulletDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
mikeyptall13Duke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jablersDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxdaddyDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
d-iiiDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)7 (14)
AmommalaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Jpv66Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
SamalamadingdongDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Big Red FanPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
petri9Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
troo hooDuke (3)UVa (1)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)7 (14)
bart'68Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
benzingerbDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
pemlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BoysHSLDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
fobiesieDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
AdirondLax2Duke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (1)7 (14)
packlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxcoachmdDuke (4)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
slydon1989Duke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)7 (14)
TimlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
applechillDuke (2)UVa (1)Yale (2)UNC (1)Denv. (3)Hof. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (3)ND (1)Syr. (4)7 (14)
mvf83Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
RollpriderollDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Reggie029Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BoboDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
slikkgriffDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
offhipDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
bsteiny63Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Littlebones26Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
HbgLaxFanDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
huskers15Duke (2)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jklax20Duke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (3)7 (14)
GenghiskhanbluejayDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
hawklaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
MrDupesDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
goalie1667Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
maddog29Duke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)7 (14)
J-ManDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (3)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
cdcrabsDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
owu1965Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
stretchDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (14)
Glory DaysDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
WarmotherDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
QuakerPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
hopsterDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
theBigleyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
RAJDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DougELaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jumpinlcDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
farrellDuke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (1)Fair. (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)7 (14)
omegabullDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
blue hen fanDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
DALaxDadPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
thalsey51Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
higginsDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Naperock99Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
CrankPenn (2)Stony (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
JOE LUZDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Coach HicksDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
lowandawayDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
goalielax10Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
ons28Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxdadDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
ramlax22Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
mommajagsDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
88mdgradDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
247laxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
rustygDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
eyelacksDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
guestimaterDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)7 (14)
rjnicDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
blackstorm44Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
NovaGoalie6Duke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Hof. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)7 (14)
Cpfishersr15Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
mdbrownlaxDuke (3)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)7 (14)
dpadsDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
dudeabidesDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
jdlaxerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
HoustonSullyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
sayville12Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tunatimeDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tousuz22Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)7 (14)
danner26Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
babyjake11Duke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
skiinhdgDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxmoonDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
flash11Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
1awahooDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Tlax1982Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
wlu_lax6Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
knightsoutDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)7 (14)
amart2Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Reddogslax7Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
imsenewtonDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
SoCal GladiatorDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (14)
Lexus129Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BlindDartThrowerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Strapper24Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
RosscofettDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
grahambrockDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (3)7 (14)
ChannelislandlepDuke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (4)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)7 (14)
CU77Duke (1)UVa (4)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
balexDuke (4)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (1)7 (14)
5lacrosseDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
TheDeciderPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BLMDlaxDuke (2)UVa (1)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
RoadmanDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
34nhlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Moved2TexasDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
The-ProphetDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
navylax84Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
lax13Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
BeefeatersDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
OC LaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
docmaestro77Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
One Minute PenaltyDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
alamoe27Duke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (4)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
tleck42Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
dillymanDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
JumbolayaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
bluejayexterminatorDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
shadowgoaliePenn (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Chase3639Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
hums79Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
menslax1414Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)7 (14)
james.kuzmaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
laxdadof3Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
msalad4Duke (3)UVa (3)StJ. (2)UNC (4)Leh. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
clubball43Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
CADDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
AAAAAAAAAA10Duke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Army (1)7 (14)
mustang7Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
daffyduck4Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
vandals14Duke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (14)
bluejay18Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
gvsportmomDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Laxfan-GADuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
armylaxdadDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (1)7 (14)
Bakerman5408Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
CDKDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
cowskiDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (14)
Triple TDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (13)
Mr TDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (4)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (13)
tjantichDuke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (1)Syr. (4)7 (13)
wgatensDuke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (1)7 (13)
SNMALAXDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (13)
Cincylax24Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (4)Syr. (2)7 (13)
###overthehillDuke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)7 (13)
OWU74-8Duke (4)UVa (1)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (3)7 (13)
cantlax3Duke (4)UVa (1)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Denv. (4)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (13)
redcuDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (13)
hawks43Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (3)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (13)
DoubleDDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)7 (13)
pattymac9Duke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (13)
qckstkDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)7 (13)
advriderDuke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (2)Navy (3)ND (1)Syr. (2)7 (13)
astrauss126Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)7 (13)
Mattack33Duke (4)UVa (1)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Navy (3)ND (1)Syr. (4)7 (12)
TonypajamasDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (4)UNC (3)Leh. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (1)Geo. (1)ND (1)Syr. (1)7 (12)
sufan8876Duke (1)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (4)6 (16)
Hodie DodieDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (2)6 (15)
ospreyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (4)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (15)
DogH 17Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (2)Navy (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)6 (15)
Greenie MeanieDuke (1)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Hof. (1)UMd (4)Navy (2)PSU (1)Syr. (2)6 (15)
TrickyDuke (1)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (4)Syr. (2)6 (15)
1rocklaxDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (14)
mrockDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (4)6 (14)
laxter9Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (3)6 (14)
JDT CATSDuke (2)Stony (1)StJ. (3)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)6 (14)
logcDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (4)Navy (1)ND (2)Army (1)6 (14)
greenielaxDuke (1)UVa (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (4)Syr. (2)6 (14)
SixBySixDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)6 (14)
JohnnyGoGoDuke (2)UVa (4)StJ. (1)Fair. (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)UMd (3)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (4)6 (14)
kinggarlandiusDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (3)Loy. (1)Geo. (3)PSU (1)Syr. (1)6 (14)
chicago7Duke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (4)Navy (3)ND (2)Syr. (1)6 (14)
PolyboyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (3)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (3)Navy (1)PSU (1)Syr. (2)6 (13)
mdoody5Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (1)PSU (1)Syr. (2)6 (13)
TheVisionaryDuke (2)Stony (1)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
creed34Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (4)6 (13)
HopBJayDuke (3)UVa (1)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)6 (13)
francisDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)6 (13)
DaLackyCrackyBoyzDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
WOMBATDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (4)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)6 (13)
greenpointDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)6 (13)
ithafanDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (1)6 (13)
beachboyDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (3)Syr. (1)6 (13)
LaxNLAPenn (1)UVa (1)StJ. (1)UNC (4)Denv. (4)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (4)ND (2)Army (1)6 (13)
DonkeyLaxDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
dirdirdirtyDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)PSU (1)Syr. (3)6 (13)
crashDuke (3)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)PSU (1)Syr. (2)6 (13)
sander410Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)6 (13)
losttech1Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
crzylegs21Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)6 (13)
nathanc21Duke (3)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)6 (13)
DONThateMEbcIMtheMANDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (3)6 (13)
tvlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (3)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (3)6 (13)
seacoasterDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (13)
BoxplotDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (4)6 (13)
NJBlueJayDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)6 (13)
jayratDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (3)Syr. (2)6 (13)
TitanslaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
BeatlelaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
popsDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
daddysamDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
JimriddDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bboozDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
JustLacrosse UpstateDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)6 (12)
callmekowskiDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Army (2)6 (12)
VIIDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
BobbyDigitalDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
frog09Duke (2)UVa (4)Yale (4)Fair. (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (3)6 (12)
bobbyoDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
nswezeyDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)6 (12)
jcombsieDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
BuckiceDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
rittDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxgeezerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Frankthetank_2Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Laxengriffin88Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Army (2)6 (12)
kjkrauseDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
FingerLaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxdadx3Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
uslaxdadDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
dnivloc1023Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
MikeKellDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
yeahdatsrightDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
richardPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
rider97Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
4wheelDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
ctshorelaxPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
johnnyavDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
nelaxerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
aeverettlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Blind BuddhaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
nanbabe84Penn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
cchapinDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
dano18Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Dbl0527Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (2)Pri. (1)UMd (2)Geo. (1)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bibbaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
scooter magrooterDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jmalloy11Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
iceguyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
dingo31Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Tally24Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
ChiTownDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (4)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)6 (12)
PGlobal1Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
moloDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxpunkDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)6 (12)
30 SheaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
ualaxguy36Duke (4)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (1)6 (12)
rohags44Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
TrueTrueDuke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (1)PSU (1)Syr. (3)6 (12)
readjDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
LaxxMan101Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)6 (12)
Firelaxer6Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
thirdsfinestDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
klinks24Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
hehatemeDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
giant90Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
PinchNpop2Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Army (2)6 (12)
1A DutchmanDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
oscar121571Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
southernbearDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (1)6 (12)
woody45Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
nesteyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
waynelaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Hank StamperDuke (4)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Avid FanDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
templelax88Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
AAAlaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
LaxNetDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bigred4515Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
ccosmo52Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
zamboniDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
polark99Duke (4)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Geo. (3)ND (1)Army (1)6 (12)
Laxrob10Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
handbagDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
McnpaDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
dunkerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Crease24Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxieDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
NCWahooDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
booger eaterDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
SkyStreakDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
jhdavisDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)6 (12)
JesseT35Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)6 (12)
SU1419Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
texaslaxer26Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
wrapchequeDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
ryanchojnowski5Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
haroldg48Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
LaxDoveDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)Fair. (2)Denv. (4)Pri. (2)Loy. (3)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)6 (12)
sierralaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
bebop94Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
LaxmaniaDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
Hit the pipeDuke (2)Stony (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
laxityDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (12)
CastiglioniDuke (4)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Pri. (3)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)6 (11)
JagLaxPenn (1)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (1)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (11)
redjay73Duke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)PSU (1)Army (2)6 (11)
blacknightfanDuke (4)UVa (4)StJ. (1)UNC (1)Leh. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (11)
Buffalolax78Duke (4)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (11)
Steveo85Duke (4)UVa (1)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (3)UMd (2)Geo. (1)PSU (2)Army (2)6 (11)
brookln231Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)6 (11)
doug7779Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (1)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (4)ND (1)Syr. (2)6 (10)
DoItForTheMenDuke (4)UVa (3)Yale (4)UNC (1)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)6 (10)
oumenslaxDuke (1)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (3)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (4)5 (15)
LaxGoBlueDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)PSU (1)Syr. (3)5 (13)
LALaxmanDuke (1)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)5 (13)
OD47Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)5 (12)
waterbug35Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (1)UNC (2)Leh. (3)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (3)Syr. (4)5 (12)
JDDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (4)Syr. (1)5 (12)
laxicoDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (1)PSU (1)Syr. (3)5 (12)
JMRSHAUGHNESSYDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (3)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)PSU (2)Syr. (4)5 (12)
lax5&13Duke (2)UVa (4)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (1)Army (1)5 (12)
gryphonlaxDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
tonyo123Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
brettevans315Duke (4)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (1)5 (11)
Craig R.Duke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
mgvoneDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (11)
mdkDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)PSU (1)Syr. (2)5 (11)
lax.esqDuke (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (1)5 (11)
HoustonLaxSullyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)PSU (1)Syr. (4)5 (11)
maddog9430Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)UMd (1)Navy (2)ND (4)Army (2)5 (11)
HardmeshDuke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (3)5 (11)
Kepler1234Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (3)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)UMd (1)Navy (2)PSU (1)Syr. (2)5 (11)
outbacklaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
clonerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
chilaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)5 (10)
kevoconnor16Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BGLaxDadDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
xecuteDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
CTDutchDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Ridonkulax71Duke (4)Stony (1)StJ. (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
dalslaxDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
mickerDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
xander52Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)5 (10)
laxer1231Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (4)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Geo. (1)PSU (1)Syr. (2)5 (10)
netminderDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Captain EnoDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)5 (10)
fraukneesDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Army (1)5 (10)
papa_stampedeDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (3)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Lax1887Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
oldbartmanDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
lax222Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Army (2)5 (10)
Deputy Defense13Duke (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (1)Syr. (3)5 (10)
laxdad43Duke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
MrennilloDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
melagioDuke (2)Stony (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laxdad1Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Army (2)5 (10)
skeetDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
laximus primeDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
CATFANMOOSEDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
snapperhawkDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
kclax1Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
SirLaggzAlotDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
vandemoniumDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
fcr430Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
bbt8Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Anyone but PrincetonDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BoogerDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
2 GirlsDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Army (2)5 (10)
liblaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)ND (2)Army (2)5 (10)
MemDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
idealtinDuke (2)UVa (2)StJ. (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
BDL3Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)5 (10)
Benedict ArnoldDuke (4)UVa (4)Yale (4)UNC (1)Leh. (1)Pri. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Syr. (1)5 (9)
ChaunKlemDuke (4)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (1)Denv. (3)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Army (2)5 (9)
koltt45Duke (4)UVa (1)Yale (1)UNC (2)Leh. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (4)Navy (2)ND (1)Syr. (2)5 (8)
maddog9718Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (4)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)PSU (1)Syr. (2)4 (11)
ilovethisgame99Duke (3)UVa (3)Yale (1)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Army (1)4 (10)
bdwheelsDuke (3)UVa (2)Yale (4)UNC (4)Denv. (1)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (1)ND (2)Army (1)4 (9)
NJExit2Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (3)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (3)4 (9)
mcxstar01Duke (3)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (4)Leh. (2)Hof. (1)Loy. (2)Navy (1)ND (1)Syr. (2)4 (9)
wolflaxDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
POT64Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
saintsinneridiotDuke (2)Stony (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
DD-TechDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
laxilla12Duke (2)Stony (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
bigtoolDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
mulligan43Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
SmeisterDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Army (2)4 (8)
fairfield2000Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
coakleyrDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Army (2)4 (8)
FlowmerzDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)Loy. (2)Geo. (2)PSU (2)Army (2)4 (8)
pgilligan1111Duke (4)Stony (1)Yale (3)UNC (2)Denv. (1)Pri. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)ND (3)Army (1)4 (8)
laxdagDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
jjwestyDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
gewreckerPenn (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
thedoctor303Duke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Syr. (2)4 (8)
noddyboffinDuke (1)UVa (4)Yale (1)UNC (3)Leh. (1)Hof. (2)Loy. (3)Navy (1)PSU (2)Syr. (2)3 (9)
sectvlaxDuke (2)UVa (3)Yale (2)UNC (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (1)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)3 (7)
LindenDuke (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Pri. (2)UMd (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Army (2)3 (6)
Gracie BearDuke (2)Stony (2)Yale (2)UNC (2)Denv. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)PSU (2)Syr. (2)3 (6)
SkibumPenn (2)Stony (2)Yale (2)Fair. (2)Leh. (2)Hof. (2)Loy. (2)Navy (2)ND (2)Army (2)2 (4)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Penn 31
Duke 558

Penn 5
Duke 95
UVa 577
Stony 12

UVa 98
Stony 2
StJ. 171
Yale 418

StJ. 29
Yale 71
UNC 563
Fair. 26

UNC 96
Fair. 4
Denv. 463
Leh. 126

Denv. 79
Leh. 21
Pri. 452
Hof. 137

Pri. 77
Hof. 23
UMd 325
Loy. 264

UMd 55
Loy. 45
Geo. 299
Navy 290

Geo. 51
Navy 49
ND 506
PSU 83

ND 86
PSU 14
Syr. 550
Army 39

Syr. 93
Army 7

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