Results for Contest Installment No. 1

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Whit. 14
One. 6
Cab. 18
Hav. 12
Lyn. 6
F&M 4
Stev. 11
Gett. 11
Mess. 4
Naz. 15
Spr. 13
Dick. 19
StM. 5
WAC 16
Gou. 8
SIT 21
End. 9
W&L 8
Den. 7
SmeisterWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
imsenewtonWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
AmommalaxWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
BigBillyFWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (1)W&L (1)10 (20)
ctbulletWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
StewlaxdadWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)10 (20)
TourneyGeneralWhit. (2)Cab. (3)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
Hit the pipeWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
Mr TWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (2)SIT (4)W&L (1)10 (20)
Deputy Defense13Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
idealtinWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (4)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)10 (20)
megayetipusWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)10 (20)
patjoe5Whit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (4)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)W&L (1)9 (19)
phulaxWhit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (3)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (1)9 (19)
GVegas16Whit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (4)Gett. (3)Spr. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)9 (19)
oldcreaseWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Naz. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (3)SIT (1)Den. (1)9 (19)
laxcoachmdWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (3)Gou. (1)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (19)
mclax2013Whit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (4)WAC (4)SIT (1)Den. (1)9 (19)
Big Red FanWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
jablersWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
mustang7One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
readjWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
Strapper24Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
maroons2Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
greenpointWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (3)WAC (1)SIT (3)W&L (1)9 (18)
Hank StamperWhit. (1)Hav. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (1)W&L (2)9 (18)
POT64Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
HoustonLaxSullyOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
laxityWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
callmekowskiWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
wolflaxWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
HbgLaxFanOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
jcombsieOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
DD-TechWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
seahawkWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
jumpinlcWhit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (1)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
pemlaxWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
fastguy01Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
Moved2TexasWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
Bishops2006Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
Buffalolax78Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
tomkavWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
fraukneesWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
FingerLaxWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
WGMarshallWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
2laxdadWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)9 (18)
oswego#11Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)9 (18)
stealing real estateWhit. (2)Cab. (4)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)Gou. (1)SIT (2)W&L (1)8 (18)
SULaxclerkWhit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)HSC (1)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)StM. (1)WAC (4)SIT (4)W&L (1)8 (18)
crv14Whit. (2)Hav. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (4)Den. (1)8 (18)
lowlaxinWhit. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (3)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (1)8 (18)
Col. FastBreakWhit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Spr. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (1)SIT (3)Den. (1)8 (18)
LaxDoveWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (3)SIT (3)Den. (1)8 (18)
d3nation219Whit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (2)SIT (1)Den. (1)8 (18)
jklax20Whit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (1)SIT (3)Den. (1)8 (18)
HooDatOne. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (3)HSC (1)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (4)8 (18)
OBLaxWhit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (2)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (1)8 (18)
DaLackyCrackyBoyzWhit. (4)Hav. (1)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)End. (1)W&L (1)8 (18)
JumbolayaWhit. (3)Cab. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (3)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)Gou. (1)SIT (3)W&L (1)8 (18)
goalie1667Whit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (3)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (1)SIT (3)W&L (1)8 (17)
huskers15One. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)W&L (1)8 (17)
mdbrownlaxWhit. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (1)SIT (3)Den. (2)8 (17)
NJExit2Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (1)Spr. (2)Dick. (3)Gou. (1)SIT (3)W&L (1)8 (17)
msalad4One. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (4)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (17)
dudeabidesWhit. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (17)
HardmeshWhit. (2)Cab. (3)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (1)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (17)
JesseT35Whit. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (17)
severna park laxWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
WarmotherWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
GBHogWhit. (2)Cab. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (1)Gou. (2)SIT (4)W&L (2)8 (16)
cchapinWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
MDL29Whit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (1)Stev. (2)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (4)Den. (3)8 (16)
BismarckOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
Laxengriffin88Whit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
cougar nationWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
Bakerman5408Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
CastiglioniWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
NCWahooWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
astrauss126Whit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (3)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
TheMooseWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
ianlax1313One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
zamboniWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
HoustonSullyOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
eyelacksWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
PolyboyWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
aJimmyZeeIthacaWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
oscar121571Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
hums79Whit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
Baldo85Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
fcr430Whit. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
The-ProphetWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
pjbenz23Whit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (3)8 (16)
laxgeezerWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
ramlax22One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
rutlandwrightWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
laximus primeWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
cdcrabsWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
handbagOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
1rocklaxOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
bsteiny63Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
sanderfishWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
Go4FanWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
hpuck4Whit. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
deeznutsOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
swmcdcoloWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
KJH278Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
JDT CATSWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
OC LaxOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
qckstkOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
gvsportmomWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
mvf83One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
omegabullWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
stoner6Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
Dehuntshigwa'esOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
CADOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
DoItForTheMenWhit. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
4wheelWhit. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
valaxfanWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
acelaxWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
SkibumOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
tomwigWhit. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)8 (16)
Bigred-HoyaWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
tleck42Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
Coach YWhit. (2)Cab. (1)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (3)8 (16)
crzylegs21Whit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
d-iiiWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)8 (16)
netminderWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)StM. (1)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (4)8 (15)
VinOne. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (1)7 (17)
chicago7Whit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)Gou. (1)SIT (2)Den. (1)7 (17)
SixBySixWhit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (1)Spr. (1)Dick. (4)Gou. (1)SIT (2)Den. (1)7 (17)
OWU74-8One. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (1)7 (17)
TUlax12One. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (3)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (1)Den. (1)7 (17)
ChannelislandlepWhit. (1)Cab. (2)F&M (1)Stev. (2)Gett. (3)Spr. (2)Dick. (3)WAC (4)SIT (1)Den. (1)7 (16)
statesmanOne. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (1)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (3)WAC (3)SIT (3)Den. (1)7 (16)
sufan8876One. (2)Cab. (1)F&M (1)Stev. (1)Gett. (2)Naz. (4)StM. (1)WAC (4)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (16)
cantlax3Whit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (1)End. (2)Den. (1)7 (16)
laxpunkOne. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (16)
Craig R.One. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (1)Stev. (3)Gett. (3)Spr. (2)StM. (1)WAC (2)SIT (3)W&L (2)7 (16)
babyjake11One. (1)Hav. (1)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (4)Den. (2)7 (16)
LALaxmanWhit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (4)Den. (1)7 (15)
tenmanrideOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (4)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (2)7 (15)
BGLaxDadWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (3)WAC (2)End. (1)Den. (2)7 (15)
maddog29Whit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (3)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (1)WAC (2)SIT (3)Den. (2)7 (15)
flashfloodOne. (1)Cab. (3)F&M (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (3)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)W&L (1)7 (15)
Reggie029Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
PGlobal1Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
rider97One. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
SirLaggzAlotWhit. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)Gou. (1)SIT (1)Den. (4)7 (14)
bearforce1One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
laxdad43One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
BlindDartThrowerOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
One Minute PenaltyWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
rick_rambisOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
shadowgoalieWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
LAXGOALIE298One. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
SU1419One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
JagLaxOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
mcxstar01One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
Big CatWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
hbglaxmanOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
applechillWhit. (1)Cab. (4)Lyn. (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Spr. (3)Dick. (1)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (1)7 (14)
lax5&13Whit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
2 GirlsWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
cowskiOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
devsulWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
Frankthetank_2Whit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
34nhlaxWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
ToddyPOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
papa_stampedeWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)StM. (1)Gou. (1)SIT (4)Den. (4)7 (14)
Ducks ruleOne. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
tcat14One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
DonkeyLaxWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
Tally24One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
skeetOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
MRG17Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
laxieOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
AlbionlaxOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (1)Dick. (3)Gou. (1)SIT (2)Den. (3)7 (14)
RollpriderollOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
coakleyrOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
setlax22One. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
3lax40One. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
DennispOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
richardOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
amart2Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
yeahdatsrightWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
LaxmaniaOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
quickstix16One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
laxlabs5One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
jtslaxOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
pkane15One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Naz. (1)Dick. (1)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (14)
laxer1231One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)7 (14)
jbrutmanWhit. (1)Hav. (3)F&M (1)Stev. (1)Gett. (3)Naz. (3)StM. (3)WAC (1)SIT (2)W&L (2)7 (13)
diamondheadsOne. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)StM. (1)WAC (1)SIT (1)Den. (1)6 (16)
knightsoutOne. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Naz. (1)StM. (1)Gou. (1)SIT (2)Den. (1)6 (16)
MrDupesOne. (1)Cab. (3)Lyn. (3)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)StM. (1)WAC (1)SIT (4)Den. (1)6 (16)
laxroadrunnerWhit. (1)Hav. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)StM. (1)Gou. (2)SIT (1)W&L (3)6 (15)
goalielax10One. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (1)Spr. (1)Dick. (1)Gou. (1)SIT (4)Den. (2)6 (15)
tb toadOne. (1)Hav. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (3)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (15)
CarlTuesdayWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (4)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)StM. (1)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (14)
crashOne. (2)Cab. (3)Lyn. (3)Stev. (1)Mess. (1)Naz. (3)Dick. (3)Gou. (1)SIT (1)Den. (2)6 (14)
nathanc21One. (1)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)End. (2)Den. (2)6 (14)
baskinlaxOne. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (4)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)6 (14)
bball22131One. (1)Hav. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (3)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (14)
Moelax17One. (1)Hav. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Naz. (1)Dick. (1)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)6 (14)
AAAAAAAAAA10One. (2)Hav. (1)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (4)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)6 (13)
ospreydiverOne. (1)Hav. (2)Lyn. (3)HSC (2)Gett. (4)Naz. (1)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (1)6 (13)
gknight24One. (2)Hav. (1)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (3)Naz. (3)StM. (2)WAC (1)SIT (3)W&L (1)6 (13)
MDubLax13One. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (3)Stev. (3)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (1)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (13)
bboozOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
packlaxOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
offhipWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
wlu_lax6One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
bombsawayWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
BeatlelaxOne. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
tousuz22One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
Laxfan-GAWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
CockyBobcatWhit. (1)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (3)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
docmaestro77One. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
TimlaxOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
jkbertOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
TitanslaxOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
audio4tvOne. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
clubball43Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
ospreyOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
SNMALAXOne. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
BobbyDigitalOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
JimriddOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
Hodie DodieOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
JOE LUZOne. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
jumbolax76Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
kjkrauseWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
Captain EnoWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
SwagMachineOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
bulldoglax1One. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
laxilla12One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
CatsLax5One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
Anyone but PrincetonWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
woody45One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
laxchefWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)6 (12)
Naperock99One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
menslax1414One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
owu1965One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)6 (12)
LaxNLAOne. (4)Cab. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (1)Gett. (2)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (1)Den. (2)6 (11)
wacman10One. (1)Hav. (1)Lyn. (4)Stev. (4)Gett. (4)Spr. (1)Dick. (2)WAC (1)End. (1)Den. (1)5 (15)
brasil66One. (1)Hav. (2)F&M (1)Stev. (4)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)5 (12)
camdadOne. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
jjwestyWhit. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
james.kuzmaWhit. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
Skelly412Whit. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)HSC (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)W&L (2)5 (10)
LindenWhit. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
onthecreaseWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)5 (10)
thirdsfinestWhit. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
relaxer88One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
sectvlaxWhit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
texaslaxer26Whit. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
skiinhdgWhit. (2)Cab. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Mess. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)5 (10)
MrennilloOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
Kepler1234One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)W&L (2)4 (8)
CrazyBaldhead14One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)Dick. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
navylax84One. (2)Cab. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)End. (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
dieselsumoOne. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
laxdaddyWhit. (2)Hav. (2)F&M (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
cmb808One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)Gou. (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
flash11One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)HSC (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)SIT (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
templelax88One. (2)Hav. (2)Lyn. (2)Stev. (2)Gett. (2)Spr. (2)StM. (2)WAC (2)End. (2)Den. (2)4 (8)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Whit. 154
One. 111

Whit. 58
One. 42
Cab. 199
Hav. 66

Cab. 75
Hav. 25
Lyn. 237
F&M 28

Lyn. 89
F&M 11
Stev. 254
HSC 11

Stev. 96
Gett. 255
Mess. 10

Gett. 96
Mess. 4
Naz. 112
Spr. 153

Naz. 42
Spr. 58
Dick. 197
StM. 68

Dick. 74
StM. 26
WAC 189
Gou. 76

WAC 71
Gou. 29
SIT 234
End. 31

SIT 88
End. 12
W&L 106
Den. 159

W&L 40
Den. 60

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