Results for Contest Installment No. 3

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Colby 11
Amh. 10 (ot)
Conn. 13
Bowd. 12
Dick. 15
Roa. 5
End. 0
Gett. 12
Lynch. 11
Trin. 11
Skid. 10 (ot)
Ham. 10
Tuf. 9
W&L 11
F&M 9
Den. 10
Hav. 9 (ot)
Uni. 10
Bab. 6
1rocklaxColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (3)End. (1)Lynch. (1)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (3)Den. (2)Uni. (1)6 (13)
2 GirlsAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
2laxdadAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
3lax40Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
4wheelAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
34nhlaxAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
AAAAAAAAAA10Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)2 (4)
acelaxAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
aJimmyZeeIthacaColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
AlbionlaxAmh. (2)Conn. (1)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (3)Trin. (3)Tuf. (1)W&L (2)Den. (3)Uni. (2)6 (13)
AmommalaxAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)2 (4)
applechillAmh. (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (3)Den. (2)Bab. (1)4 (11)
audio4tvAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Bakerman5408Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)2 (4)
Baldo85Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
baskinlaxAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
bboozColby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)6 (12)
bdwheelsAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
bearforce1Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
BeatlelaxColby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
Benedict ArnoldColby (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (1)Tuf. (4)W&L (4)Den. (1)Uni. (3)6 (12)
BigBillyFColby (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (3)End. (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (4)Hav. (3)Bab. (1)4 (10)
Big CatAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)2 (4)
BigRedRulesColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (4)Den. (2)Uni. (1)5 (11)
Bishops2006Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
BismarckAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
blackstorm44Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
BlindDartThrowerAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
BLMDlaxAmh. (2)Bowd. (1)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (3)Trin. (1)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (1)5 (8)
BobbyDigitalAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
bombsawayAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)2 (4)
booger eaterColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
brasil66Amh. (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (4)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (1)Den. (3)Uni. (2)4 (9)
Brownie39Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
Buffalolax78Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
bulldoglax1Amh. (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (3)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (3)Den. (2)Uni. (1)6 (13)
CADAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
callmekowskiAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
camdadColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
Captain EnoColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
CastiglioniColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
cchapinAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
cdcrabsAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
chachaboyColby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (3)Skid. (1)Ham. (1)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (3)6 (11)
ChannelislandlepAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
chicago7Amh. (1)Conn. (1)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (9)
clubball43Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Coach YAmh. (2)Bowd. (4)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (1)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (1)Uni. (2)3 (6)
CockyBobcatAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
Col. FastBreakAmh. (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (1)ECSU (1)Lynch. (4)Trin. (2)Tuf. (1)W&L (1)Den. (4)Uni. (4)5 (12)
cougar nationAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
cowskiAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Craig R.Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
crashAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)6 (12)
crv14Colby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
crzylegs21Colby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
ctbulletColby (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (1)End. (3)Gett. (1)Trin. (4)Tuf. (1)W&L (4)Den. (1)Uni. (3)7 (15)
CU18LAXAmh. (2)Bowd. (1)Roa. (4)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (1)Tuf. (1)W&L (4)Den. (2)Uni. (1)4 (8)
d-iiiColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
danhaljusAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
DD-TechAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)2 (4)
Dehuntshigwa'esAmh. (1)Conn. (1)Dick. (4)End. (1)Lynch. (4)Trin. (1)Ham. (1)W&L (2)Den. (4)Uni. (1)7 (14)
DennispColby (1)Conn. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (1)Gett. (1)Trin. (1)Tuf. (4)W&L (3)Den. (2)Uni. (1)8 (15)
devsulAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
diamondheadsAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
DoItForTheMenAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
DonkeyLaxColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
Ducks ruleColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
dudeabidesColby (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (1)ECSU (1)Lynch. (1)Trin. (3)Tuf. (3)W&L (3)Den. (3)Uni. (3)6 (14)
eyelacksAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
fastguy01Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
fcr430Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
fraukneesColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
GBHogAmh. (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Gboro24Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
gknight24Colby (1)Bowd. (3)Dick. (2)End. (1)Gett. (3)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Go4FanAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
goalielax10Amh. (1)Conn. (1)Dick. (4)End. (2)Lynch. (3)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (1)5 (11)
greenpointAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
handbagAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Hank StamperAmh. (1)Conn. (1)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (1)Skid. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (3)Hav. (2)Uni. (3)4 (9)
HardmeshAmh. (3)Bowd. (3)Dick. (2)ECSU (1)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (1)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (9)
HbgLaxFanAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
hbglaxmanAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
hihandlesColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Hit the pipeAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Hodie DodieAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
HoustonLaxSullyColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
hpuck4Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
hums79Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
ianlax1313Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
idealtinAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
imsenewtonAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
jablersColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
jcombsieAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
JimriddAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
jjwestyAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
jkbertAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (1)Den. (1)Uni. (2)4 (6)
jklax20Amh. (2)Bowd. (1)Dick. (1)End. (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (4)Uni. (1)5 (10)
JOE LUZColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
Jpv66Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
jumbolax76Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
JumbolayaColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Trin. (3)Tuf. (3)W&L (2)Den. (3)Bab. (1)6 (13)
jumpinlcAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (3)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (1)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
KJH278Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
klinks24Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
kloepfer56Amh. (1)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (1)Skid. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (3)Den. (2)Uni. (1)4 (8)
LALaxmanAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (3)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (2)Den. (1)Uni. (1)5 (9)
lax5&13Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
laxchefColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
laxcoachmdAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (4)End. (1)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (3)Den. (1)Uni. (1)5 (11)
laxdaddyAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
LaxDoveAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
Laxengriffin88Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Laxfan-GAColby (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (3)End. (2)Lynch. (3)Trin. (1)Tuf. (1)W&L (3)Den. (3)Uni. (1)6 (12)
laxfreak23Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (1)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (1)4 (7)
laxgeezerAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (3)Den. (2)Bab. (1)4 (9)
laximus primeAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
laxityAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
laxlabs5Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
LaxmaniaColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)6 (12)
LaxNLAColby (1)Bowd. (4)Roa. (1)End. (1)Gett. (1)Trin. (1)Ham. (4)F&M (1)Den. (2)Uni. (4)6 (13)
laxter9Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
LindenColby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
Littlebones26Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
maddog29Amh. (1)Bowd. (3)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (1)Bab. (2)4 (7)
MarkFullbodyAmh. (1)Bowd. (3)Roa. (1)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (4)Ham. (1)W&L (1)Den. (1)Uni. (4)5 (11)
maroons2Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
MC20Amh. (4)Bowd. (3)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (1)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (2)Den. (1)Uni. (1)5 (8)
mclax2013Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
mcxstar01Colby (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (3)Trin. (1)Tuf. (3)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)4 (6)
MDL29Colby (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (4)End. (2)Lynch. (1)Trin. (1)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
MDubLax13Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (1)ECSU (2)Lynch. (3)Skid. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (2)Den. (1)Uni. (2)4 (7)
Moelax17Colby (3)Bowd. (2)Roa. (1)End. (3)Gett. (1)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
Mount40Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Moved2TexasAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
MrDupesAmh. (1)Conn. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (1)5 (12)
Mr TAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
Murphlax34Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
mustang7Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
mvf83Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Naperock99Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
nathanc21Amh. (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (1)Lynch. (3)Trin. (1)Tuf. (4)W&L (2)Den. (3)Bab. (1)4 (8)
navylax84Colby (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
NCWahooAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
Neilowu90Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
netminderColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
newyork2011Amh. (3)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (1)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
NJExit2Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
not_a_biteColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
OBLaxColby (1)Conn. (2)Dick. (3)End. (1)Gett. (1)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (3)Den. (3)Uni. (2)8 (17)
OcdarbAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
OC LaxColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
ODBLax#43Amh. (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (4)End. (1)Lynch. (3)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)2 (6)
oldcreaseAmh. (4)Bowd. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (1)Gett. (2)Skid. (1)Tuf. (1)W&L (3)Hav. (1)Uni. (1)4 (10)
omegabullColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
One Minute PenaltyColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
onthecreaseAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
oscar121571Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
ospreyAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
OWU74-8Colby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
owu1965Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
packlaxAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
papa_stampedeColby (1)Conn. (1)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (4)Uni. (2)6 (12)
patjoe5Amh. (1)Conn. (1)Dick. (3)End. (1)Lynch. (3)Skid. (1)Tuf. (4)W&L (4)Den. (1)Uni. (1)5 (10)
pemlaxColby (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
PGlobal1Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
phulaxAmh. (1)Bowd. (3)Dick. (2)ECSU (1)Lynch. (3)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)F&M (1)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
pkane15Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
PolyboyAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
POT64Colby (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (1)F&M (2)Den. (4)Uni. (1)5 (12)
qckstkAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
quickstix16Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
ramlax22Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
RCSLAX25Amh. (2)Bowd. (1)Dick. (4)End. (1)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (1)4 (10)
Reddog13Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
Reggie029Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
relaxer88Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
richardAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
rick_rambisAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
RollpriderollColby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
RosscofettAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
rutlandwrightColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
ryanchojnowski5Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
ryanjc4Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
sanderfishAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
schuylerColby (1)Bowd. (1)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (4)Trin. (1)Tuf. (2)W&L (1)Den. (2)Uni. (4)6 (13)
seahawkAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
sectvlaxAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
setlax22Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
severna park laxAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
sexyhankfoshoColby (1)Bowd. (2)Dick. (4)End. (2)Lynch. (1)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (3)Uni. (1)7 (15)
shadowgoalieAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
ShrinkwraperAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)2 (4)
SixBySixAmh. (2)Bowd. (1)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (1)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (4)Uni. (2)4 (10)
skeetAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Skelly412Amh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
SkibumAmh. (1)Conn. (1)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (1)Trin. (4)Tuf. (4)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (1)5 (10)
SmeisterAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
SNMALAXAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
Somerchill17Amh. (1)Bowd. (4)Dick. (1)End. (2)Lynch. (1)Trin. (1)Ham. (1)W&L (1)Den. (4)Uni. (4)6 (12)
Squig93Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)3 (6)
statesmanColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
StewlaxdadAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
stoner6Colby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
sufan8876Amh. (2)Bowd. (4)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (1)Bab. (1)3 (5)
SULaxclerkAmh. (3)Bowd. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (1)Lynch. (1)Trin. (1)Tuf. (1)W&L (2)Den. (1)Uni. (4)5 (12)
SwagMachineAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
swmcdcoloAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)2 (4)
tb toadAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (4)ECSU (1)Gett. (2)Trin. (3)Ham. (1)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (1)6 (14)
tenmanrideColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
texaslaxer26Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)3 (6)
thalsey51Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Ham. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
TheMooseAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)7 (14)
thisguy161Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
TimlaxAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
TitanslaxAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
tjantichAmh. (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (4)ECSU (2)Lynch. (3)Trin. (1)Tuf. (2)W&L (1)Den. (4)Bab. (1)4 (10)
tleck42Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
tomwigColby (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
TourneyGeneralAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (4)W&L (1)Den. (2)Bab. (1)3 (5)
tousuz22Colby (2)Conn. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
TUlax12Amh. (1)Bowd. (1)Dick. (2)End. (1)Lynch. (3)Trin. (2)Tuf. (3)W&L (3)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (11)
valaxfanAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
VinColby (1)Conn. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (3)Den. (2)Uni. (2)6 (12)
wacman10Amh. (2)Conn. (1)Dick. (4)End. (2)Lynch. (1)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)W&L (4)Den. (1)Bab. (1)6 (14)
WarmotherColby (2)Bowd. (2)Roa. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Wbbest91Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
wlu_lax6Amh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)ECSU (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
woodsonAmh. (2)Conn. (2)Dick. (1)ECSU (2)Lynch. (1)Skid. (3)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (3)Uni. (2)4 (7)
woody45Colby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)F&M (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)4 (8)
yeahdatsrightAmh. (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Trin. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Den. (2)Bab. (2)5 (10)
youngredColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Trin. (2)Ham. (2)F&M (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)5 (10)
zamboniColby (2)Bowd. (2)Dick. (2)End. (2)Lynch. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)W&L (2)Hav. (2)Uni. (2)4 (8)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Colby 72
Amh. 162

Colby 31
Amh. 69
Conn. 59
Bowd. 175

Conn. 25
Bowd. 75
Dick. 162
Roa. 72

Dick. 69
Roa. 31
End. 0

Gett. 77
Lynch. 157

Gett. 33
Lynch. 67
Trin. 154
Skid. 80

Trin. 66
Skid. 34
Ham. 35
Tuf. 199

Ham. 15
Tuf. 85
W&L 203
F&M 31

W&L 87
F&M 13
Den. 167
Hav. 67

Den. 71
Hav. 29
Uni. 171
Bab. 63

Uni. 73
Bab. 27
ConsensusAmh.Bowd.Dick. Lynch.Trin.Tuf.W&LDen.Uni.5

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