Results for Contest Installment No. 3

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Harv. 8
Geo. 6
Duke 9
Loy. 8
Buck. 7
Mass. 4
Hof. 8
ND 7
UNC 16
Pri. 15
Den. 10
Corn. 12
UVa 11
Yale 12
Fair. 8
Penn 13
Vill. 9
Leh. 12
PSU 10
slapshotHarv. (2)Duke (1)Buck. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Penn (4)Leh. (1)9 (16)
One Minute PenaltyHarv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)8 (16)
TheDeciderHarv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)8 (16)
flyerfan17Harv. (2)Duke (1)Buck. (1)Hof. (1)UNC (4)Den. (1)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (4)8 (16)
jmertz19Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)8 (16)
camdadHarv. (2)Duke (1)Buck. (2)ND (3)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)8 (15)
MarkFullbodyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)8 (14)
Coach YHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (1)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (1)Leh. (2)8 (14)
red2013Harv. (2)Loy. (1)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (4)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (15)
redcuHarv. (2)Duke (1)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (4)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (15)
doug7779Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
Dehuntshigwa'esHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (14)
tb toadHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (4)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Penn (4)Leh. (1)7 (14)
BobbyDigitalHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
prettyworkHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
Reddog13Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (14)
Hit the pipeHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (14)
GenghiskhanbluejayHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
SPLAX18Harv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (14)
diamondheadsHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
ospreyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (14)
DD-TechGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)Hof. (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
VIIHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)7 (14)
frog09Harv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
88mdgradHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)7 (14)
advriderGeo. (2)Duke (3)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (3)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (1)7 (13)
midatlflagmanHarv. (2)Duke (4)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (1)6 (13)
BeefeatersHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
DoItForTheMenHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
oneidalakerGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
Brownie39Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
Manup1Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
bigtoolGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
maddog9718Geo. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
wrapchequeHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
nesteyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
emo13Harv. (2)Duke (3)Mass. (1)ND (4)UNC (1)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Penn (3)PSU (2)6 (12)
harleyGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
jwesley29Harv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
1awahooGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
severna park laxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
Avid FanHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
thalsey51Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
Chase3639Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
Somerchill17Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
owu1965Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
BigRedRulesGeo. (2)Duke (1)Buck. (1)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (4)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
sclark/WandLHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
omegabullHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
bdwheelsHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
DonkeyLaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
creed34Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
wacman10Geo. (1)Duke (1)Mass. (1)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (1)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (4)PSU (4)6 (12)
kevoconnor16Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
AAAlaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
bboozHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
JOE LUZHarv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
BoxplotHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
blaxdogGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Buck. (1)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (4)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)6 (12)
lroggyHarv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
LaxDoveGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
oblax21Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
tousuz22Geo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
BigGreenLaxFanHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (3)6 (12)
4wheelHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
aJimmyZeeIthacaHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
vandemoniumHarv. (2)Duke (1)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (3)PSU (2)6 (12)
lowandawayHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
ilovethisgame99Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
Blind BuddhaHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)6 (12)
TourneyGeneralGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
rcflecheHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (1)Corn. (3)Yale (2)Penn (3)Leh. (1)6 (12)
CTDutchHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
brunos13Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (12)
dirdirdirtyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (1)PSU (2)6 (11)
blackstorm44Harv. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (1)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (1)6 (11)
thirdsfinestGeo. (1)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (1)6 (11)
laxgunnerHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Buck. (1)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)6 (10)
ihatedefensemenHarv. (2)Loy. (4)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (10)
gknight24Geo. (4)Duke (1)Mass. (2)ND (1)Pri. (3)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (1)6 (10)
rcharris8Harv. (1)Duke (1)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (4)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (1)PSU (4)6 (10)
MDubLax13Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (3)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Penn (1)Leh. (2)6 (10)
AWS2013Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Buck. (1)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (3)6 (10)
sander410Harv. (2)Loy. (4)Buck. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (1)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)6 (9)
CU88aHarv. (4)Loy. (2)Buck. (1)ND (1)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (4)Penn (2)PSU (1)5 (13)
Triple THarv. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (1)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (4)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (1)PSU (1)5 (12)
ToddyPHarv. (3)Duke (1)Mass. (2)ND (1)UNC (2)OSU (1)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (4)5 (12)
jdlaxerHarv. (1)Loy. (1)Buck. (1)ND (1)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (4)Yale (4)Penn (2)PSU (3)5 (12)
laxman27Geo. (1)Loy. (1)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (4)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (12)
drdave51Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (4)Penn (1)PSU (2)5 (11)
Laxercize74Geo. (1)Duke (1)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (3)Corn. (3)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (11)
cwoz72Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (3)ND (2)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (11)
jjwestyGeo. (1)Duke (3)Mass. (3)ND (1)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (11)
HookToCookHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (1)Corn. (4)Yale (4)Penn (1)PSU (1)5 (11)
Wbbest91Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
PGlobal1Geo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
mclax2013Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
NovaGoalie6Harv. (2)Loy. (4)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (1)PSU (1)5 (10)
SNMALAXHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
mcbrown11Geo. (1)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (3)UVa (1)Yale (2)Penn (1)Leh. (2)5 (10)
dnivloc1023Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
crashHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
callmekowskiHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
tenmanrideHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
zone-dHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
bbersinGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
SamalamadingdongGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
TrinityGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
drunkmonkeyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
jumpinlcHarv. (3)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (2)UVa (1)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
gryphonlaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
WarmotherGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
greenpointHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
giant90Geo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
TitanslaxHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
whitebuffaloeGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
daffyduck4Harv. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
tonyo123Harv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
Skelly412Geo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
dunkerHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
BismarckHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
2laxdadGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
hums79Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
cuse55Geo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
MemGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
the original #3Geo. (1)Loy. (1)Buck. (1)ND (3)Pri. (4)Den. (4)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Penn (3)PSU (1)5 (10)
Crease24Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
Jpv66Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
liblaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
swmcdcoloGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
waynelaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
BrokerlaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
laximus primeHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
TeesteeGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
Littlebones26Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
mcxstar01Geo. (1)Duke (2)Mass. (1)ND (2)Pri. (3)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (3)5 (10)
applechillGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
jablersGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
BDL3Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
bluejay18Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
34nhlaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
BlindDartThrowerGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
kmlax20Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
booger eaterGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
popsHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
canesrule6Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
acelaxGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
blacknightfanGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
laxman277Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
OC LaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
jumbolax76Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
d-iiiGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
tiggerHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
crabheadHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
BeatlelaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
bluejayexterminatorGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
sufan8876Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (1)Den. (3)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)5 (10)
handbagGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
bigred4515Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
packlaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
dfclax13Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
MikeKellHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
navylax84Harv. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (1)PSU (1)5 (10)
mickerGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
chicago7Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
jbrutmanHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
TheMooseHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
bebop94Geo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
BryanNehringHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
OWU74-8Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
gsolaxHarv. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
BoysHSLGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
cougar nationGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
DALaxDadHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
dlarg44Harv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
2 GirlsHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
CDKHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
onthecreaseHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
wojo83Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
Willy23Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
laxdadx3Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
nanbabe84Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
ramlax22Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
Tlax1982Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
wlu_lax6Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
Lax1887Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
Craig R.Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
laxdadof3Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
klinks24Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
MohawkHarv. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (1)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
bluehennation33Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
cowskiHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
papajackHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
Tally24Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
hpuck4Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
schuylerGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
HopBJayHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (10)
armylaxdadGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (10)
balexHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (9)
theBigleyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (9)
kinggarlandiusHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (3)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (2)UVa (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (9)
vihoHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (9)
wahoomurfHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)5 (9)
stretchGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (1)PSU (2)5 (9)
mrbroskiHarv. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (1)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (3)PSU (4)5 (9)
45's FatherGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (4)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (1)5 (9)
ilstatelax19Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (3)Den. (1)Corn. (1)Yale (3)Vill. (2)PSU (2)5 (9)
mdkHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (3)5 (9)
lax13Harv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (2)Leh. (2)5 (9)
SixBySixHarv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (4)UVa (1)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)5 (8)
TUlax12Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (3)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Penn (3)PSU (2)5 (8)
Cincylax24Harv. (2)Loy. (4)Buck. (1)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (1)5 (8)
steelkellyHarv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (3)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (1)Leh. (1)5 (8)
sexyhankfoshoHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (1)5 (8)
QuintbitesGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (3)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (3)Penn (1)PSU (3)5 (8)
NassaulaxHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (1)PSU (2)5 (8)
mrockHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)5 (8)
LaxMuttHarv. (3)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (2)5 (8)
MDL29Harv. (1)Loy. (1)Buck. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (3)5 (8)
Stitches#1Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (4)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (1)UVa (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (1)5 (7)
ODBLax#43Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (3)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (1)Fair. (4)Penn (1)Leh. (1)5 (7)
kclax1Geo. (4)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (1)Penn (1)Leh. (1)5 (6)
LALaxmanHarv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)5 (6)
SkibumHarv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (4)ND (2)Pri. (3)OSU (1)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Penn (2)Leh. (1)5 (6)
Cashmoney1969Harv. (4)Loy. (1)Mass. (1)ND (2)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (4)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (11)
iceguyGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (4)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (10)
CU18LAXGeo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (4)Fair. (2)Penn (3)PSU (2)4 (10)
CU77Geo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (3)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (10)
rittHarv. (3)Loy. (2)Mass. (3)ND (2)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (9)
TheVisionaryHarv. (3)Loy. (1)Mass. (1)ND (3)Pri. (1)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (3)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (9)
baddogusa99Geo. (3)Loy. (2)Buck. (1)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (4)Vill. (2)PSU (1)4 (9)
goalielax10Geo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (4)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (9)
shabazz305Harv. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (1)Yale (3)Penn (2)PSU (3)4 (9)
check sticksHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (1)Den. (4)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Vill. (1)PSU (2)4 (9)
newyork2011Geo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (4)Penn (1)PSU (1)4 (9)
statesmanHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
clonerHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
mrssierralaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
DougELaxGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
bombsawayGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
OverUnderHarv. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
VinGeo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
CockyBobcatGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
guestimaterHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
usopen2Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
AmommalaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
goalie1667Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
readjGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
bcornabyGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
POT64Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
sierralaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
idealtinGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
McnpaHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
PolyboyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
laxdaddyGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)Hof. (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
oscar121571Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
zamboniGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Reggie029Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
ShrinkwraperGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Bluejay1981Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Bamdnd07Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)OSU (1)UVa (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Moved2TexasHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
RoadmanHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
NJExit2Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
CU88Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
ualaxguy36Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
oldbartmanGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Green BearHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
tvlaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (1)4 (8)
hipandkneedocGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Naperock99Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
fraukneesHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
setlax22Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (3)4 (8)
clubball43Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Ninovino11Geo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Murphlax34Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
audio4tvGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Firelaxer6Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
DONThateMEbcIMtheMANGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
dieselsumoGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
SkyStreakGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
youngredHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
CastiglioniHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
laxalifeHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (3)Pri. (3)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Fair. (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
AdirondLax2Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
TimlaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
jcombsieHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Mr TGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Clueless in ColoradoGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
danner26Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
PeteyDeeLFDGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Greenie MeanieGeo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (4)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)4 (8)
TrickyHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
ChaunKlemGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
crzylegs21Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
AlbionlaxGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (3)ND (3)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (4)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (8)
dano18Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
fairfield2000Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
QuakerGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
HoustonLaxSullyGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
nathanc21Geo. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (1)4 (8)
Gboro24Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
johnnyavHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
rick_rambisHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
ccosmo52Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
later_ferretGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
laxdad43Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
fcr430Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
ryanjc4Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
mustang7Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
NCWahooGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Laxengriffin88Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
jmd326Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
seacoasterHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
Brettb33Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
rustygGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
fobiesieGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
BoboGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
1A DutchmanGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
LaxNetGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
-a-Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
FlowmerzHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
nelaxerHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
J-ManGeo. (1)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
laxmoonHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
papa_stampedeGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
qckstkGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
mudbug59Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
maroon123Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
jimbo2Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
14bluejayGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
bibbaHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
grahambrockGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (3)Yale (1)Penn (3)PSU (1)4 (8)
SmeisterHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
JustLacrosse UpstateGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
laxter9Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
rutlandwrightHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
uslaxdadHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
troo hooHarv. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (3)ND (3)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
laxster17Geo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (8)
Bakerman5408Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
mvf83Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
ons28Geo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
bobbyoHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (8)
JimriddGeo. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (7)
phulaxHarv. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (3)Den. (2)UVa (1)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (1)4 (7)
doms76Harv. (3)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (1)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (7)
Dbl0527Geo. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (4)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (1)UVa (1)Yale (3)Vill. (1)Leh. (1)4 (7)
GAELSGeo. (2)Duke (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (7)
Axeman9Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (7)
BishopHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (3)OSU (1)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (3)PSU (2)4 (7)
avp1010Geo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (4)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (1)Corn. (1)Fair. (1)Penn (4)PSU (2)4 (7)
GLaxGeo. (1)Loy. (2)Buck. (1)ND (4)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (4)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)4 (7)
LaxNLAGeo. (4)Loy. (1)Buck. (1)ND (1)UNC (1)Den. (1)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Penn (4)PSU (4)4 (7)
jdlaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (7)
Glory DaysHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (3)Corn. (1)Fair. (1)Penn (2)PSU (3)4 (7)
jkbertHarv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (7)
noddyboffinHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (3)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)4 (7)
lmn123Geo. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (7)
DJRickSauceHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (1)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (1)4 (7)
dudeabidesHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (3)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (1)UVa (1)Fair. (3)Penn (3)PSU (2)4 (6)
Hank StamperGeo. (3)Loy. (1)Buck. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (3)4 (6)
MrDupesHarv. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (3)ND (4)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (1)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (4)4 (6)
laxgeezerHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (1)OSU (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (3)4 (6)
###overthehillGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (4)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (1)Leh. (1)4 (6)
dudmanHarv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (4)ND (1)Pri. (1)Den. (1)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (6)
1rocklaxHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)4 (6)
laxicoGeo. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (5)
Benedict ArnoldHarv. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (1)Corn. (1)Fair. (4)Penn (2)PSU (1)4 (5)
DennispGeo. (2)Loy. (4)Mass. (3)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (1)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (1)4 (5)
JohnnyGoGoGeo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (5)
kmearles1Geo. (3)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)UNC (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Penn (1)PSU (3)4 (5)
bassaloneGeo. (3)Loy. (3)Mass. (1)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)4 (5)
hawkslax26Harv. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (4)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (1)UVa (3)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (1)4 (4)
kloepfer56Geo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (4)Den. (1)UVa (1)Yale (1)Penn (1)Leh. (1)4 (4)
ithafanHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (4)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (1)Corn. (1)Yale (1)Vill. (2)PSU (2)4 (4)
SoCal GladiatorGeo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (4)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (1)Yale (1)Penn (4)PSU (2)3 (7)
Captain EnoGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (4)3 (7)
LennydameGeo. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (4)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (1)Leh. (1)3 (7)
ejzmanHarv. (3)Loy. (1)Mass. (3)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (1)Fair. (4)Penn (2)PSU (1)3 (7)
mlt3Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (3)PSU (1)3 (7)
5lacrosseHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
LaxmaniaHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
HbgLaxFanGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
LindenGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
pipeshotGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
dartboard picksGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Neilowu90Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
rjnicGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Squig93Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
CADGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
daddysamGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
OcdarbGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Fresno laxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
bhock002Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
snapperhawkHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
higginsGeo. (2)Duke (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
cdcrabsGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
dillymanGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
lhrcpaGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
devsulGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
dave3687Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
jetzmanGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
gewreckerHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
sectvlaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
ChannelislandlepHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
ntaylor2014Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
JMRSHAUGHNESSYHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Reddogslax7Geo. (2)Duke (1)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Yale (3)Vill. (3)PSU (2)3 (6)
daflyingkiwiHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
miles99999Geo. (4)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)Vill. (1)Leh. (2)3 (6)
xfilesctGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Coach HicksHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
zephyrHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Buffalolax78Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Hodie DodieHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
mattandbrookesmomGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
yeahdatsrightGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
redjay73Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (3)ND (3)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (2)PSU (3)3 (6)
LAXGOALIE298Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
AAAAAAAAAA10Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
giants25Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
tleck42Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
danhaljusGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
RollpriderollGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Ducks ruleGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
tunatimeGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
shadowgoalieGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
ianlax1313Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
bart'68Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
laxcoachmdGeo. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (4)UVa (2)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)3 (6)
skeetHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
lax5&13Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
BLCLaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
BoogerGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
woody45Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
laxdagGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
ryanchojnowski5Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
cchapinHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
dpadsGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
Baldo85Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
laxchefGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
imsenewtonGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
aeverettlaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
netminderGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
CrankGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
hopsterGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
hbglaxmanHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
sanderfishGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
jayratGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
polark99Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
JumbolayaGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (1)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (3)Vill. (2)PSU (3)3 (6)
quickstix16Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)3 (6)
moloGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
yokes24Geo. (3)Loy. (3)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (1)3 (6)
petri9Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
dalslaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)Hof. (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (6)
kjkrauseGeo. (3)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
BigBillyFGeo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Vill. (2)Leh. (1)3 (5)
tank68Geo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (2)3 (5)
Hawks2002Geo. (2)Duke (1)Buck. (2)ND (4)UNC (2)OSU (1)UVa (2)Fair. (1)Vill. (1)PSU (4)3 (5)
Moelax17Geo. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (3)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
hihandlesHarv. (2)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)3 (5)
melagioHarv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (3)ND (1)Pri. (3)OSU (1)Corn. (3)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (3)3 (5)
SULaxclerkGeo. (4)Duke (1)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (1)Fair. (2)Vill. (1)PSU (4)3 (5)
Mount40Geo. (2)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (2)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
HardmeshGeo. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
kemps33Harv. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (1)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (1)UVa (3)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
thisguy161Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (3)UNC (1)Den. (3)UVa (2)Yale (1)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
laxfreak23Geo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (4)UNC (2)Den. (2)Corn. (1)Fair. (1)Vill. (2)PSU (2)3 (5)
Laxfan-GAGeo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (4)Pri. (3)Den. (3)UVa (1)Yale (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)3 (5)
bulldoglax1Geo. (3)Duke (1)Buck. (2)ND (3)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (1)3 (5)
maddog29Geo. (2)Loy. (3)Mass. (1)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Vill. (2)PSU (3)3 (5)
patjoe5Harv. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (3)ND (4)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (1)PSU (2)3 (4)
tomkavGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (4)Pri. (3)Den. (1)UVa (2)Yale (1)Penn (2)PSU (1)3 (4)
Hoboken99Geo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (4)ND (4)Pri. (1)Den. (1)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (1)PSU (1)3 (4)
jersey aceGeo. (1)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (1)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (4)PSU (2)2 (6)
umterp69Geo. (1)Loy. (3)Mass. (3)ND (2)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (3)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (5)
LaxGoBlueGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
VangorGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
oumenslaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
pemlaxHarv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
laxlabs5Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
NJBlueJayGeo. (2)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (1)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
Big CatGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
bbt8Harv. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
pkane15Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
ctshorelaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
JDGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
Lexus129Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
not_a_biteGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
blue hen fanGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
3lax40Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)2 (4)
greenielaxGeo. (2)Duke (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (1)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (3)2 (4)
Bigred-HoyaGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
RCSLAX25Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
BedFox22Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
texaslaxer26Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
winnerGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)Leh. (2)2 (4)
Cpfishersr15Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
orca54Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
relaxer88Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Buck. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)OSU (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
haroldg48Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
laxitupGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)UNC (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
RAJGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
brookln231Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Fair. (2)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (4)
Falmouth03Geo. (3)Duke (2)Mass. (1)ND (3)Pri. (2)OSU (1)Corn. (1)Fair. (2)Vill. (1)PSU (4)2 (3)
duncanGeo. (4)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (1)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (1)Fair. (3)Penn (2)PSU (2)2 (3)
tjantichGeo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (1)Fair. (3)Penn (1)PSU (2)2 (3)
MC20Geo. (3)Loy. (1)Mass. (3)ND (3)Pri. (2)OSU (2)Corn. (2)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (2)2 (3)
speedracerGeo. (1)Loy. (1)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (4)Yale (1)Vill. (1)PSU (4)2 (3)
woodsonGeo. (3)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)Hof. (1)Pri. (2)OSU (2)UVa (1)Fair. (2)Penn (1)PSU (2)2 (2)
saintsinneridiotGeo. (4)Loy. (4)Mass. (2)ND (1)UNC (1)OSU (1)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Penn (1)PSU (2)2 (2)
waterbug35Geo. (1)Loy. (4)Mass. (1)ND (3)Pri. (1)OSU (1)Corn. (3)Fair. (1)Vill. (1)PSU (4)1 (3)
SALTINE WARRIORGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)1 (2)
KJH278Geo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)1 (2)
JohntwattsGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)1 (2)
elderlaxGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)1 (2)
lax.esqGeo. (2)Loy. (2)Mass. (2)ND (2)Pri. (2)Den. (2)UVa (2)Fair. (2)Vill. (2)PSU (2)1 (2)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Harv. 247
Geo. 272

Harv. 48
Geo. 52
Duke 73
Loy. 446

Duke 14
Loy. 86
Buck. 133
Mass. 386

Buck. 26
Mass. 74
Hof. 20
ND 499

Hof. 4
ND 96
UNC 177
Pri. 342

UNC 34
Pri. 66
Den. 395
OSU 124

Den. 76
OSU 24
Corn. 364
UVa 155

Corn. 70
UVa 30
Yale 308
Fair. 211

Yale 59
Fair. 41
Penn 390
Vill. 129

Penn 75
Vill. 25
Leh. 120
PSU 399

Leh. 23
PSU 77

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