Results for Contest Installment No. 4

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Midd. 11
Conn. 4
Hav. 14
Skid. 7
Tuf. 18
Stev. 14
Uni. 7
Spr. 4
Amh. 9
Bow. 6
Cort. 10
Cabr. 7
WNE 12
Naz. 6
StM. 8
RIT 17
End. 5
Sal. 17
Roa. 5
omegabullMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)10 (20)
orca54Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)10 (20)
greenpointMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)10 (20)
AAAAAAAAAA10Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)9 (18)
wacman10Midd. (2)Hav. (1)Tuf. (2)Uni. (1)Amh. (2)Cort. (4)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)9 (18)
BlindDartThrowerMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)9 (18)
cdcrabsMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)9 (18)
BobbyDigitalMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Tuf. (1)Uni. (1)Amh. (3)Cort. (4)WNE (1)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (4)9 (18)
mudbug59Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)WNE (1)StM. (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)9 (18)
sexyhankfoshoMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (1)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (2)StM. (3)RIT (2)Sal. (1)8 (17)
DanTornadoMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Stev. (2)Uni. (3)Amh. (2)Cort. (4)WNE (1)OWU (1)RIT (1)Sal. (4)8 (17)
Big CatConn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
tomkavMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
flash11Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
hbglaxmanMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
pkane15Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)8 (16)
sanderfishMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
danhaljusMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
setlax22Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
d-iiiMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
DoItForTheMenMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
SmeisterMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
tenmanrideConn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
tousuz22Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
qckstkMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
imsenewtonMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
callmekowskiMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
eyelacksMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
swmcdcoloMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
ctbulletConn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
TimlaxMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
statesmanMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
klinks24Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
Gboro24Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
BismarckMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
OWU74-8Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
laxchefMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
Moved2TexasMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (16)
laxgeezerMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (3)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (1)RIT (2)Sal. (2)8 (15)
octonionMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Stev. (4)Uni. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (2)WNE (1)OWU (2)RIT (4)Sal. (3)8 (14)
DennispMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (4)Uni. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (3)Naz. (1)OWU (1)End. (1)Sal. (4)7 (17)
mclax2013Midd. (2)Hav. (1)Tuf. (2)Spr. (1)Amh. (2)Cort. (4)Naz. (2)StM. (1)End. (1)Sal. (4)7 (16)
TUlax12Midd. (1)Hav. (1)Tuf. (4)Spr. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (3)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (15)
applechillMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (1)RIT (4)Sal. (3)7 (15)
PolyboyMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (1)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (1)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (4)7 (15)
laxcoachmdMidd. (3)Hav. (3)Stev. (3)Uni. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (1)RIT (1)Sal. (2)7 (15)
ODBLax#43Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
3lax40Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
TitanslaxMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
laxdaddyMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
fastguy01Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
cowskiMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
Reddog13Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
crzylegs21Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
LaxDoveMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
Reggie029Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
StewlaxdadMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
ChannelislandlepMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
yeahdatsrightMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
cchapinMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
jablersConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
1rocklaxConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
jumbolax76Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
cougar nationConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
CarlTuesdayMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
ianlax1313Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
TeesteeConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
shadowgoalieMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
FingerLaxMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
blackstorm44Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
dieselsumoMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
RollpriderollConn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
NCWahooConn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
MDubLax13Conn. (3)Hav. (1)Tuf. (2)Uni. (3)Bow. (2)Cort. (3)WNE (1)OWU (1)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
WarmotherMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
TheMooseConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
Mr TMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
Jpv66Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
skiinhdgMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
tleck42Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
Alaxcoach88Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
GBHogConn. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (14)
VinConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (3)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (1)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (13)
JagLaxConn. (4)Hav. (1)Stev. (4)Uni. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (1)StM. (1)RIT (2)Sal. (2)7 (10)
Benedict ArnoldMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Stev. (1)Spr. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)StM. (2)RIT (4)Sal. (3)6 (15)
AlbionlaxMidd. (3)Hav. (3)Stev. (1)Uni. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (2)RIT (3)Sal. (1)6 (15)
goalielax10Conn. (1)Skid. (2)Stev. (1)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)WNE (2)StM. (1)RIT (2)Sal. (4)6 (15)
phulaxMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (1)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (3)Naz. (1)OWU (1)RIT (2)Sal. (4)6 (15)
DaLackyCrackyBoyzMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Tuf. (4)Spr. (2)Amh. (4)Cort. (1)Naz. (1)OWU (1)End. (1)Sal. (4)6 (15)
2 GirlsConn. (1)Hav. (1)Tuf. (4)Uni. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (2)RIT (4)Sal. (1)6 (15)
goalie1667Conn. (2)Hav. (1)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)WNE (1)OWU (1)RIT (4)Sal. (4)6 (14)
aJimmyZeeIthacaMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Stev. (3)Spr. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (1)RIT (4)Sal. (3)6 (14)
MDL29Conn. (1)Skid. (1)Stev. (2)Uni. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (3)WNE (2)StM. (3)RIT (2)Sal. (3)6 (14)
fcr430Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (2)OWU (1)RIT (1)Sal. (4)6 (14)
maddog29Midd. (1)Skid. (1)Stev. (2)Uni. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (4)WNE (2)OWU (1)RIT (3)Sal. (3)6 (14)
sufan8876Conn. (2)Hav. (1)Tuf. (3)Spr. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)StM. (1)RIT (3)Sal. (2)6 (14)
Buffalolax78Conn. (1)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (1)Amh. (2)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (2)RIT (1)Sal. (4)6 (14)
MC20Midd. (4)Hav. (1)Stev. (3)Spr. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (1)RIT (3)Sal. (2)6 (13)
laxilla12Conn. (1)Skid. (1)Stev. (3)Uni. (1)Amh. (3)Cort. (3)WNE (1)StM. (1)RIT (4)Roa. (2)6 (13)
baskinlaxMidd. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (4)Spr. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)WNE (1)OWU (1)RIT (4)Sal. (1)6 (13)
brasil66Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (1)Uni. (3)Bow. (2)Cort. (4)WNE (1)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (1)6 (13)
OBLaxMidd. (2)Skid. (3)Stev. (1)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)WNE (1)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (4)6 (13)
Deputy Defense13Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (1)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (4)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Roa. (1)6 (13)
CockyBobcatConn. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Sal. (3)6 (13)
jumpinlcConn. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (3)Sal. (2)6 (13)
Baldo85Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
OcdarbConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
templelax88Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
owu1965Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
rutlandwrightMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
wolflaxConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (3)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (1)6 (12)
lax5&13Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
HbgLaxFanConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Squig93Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
bombsawayConn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Bakerman5408Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
laxlabs5Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
bearforce1Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
laxityConn. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
clubball43Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Tally24Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
seahawkMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
handbagConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
CADConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
oswego#11Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Somerchill17Midd. (1)Skid. (1)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (3)Cort. (4)WNE (1)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
stealing real estateMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
skeetMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
kloepfer56Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
jtslaxMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
woody45Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
navylax84Conn. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Hit the pipeMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Go4FanConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
jmertz19Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)6 (12)
Craig R.Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
woodsonMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
jcombsieConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
rick_rambisConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
4wheelMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
netminderMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
ryanjc4Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Laxfan-GAMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
quickstix16Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
sclark/WandLMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
acelaxMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Naperock99Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Dehuntshigwa'esConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
CmonrefConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
fraukneesConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Bigred-HoyaMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
maroons2Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)6 (12)
DonkeyLaxConn. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
dudeabidesConn. (3)Hav. (1)Stev. (1)Uni. (3)Bow. (3)Cort. (1)WNE (3)OWU (1)RIT (3)Sal. (1)6 (12)
ShrinkwraperMidd. (2)Hav. (1)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (3)Naz. (2)StM. (1)RIT (2)Sal. (3)6 (12)
booger eaterMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
papa_stampedeConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)6 (12)
mustang7Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
pemlaxMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
SkyStreakMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
jkbertMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
relaxer88Conn. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)6 (12)
Brettb33Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)6 (12)
SkibumConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (3)Spr. (2)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)WNE (1)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (1)6 (11)
idealtinMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (1)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (4)OWU (2)RIT (2)Roa. (1)6 (11)
chachaboyConn. (1)Skid. (2)Stev. (1)Spr. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (4)Sal. (2)5 (13)
BigBillyFConn. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (1)Spr. (1)Amh. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (3)RIT (4)Sal. (2)5 (13)
HoustonLaxSullyMidd. (1)Hav. (1)Stev. (2)Spr. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (4)Naz. (1)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (4)5 (12)
laxfreak23Midd. (1)Skid. (1)Tuf. (4)Spr. (2)Amh. (1)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (1)Sal. (4)5 (12)
nathanc21Conn. (2)Skid. (1)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (4)WNE (2)OWU (1)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (12)
LALaxmanConn. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (1)Naz. (1)OWU (3)RIT (4)Sal. (3)5 (12)
SwagMachineConn. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (4)Sal. (2)5 (12)
laximus primeConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
BigRedRulesMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
richardConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Roa. (2)5 (10)
OC LaxMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
zamboniConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
hpuck4Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
youngredMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
tb toadConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
ospreyMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
Skelly412Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
34nhlaxConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
Ducks ruleMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Roa. (2)5 (10)
MarkFullbodyConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
sectvlaxMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
nelaxerMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
TourneyGeneralConn. (2)Skid. (3)Stev. (1)Uni. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (3)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
crashConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
diamondheadsMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
bdwheelsMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
NJExit2Conn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
laxter9Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
tomwigMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
wlu_lax6Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
Littlebones26Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
schuylerConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
SNMALAXMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
bball22131Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
hums79Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
valaxfanConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
packlaxConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
Bishops2006Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
severna park laxMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
readjConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
POT64Conn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
One Minute PenaltyConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)5 (10)
HardmeshMidd. (2)Hav. (1)Stev. (4)Spr. (2)Bow. (3)Cort. (1)Naz. (1)OWU (1)RIT (1)Sal. (4)5 (9)
chicago7Conn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (1)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (1)RIT (4)Sal. (2)4 (10)
patjoe5Midd. (2)Hav. (4)Stev. (4)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)Naz. (1)OWU (1)End. (1)Roa. (2)4 (10)
camdadConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (1)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (3)Sal. (2)4 (9)
Coach YMidd. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (1)Uni. (2)Bow. (1)Cabr. (1)Naz. (2)OWU (4)End. (2)Sal. (4)4 (9)
CU18LAXConn. (1)Skid. (1)Stev. (3)Uni. (2)Amh. (1)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (4)Roa. (2)4 (9)
RosscofettConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
therefMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
JOE LUZMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
JimriddMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Roa. (2)4 (8)
onthecreaseConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
DD-TechMidd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
Neilowu90Midd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Roa. (2)4 (8)
BGLaxDadConn. (2)Hav. (1)Stev. (3)Spr. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (3)RIT (3)Sal. (2)4 (8)
LaxmaniaConn. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
bboozMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
LindenMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Tuf. (2)Spr. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)StM. (2)End. (2)Roa. (2)4 (8)
devsulConn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
mcxstar01Conn. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cort. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)RIT (2)Sal. (2)4 (8)
Captain EnoMidd. (2)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (2)Amh. (2)Cabr. (2)WNE (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Roa. (2)4 (8)
KJH278Midd. (2)Skid. (1)Stev. (1)Spr. (1)Bow. (1)Cort. (4)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (4)3 (10)
babyjake11Conn. (1)Hav. (2)Stev. (2)Spr. (1)Bow. (4)Cabr. (1)Naz. (1)StM. (2)End. (3)Sal. (3)3 (7)
PGlobal1Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Stev. (2)Uni. (2)Bow. (2)Cabr. (2)Naz. (2)OWU (2)End. (2)Sal. (2)3 (6)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Midd. 146
Conn. 84

Midd. 63
Conn. 37
Hav. 174
Skid. 56

Hav. 76
Skid. 24
Tuf. 72
Stev. 158

Tuf. 31
Stev. 69
Uni. 137
Spr. 93

Uni. 60
Spr. 40
Amh. 100
Bow. 130

Amh. 43
Bow. 57
Cort. 210
Cabr. 20

Cort. 91
Cabr. 9
WNE 112
Naz. 118

WNE 49
Naz. 51
StM. 67
OWU 163

StM. 29
OWU 71
RIT 195
End. 35

RIT 85
End. 15
Sal. 213
Roa. 17

Sal. 93
Roa. 7

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