Results for Contest Installment No. 5

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
Cort. 9
Ith. 8 (ot)
Naz. 9
Amh. 5
End. 11
Spr. 6
Gett. 12
Hav. 5
Midd. 7
Wes. 6
StL. 9
Skid. 8
Swar. 13
Ursin. 9
Wid. 10
Mess. 1
Cab. 12
Uni. 8
Tufts 20
WNE 14
maddog29Cort. (4)Naz. (1)End. (1)Gett. (3)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)10 (20)
omegabullCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)10 (20)
laxcoachmanningCort. (2)Naz. (4)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (1)Swar. (1)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)10 (20)
Somerchill17Cort. (4)Naz. (2)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (1)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)9 (19)
jkbertCort. (4)Naz. (2)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (1)9 (19)
cowskiCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
HoustonLaxSullyCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
hums79Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
BigRedRulesCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
packlaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
2 GirlsCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
The-ProphetCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
mudbug59Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
CmonrefCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
devsulCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
GOD xCort. (3)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)StL. (1)Swar. (1)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)9 (18)
laxgeezerCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
AlbionlaxCort. (4)Naz. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (3)StL. (3)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)9 (18)
goalie1667Cort. (4)Naz. (1)End. (2)Gett. (3)Midd. (3)StL. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (1)9 (18)
aJimmyZeeIthacaCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
TeesteeCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
StewlaxdadCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
BismarckCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
BlindDartThrowerCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
Reggie029Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
wacman10Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
Mount40Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (3)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)9 (18)
fraukneesCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
LaxmaniaCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
tenmanrideCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
Bakerman5408Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
sufan8876Cort. (4)Amh. (2)End. (1)Gett. (1)Midd. (4)StL. (2)Swar. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (3)9 (18)
cchapinCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
Reddog13Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
zamboniCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
Laxcoach28Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
laxcoachmdCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
wolflaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
laxityCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
Squig93Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
denilshinCort. (2)Naz. (1)End. (2)Gett. (4)Midd. (2)StL. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (4)9 (18)
JOE LUZCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
skeetCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
dfclax13Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)9 (18)
mcxstar01Cort. (3)Naz. (2)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (1)Ursin. (3)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (17)
patjoe5Cort. (3)Naz. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)StL. (3)Ursin. (4)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)9 (16)
laximus primeCort. (4)Naz. (1)End. (4)Gett. (1)Midd. (1)StL. (1)Ursin. (4)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)9 (16)
chachaboyCort. (4)Naz. (2)End. (1)Gett. (2)Wes. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)8 (18)
OBLaxCort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (4)Midd. (3)StL. (1)Ursin. (1)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)8 (18)
DennispCort. (4)Naz. (2)End. (1)Gett. (3)Midd. (2)Skid. (1)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)8 (18)
1rocklaxCort. (4)Naz. (2)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (3)Skid. (1)Swar. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)8 (18)
MC20Cort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (2)Gett. (1)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)8 (18)
francis5Cort. (1)Naz. (1)Spr. (2)Gett. (3)Midd. (2)StL. (3)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)8 (17)
camdadCort. (2)Naz. (1)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (1)Wid. (3)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)8 (17)
sexyhankfoshoCort. (4)Naz. (1)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)8 (17)
jumpinlcCort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (17)
dudeabidesCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (1)Gett. (4)Midd. (4)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (1)8 (17)
diamondheadsCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
bdwheelsCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
CADCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
WarmotherCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
acelaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
RosscofettCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
schuylerCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Ducks ruleCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
stoner6Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
cdcrabsCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
clubball43Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Dehuntshigwa'esCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
crashCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
bboozCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
readjCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
LALaxmanCort. (3)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (1)Midd. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (3)Wid. (3)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)8 (16)
2laxdadCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
stealing real estateCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Baldo85Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
ospreyCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
BigBillyFCort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)StL. (1)Ursin. (3)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)8 (16)
baskinlaxCort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (2)Gett. (3)Midd. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (3)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (1)8 (16)
shadowgoalieCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)8 (16)
onthecreaseCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
blackstorm44Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Tally24Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
34nhlaxCort. (3)Naz. (2)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (3)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (1)8 (16)
ElJefe22Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
OC LaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
One Minute PenaltyCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Littlebones26Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)8 (16)
seahawkCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
jcombsieCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Jpv66Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
LaxNLACort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
eyelacksCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
mvf83Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
AAAAAAAAAA10Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
ShrinkwraperCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (3)Midd. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)8 (16)
pkane15Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
ramlax22Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
jumbolax76Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
3lax40Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
ToddyPCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
DaLackyCrackyBoyzCort. (2)Amh. (3)End. (2)Gett. (4)Midd. (1)Skid. (1)Swar. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (4)8 (16)
sanderfishCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (16)
Mr TCort. (2)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (1)Midd. (1)StL. (1)Ursin. (4)Wid. (4)Cab. (1)Tufts (4)8 (15)
phulaxCort. (3)Amh. (3)End. (2)Gett. (1)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (1)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)8 (15)
Benedict ArnoldCort. (4)Amh. (1)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (1)Wid. (4)Cab. (2)Tufts (1)7 (17)
Buffalolax78Cort. (4)Amh. (1)Spr. (1)Gett. (4)Wes. (1)StL. (1)Swar. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)7 (17)
HardmeshCort. (3)Naz. (3)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (1)Swar. (1)Mess. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)7 (17)
ctbulletCort. (4)Naz. (1)End. (1)Gett. (4)Midd. (2)Skid. (1)Ursin. (1)Mess. (1)Cab. (4)Tufts (1)7 (17)
TUlax12Cort. (3)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (3)Skid. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)7 (16)
tjantichCort. (2)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)Skid. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (3)Cab. (4)Tufts (3)7 (16)
DanTornadoCort. (4)Amh. (1)Spr. (1)Gett. (3)Midd. (1)StL. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)7 (16)
nathanc21Cort. (4)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (1)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (2)Tufts (3)7 (16)
kloepfer56Cort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (2)Gett. (4)Midd. (2)Skid. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)7 (16)
Coach YCort. (4)Naz. (2)End. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (1)Skid. (2)Swar. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (4)7 (15)
brasil66Cort. (4)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Uni. (1)Tufts (2)7 (15)
Bishops2006Cort. (3)Amh. (1)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (15)
AmommalaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (1)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)7 (15)
SULaxclerkCort. (4)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (1)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)7 (15)
oldcreaseCort. (2)Naz. (1)Spr. (1)Hav. (1)Midd. (4)StL. (1)Ursin. (3)Wid. (2)Cab. (4)Tufts (1)7 (15)
HbgLaxFanCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)7 (14)
jtslaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
88mdgradCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
cougar nationCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)7 (14)
laxter9Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
bearforce1Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
BeatlelaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
BLMDlaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
OcdarbCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
PGlobal1Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Craig R.Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
yeahdatsrightCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
rick_rambisCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
hpuck4Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
ChannelislandlepCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
youngredCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Brownie39Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
valaxfanCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Laxengriffin88Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Gboro24Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)7 (14)
TimlaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
MarkFullbodyCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
KJH278Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
imsenewtonCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
netminderCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
tousuz22Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
MDubLax13Cort. (3)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)7 (14)
cuse55Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
laxlabs5Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Moved2TexasCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)WNE (2)7 (14)
DD-TechCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
MDL29Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
tleck42Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
bball22131Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
callmekowskiCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
LaxDoveCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
relaxer88Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
severna park laxCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
jbanno32Cort. (4)Naz. (1)Spr. (1)Gett. (4)Midd. (2)StL. (1)Ursin. (4)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)WNE (1)7 (14)
CockyBobcatCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
laxfreak23Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
jablersCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
TheMooseCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
POT64Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
woodsonCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
dieselsumoCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
fastguy01Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
NJExit2Cort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)WNE (2)7 (14)
DonkeyLaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Go4FanIth. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
Captain EnoCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)7 (14)
goalielax10Cort. (4)Amh. (1)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (1)StL. (1)Ursin. (4)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (2)7 (13)
GBHogIth. (4)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (1)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)7 (12)
CU18LAXCort. (4)Naz. (1)Spr. (1)Hav. (1)Midd. (3)Skid. (1)Ursin. (1)Wid. (1)Cab. (3)Tufts (4)6 (16)
TourneyGeneralCort. (1)Amh. (2)Spr. (1)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (4)6 (13)
jjwestyCort. (4)Amh. (1)End. (1)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (1)Cab. (1)Tufts (4)6 (13)
Hank StamperCort. (4)Naz. (2)Spr. (1)Hav. (1)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (3)Wid. (1)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (13)
swmcdcoloCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
crzylegs21Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
qckstkCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
mustang7Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
Deputy Defense13Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
bombsawayCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
pemlaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
hbglaxmanCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
richardCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)6 (12)
Brettb33Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)6 (12)
FingerLaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
Skelly412Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
papa_stampedeCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
TitanslaxCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
JimriddCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
templelax88Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
d-iiiCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
wlu_lax6Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
PolyboyIth. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
flash11Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
Coach HicksIth. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
lax5&13Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
greenpointCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
NCWahooCort. (2)Naz. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)WNE (2)6 (12)
navylax84Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
maroons2Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
quickstix16Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
applechillCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
rutlandwrightCort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
bulldoglax1Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
fcr430Cort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
idealtinCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
booger eaterCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)6 (12)
SkibumIth. (1)Amh. (3)End. (4)Hav. (1)Wes. (1)StL. (4)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (1)Tufts (1)5 (12)
tb toadCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (1)Swar. (2)Wid. (1)Uni. (2)Tufts (4)5 (11)
statesmanCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
Naperock99Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
ryanjc4Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
laxdaddyCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
JagLaxCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)WNE (2)5 (10)
setlax22Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
Tiger4EverIth. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)5 (10)
7Lax44Cort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
chicago7Cort. (2)Amh. (2)End. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
Laxfan-GACort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
audio4tvIth. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)StL. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
Big CatCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
4wheelCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
SNMALAXIth. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Wid. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)5 (10)
Bigred-HoyaCort. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)StL. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)5 (10)
Hit the pipeIth. (2)Naz. (2)Spr. (2)Gett. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Mess. (2)Uni. (2)Tufts (2)4 (8)
tomwigCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Midd. (2)Skid. (2)Ursin. (2)Wid. (2)Cab. (2)WNE (2)4 (8)
SmeisterCort. (2)Amh. (2)Spr. (2)Hav. (2)Wes. (2)Skid. (2)Swar. (2)Mess. (2)Cab. (2)Tufts (2)4 (8)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
Cort. 221
Ith. 9

Cort. 96
Ith. 4
Naz. 131
Amh. 99

Naz. 57
Amh. 43
End. 109
Spr. 121

End. 47
Spr. 53
Gett. 199
Hav. 31

Gett. 87
Hav. 13
Midd. 199
Wes. 31

Midd. 87
Wes. 13
StL. 161
Skid. 69

StL. 70
Skid. 30
Swar. 80
Ursin. 150

Swar. 35
Ursin. 65
Wid. 195
Mess. 35

Wid. 85
Mess. 15
Cab. 176
Uni. 54

Cab. 77
Uni. 23
Tufts 214
WNE 16

Tufts 93

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