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Pick the Winners: Installment #3
GameDate Your Picks?Points
Amherst at Colby 3/09 Amherst Colby
Connecticut C. at Bowdoin 3/09 Connecticut C. Bowdoin
Roanoke at Dickinson 3/09 Roanoke Dickinson
Endicott at Eastern Connecticut 3/09 Endicott Eastern Connecticut
Lynchburg at Gettysburg 3/09 Lynchburg Gettysburg
Trinity at Skidmore 3/09 Trinity Skidmore
Hamilton at Tufts 3/09 Hamilton Tufts
Franklin & Marshall at Washington & Lee 3/09 Franklin & Marshall Washington & Lee
Denison at Haverford 3/09 Denison Haverford
Babson at Union 3/09 Babson Union
Tiebreaker: How many goals in total will be scored in ALL 10 games above?

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