One registration allows you to enter both MD1 and MD3 contests.  The overall winners of each will be determined as described in the rules, which you should read before registering and entering.

Step 1: Carefully enter and then double check your e-mail address, including the "@" and the information that follows it.  Make sure that there are no internal spaces.  We'll use addresses to track who has entered and record how well people are doing.  Your e-mail address will NOT be posted with the results. E-mail address:

Re-enter e-mail address:

Step 2: Now provide a username or "handle" (which may contain spaces), which will be used to post results.  It will need to be unique (we'll check), so make it distinctive, and has to be 24 characters or fewer.  Avoid ALL CAPS.  We reserve the right to delete registrations of people selecting high-visibility Forum usernames that are not their own.  (We'll notify you if this is the case so another username can be selected.) Username:

Re-enter username:

Step 3: I hereby certify that I have read the rules and agree to abide by them and the decisions of LaxPower as they pertain to this contest. Agree to rules?
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Step 4: Would you like e-mail reminders (with entry links) for each week's picking contest?  They would include an e-mail on Monday or Tuesday plus a follow-up on Thursday or Friday to those having yet to enter.  (Note: For the top 20 contests, once we pass March 1 [and then April 1], the results links will be updated automatically each week when the latest polls have been posted.) Send reminders?
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Step 5: Press the Submit button (just once).  If there are problems with your e-mail address or "handle" (they have to be unique) or there are blank fields, you will be notified.

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