Results for Contest Installment No. 6

Handles (usernames) for this contest are not necessarily the same as those used for the LaxPower Forum.
Handles are unique and are associated on file with the e-mail address of the person entering the contest.
There is a summary of picks made at the bottom of this table.

HandleGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game 7Game 8Game 9Game 10Score
RIT 15
Wms. 10
Cab. 20
Ith. 11
Clark. 8 (ot)
Wes. 14
Colby 10
Stev. 13
Lyn. 5
Sal. 10
Tufts 21
Conn. 13
Uni. 13
StL. 10
W&L 9
Roa. 7
F&M 6
Big CatRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
severna park laxRIT (2)Cab. (4)RPI (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (4)Tufts (4)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (1)10 (20)
stevefRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
HankStamperRIT (4)Cab. (1)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (4)Tufts (1)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)10 (20)
IrishlaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
ADuckmanRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
DonkeyLaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
HeftyLeftyRIT (4)Cab. (4)RPI (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)10 (20)
One Minute PenaltyRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
mustang7RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)10 (20)
jmrshaughnessyRIT (4)Cab. (1)RPI (1)Wes. (4)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (1)StL. (1)W&L (4)WAC (1)9 (19)
phulaxRIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (3)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)9 (19)
SimmilaxCU18RIT (4)Cab. (3)Clark. (1)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (3)Uni. (1)W&L (2)WAC (1)9 (19)
lsmlax19RIT (3)Cab. (3)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (1)WAC (1)9 (19)
laxxal123RIT (3)Cab. (3)RPI (1)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (4)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (2)9 (19)
lowlaxinRIT (4)Cab. (1)RPI (1)Wes. (3)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (4)StL. (1)W&L (1)WAC (1)9 (19)
LALaxmanRIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (3)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)9 (19)
laxgeezerRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
BismarckRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
valaxfanRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
PGlobal1RIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)9 (18)
baskinlaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
clubball43RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
inthealleyRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
woodson1969RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
setlax22RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
zamboniRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
wolflaxRIT (3)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
LaxmaniaRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
laximus primeRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
34laxnhRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
jtslaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
smeisterRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
ctereskyRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)9 (18)
bdwheelsRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
mcxstar01RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
netminderRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
Papa_StampedeRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
Hums79RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
jumbolax76RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
fastguy01RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)9 (18)
arizona88RIT (4)Cab. (4)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
jagio33RIT (4)Ith. (1)RPI (2)Wes. (4)Stev. (1)Sal. (1)Tufts (4)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
rick_rambisRIT (3)Cab. (3)Clark. (1)Wes. (3)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (3)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
NightHawks77RIT (4)Cab. (4)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (4)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
64goddessRIT (4)Cab. (4)RPI (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (4)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)F&M (1)8 (18)
rutlandwrightRIT (4)Cab. (1)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Lyn. (1)Sal. (4)Tufts (4)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)8 (18)
southern_lax16RIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)UMW (1)Tufts (4)Uni. (2)W&L (1)WAC (2)8 (18)
babyjake11RIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (3)Tufts (4)StL. (1)W&L (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
Nathanc21RIT (4)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (4)Tufts (2)StL. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
goalielax10RIT (4)Cab. (4)RPI (1)Colby (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (1)Tufts (4)Uni. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)8 (18)
JesseT35RIT (2)Cab. (1)Clark. (1)Wes. (3)Stev. (4)Sal. (2)Tufts (3)Uni. (1)Roa. (2)WAC (1)8 (17)
d-iiiRIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (4)Uni. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)8 (17)
TexLaxDocRIT (3)Cab. (3)Clark. (1)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (17)
slips9qbRIT (4)Cab. (4)RPI (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)UMW (1)Tufts (1)Uni. (1)Roa. (2)WAC (3)8 (17)
Littlebones28RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
Quickstix16RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
2 GirlsRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
1rocklaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
statesman3RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
acohnRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
jablersRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
jkbertRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
fraukneesRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
dennispRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
slapandtickleRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
BlindDartThrowerRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
Shock9RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
4theloveofthegameRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
rryan42RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
tomkavRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
DannyDipRIT (3)Cab. (4)RPI (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (1)F&M (2)8 (16)
shadowgoalieRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
dadlax1RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
chachaboyRIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (4)StL. (2)W&L (1)WAC (1)8 (16)
another laxdadRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
mudbugRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
idealtinRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
stewlaxdadRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
FXLaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
bboozRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
camdadRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
cdcrabsRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
HbgLaxFanRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
laxityRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
callmekowskiRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
youngredRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
NozzleManRIT (3)Cab. (1)Clark. (3)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (3)Tufts (3)StL. (1)W&L (1)WAC (2)8 (16)
ROC22RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
JakeMr.BrownWestermannRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
Laxcoach28RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
Reggie029RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
diamondlaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
tenmanrideRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
Rebels14RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
jojo10RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
tb toadRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
BisonfanRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
laxter9RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
jcombsie14RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
SeahawkRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
anderimjRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
Baldo85RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
laxdad11751RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
3lax40RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
pkane15RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
cougar nationRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
TimlaxRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
stringmanRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)8 (16)
TeesteeRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
acelaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
ShrinkwraperRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
mclax2008RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
skeetlaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
Dehuntshigwa'esRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)8 (16)
GA-LaxfanRIT (3)Cab. (3)Clark. (1)Colby (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (3)Tufts (3)Uni. (2)Roa. (1)WAC (1)7 (17)
jumpinlcRIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (4)Tufts (2)StL. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (2)7 (17)
melagioRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (3)Stev. (3)Sal. (2)Tufts (3)Uni. (2)Roa. (1)WAC (1)7 (16)
i grizz iRIT (2)Cab. (3)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (3)StL. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (2)7 (16)
AAAAAAAAAA$$$$$$$$$$#13RIT (4)Cab. (3)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (1)WAC (3)7 (16)
oblaxRIT (4)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (2)Lyn. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)Roa. (3)WAC (2)7 (15)
KJH278RIT (2)Cab. (1)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (4)Conn. (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (1)7 (15)
SkibumpaRIT (4)Cab. (1)Clark. (2)Wes. (3)Stev. (2)UMW (1)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (1)7 (15)
navylax84RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (3)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (1)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (15)
Benedict ArnoldRIT (4)Cab. (2)RPI (1)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (1)WAC (2)7 (15)
POT65RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
VikingsLaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
Mount40RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
Laxfan33RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
newswireRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
Nutmeg_URIT (3)Cab. (2)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (4)StL. (1)Roa. (4)WAC (1)7 (14)
sufan88RIT (4)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (1)WAC (2)7 (14)
das6cre9RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
Laxerhaxer88RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
jsenter63RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
hbglaxmanRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
Nickharris1992RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
laxlabs5RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
qckstkRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
blackstorm44RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
bulldoglax1RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
Chris612RIT (4)Cab. (1)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (1)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
ABolgerRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
swmcdcoloRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
FingerLaxRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
bball22131RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
norighthandRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
TitanslaxRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
TleckRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
CapeCodLaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
laxdaddyRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
dbergeronRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
handbagRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
cochinoRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
MDL29RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
CAD3RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
WarMotherRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
owu1965RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
giants99RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)7 (14)
LaxNLARIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)7 (14)
Skelly412RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (4)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (1)F&M (1)7 (13)
hometownheroRIT (4)Cab. (3)Clark. (1)Colby (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (4)StL. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (1)6 (16)
Chavez1976RIT (4)Ith. (1)Clark. (1)Colby (1)Stev. (1)Sal. (2)Tufts (4)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (15)
cmonrefRIT (4)Cab. (1)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (3)Uni. (2)Roa. (1)F&M (1)6 (14)
aJimmyZeeIthacaRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
Slingy87RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
greenpointRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
ChubseyubseyRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
packlaxRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
toddypRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
ODBLax#43RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
BigRed15RIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
keaghanbartleyRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)UMW (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
hitthepipeRIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
4wheelRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
RichardRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
Brettb33RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
ATracy17RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
exlaxcatRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
BigRedRulesWms. (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
obpgRIT (2)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
omegabullRIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
17sdadRIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
Hatter20RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
wlu_lax6RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
mvf83RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
ocdarbWms. (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
klinks24RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
soulman22RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (12)
Brownie39RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)6 (12)
DirtyJerz44Wms. (4)Cab. (1)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Stev. (1)Sal. (3)Tufts (1)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)6 (10)
SULaxclerk8RIT (4)Cab. (2)RPI (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (1)Sal. (4)Tufts (2)StL. (1)Roa. (1)F&M (1)5 (14)
calax2322RIT (4)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (1)Roa. (1)WAC (2)5 (12)
fcr430RIT (4)Ith. (2)RPI (1)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (1)Roa. (2)WAC (2)5 (11)
connor73RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)W&L (2)F&M (2)5 (10)
Crabbers24RIT (2)Ith. (2)RPI (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)5 (10)
bebop94RIT (2)Ith. (2)Clark. (2)Wes. (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Conn. (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)WAC (2)5 (10)
tousuz22RIT (2)Cab. (2)Clark. (2)Colby (2)Lyn. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)Uni. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)5 (10)
GBHogRIT (2)Ith. (4)Clark. (1)Wes. (1)Stev. (2)Sal. (2)Tufts (2)StL. (2)Roa. (2)F&M (2)5 (9)
maddog29RIT (2)Ith. (1)Clark. (3)Wes. (1)Lyn. (2)Sal. (3)Tufts (2)StL. (3)Roa. (2)F&M (1)4 (8)
Summary of
Picks Made

Percent of
Total Picks
RIT 197
Wms. 3

RIT 99
Wms. 2
Cab. 158
Ith. 42

Cab. 79
Ith. 21
RPI 74
Clark. 126

RPI 37
Clark. 63
Wes. 164
Colby 36

Wes. 82
Colby 18
Stev. 150
Lyn. 50

Stev. 75
Lyn. 25
Sal. 196

Sal. 98
Tufts 191
Conn. 9

Tufts 96
Conn. 5
Uni. 144
StL. 56

Uni. 72
StL. 28
W&L 86
Roa. 114

W&L 43
Roa. 57
WAC 157
F&M 43

WAC 79
F&M 22

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