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Men's Division I
3-02Offensive Player of the WeekKevin RiceSyracuse
3-02Defensive Player of the WeekTate JozokosNorth Carolina
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekJimmy BitterNorth Carolina
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekDylan DonahueSyracuse
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekBen WilliamsSyracuse
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekDylan DonahueSyracuse
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekSean YoungSyracuse
2-09Offensive Player of the WeekGreg CoholanVirginia
2-09Defensive Player of the WeekDavi SaccoVirginia
America East
2-23Player of the WeekBlaze RiordenAlbany
2-23Rookie of the WeekConnor FieldsAlbany
2-16Player of the WeekNate LewnesUMBC
2-16Rookie of the WeekCory HighfieldUMass Lowell
2-09Player of the WeekChallen RogersStony Brook
2-09Rookie of the WeekBrandon MaciejewskiStony Brook
Big East
3-02Offensive Player of the WeekJack CurranVillanova
3-02Defensive Player of the WeekNick MarroccoGeorgetown
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekJordan GreenfieldMarquette
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekRyan LaPlanteDenver
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekTrevor BaptisteDenver
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekB.J. GrillMarquette
Big Ten
3-02Offensive Player of the WeekT.J. SandersPenn State
3-02Defensive Player of the WeekMatt NeufeldtMaryland
3-02Freshman of the WeekPatrick FraserJohns Hopkins
3-02Specialist of the WeekChristopher MayOhio State
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekJesse KingOhio State
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekEvan MulchroneOhio State
2-23Freshman of the WeekShack StanwickJohns Hopkins
2-23Freshman of the WeekTrevor HodginsOhio State
2-23Specialist of the WeekDrew KennedyJohns Hopkins
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekIan KingMichigan
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekKyle BernlohrMaryland
2-16Freshman of the WeekChad ToliverRutgers
2-16Specialist of the WeekChristopher MayOhio State
2-09Offensive Player of the WeekRyan BrownJohns Hopkins
2-09Defensive Player of the WeekConnor DarceyPenn State
2-09Freshman of the WeekShack StanwickJohns Hopkins
2-09Specialist of the WeekChristopher MayOhio State
2-23Player of the WeekSpencer ParksTowson
2-23Rookie of the WeekWill FoxFairfield
2-16Player of the WeekTyler WhiteTowson
2-16Rookie of the WeekMichael KayDrexel
2-09Player of the WeekTom HollandDelaware
2-09Rookie of the WeekMatt OlbrichDelaware
Ivy League
2-23Player of the WeekDeke BurnsHarvard
2-23Player of the WeekMike MacDonaldPrinceton
2-23Rookie of the WeekBen ReevesYale
2-16Player of the WeekMike MacDonaldPrinceton
2-16Rookie of the WeekBen ReevesYale
Metro Atlantic
3-02Rookie of the WeekMark AnsteadDetroit
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekMark AnsteadDetroit
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekJason WeberDetroit
2-23Rookie of the WeekBrian FeldmanQuinnipiac
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekMike BegleyMarist
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekDave ScarcelloMarist
2-16Rookie of the WeekMark AnsteadDetroit
2-09Offensive Player of the WeekRichie HurleySiena
2-09Defensive Player of the WeekJason WeberDetroit
2-09Rookie Player of the WeekSean BirneyDetroit
3-02Offensive Player of the WeekMike RastivoSaint Joseph's
3-02Defensive Player of the WeekPat DallonSaint Joseph's
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekRyan SharpeBryant
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekGunnar WaldtBryant
2-23Rookie of the WeekChris BlewittSaint Joseph's
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekMike RastivoSaint Joseph's
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekJackson BrownHobart
2-16Rookie of the WeekMike MoynihanMount St. Mary's
Patriot League
3-02Offensive Player of the WeekZach HerreweyersLoyola
3-02Defensive Player of the WeekTim StackpoleArmy
3-02Goalkeeper of the WeekJohn ConnorsNavy
3-02Rookie of the WeekJack WilsonBoston University
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekClay HaarmannHoly Cross
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekCasey EidenshinkLehigh
2-23Goalkeeper of the WeekMichael OrtliebHoly Cross
2-23Rookie of the WeekWill SandsBucknell
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekDan TaylorLehigh
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekPat FrazierLoyola
2-16Goalkeeper of the WeekSam GrinbergBucknell
2-16Rookie of the WeekAnthony AbbadessaColgate
2-09Offensive Player of the WeekCole JohnsonArmy
2-09Defensive Player of the WeekGreg WozniakBoston University
2-09Goalkeeper of the WeekBrandon BurkeColgate
2-09Rookie of the WeekJack WilsonBoston University
2-23Offensive Player of the WeekMitch GoldbergRichmond
2-23Defensive Player of the WeekPat FarrellHigh Point
2-16Offensive Player of the WeekKenny MeinsenFurman
2-16Defensive Player of the WeekBenny PughRichmond
2-09Offensive Player of the WeekMichael LeClairHigh Point
2-09Defensive Player of the WeekBenny PughRichmond

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