Roanoke 20, Tufts 8 (Final)

nice win

New postby hestoobig on Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:42 pm

Boom Boom Boom

pilat must of had the attack running at practice because that was an eruption.

phelps for mvp
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New postby Big Fella on Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:53 pm

"See that scoreboard? I don't want you to stop until it hits 20...." -Billy P.

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Congrats to coach Pilat and the team

New postby laxwannabe on Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:13 pm

Here is hoping that this series will continue...the Jumbos are a class act and they came into this game pretty banged up as well. It seems March, Quinton, and Hotchkiss are starting to gel and know one another and Cameron and Rea at nearly 75% on face offs!!! Enjoy it now because Saturday at the beach is big time and 'noke can't assume they will show up and beat VWC...they need to be prepared to play. as my man sirhope says. Hope Tufts rebounds and has a great year.
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New postby mudflaps on Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:08 pm

Great win for Noke. Couple observations. Game was dominated by Noke Tufts played really sloppy. I didn't keep stats, and I did see the box score, but it felt like Tufts never won a face, never got a groundball, or a shot. I was surprised the box score only had Harrigan with 3 saves in the first half. IT seemed like a lot more in the first quarter and a half.
I was sitting with Tufts fans, and didn't hear any taunting. Roanoke's O really is playing well the last two games; aggressive and controlled, with a nice balanced attack and tough ride. Defense just like the O, aggressive and controlled. Kudos to the Noke staff for righting the ship. On to the ODAC.
Tufts will probably make plenty of noise in NESCAC.

I hope trains is wrong with north south matchups...I hope noke and tufts continue to play tough out of region teams in the future.
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Let The ODAC Begin ........

New postby sirhope44 on Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:34 pm

NELaxer05 wrote: However, I did find there to be a little too much taunting by the RC fans and bench which needs to be improved. Other than that, a great win for RC.

NELaxer05, No disrespect, but ODAC fans have perfected taunting. Man, If you don't like the Noke fans don't go to Lynchburg. Those fans will hit you like a Battalion of US Marines. I have heard that the new improvements at both Lynchburg and Roanoke fields are keeping the fans at a distance now. Back in the day it was brutal.

That being said I hope that these two teams continue to play. Tufts is a great institution and a quality lacrosse team.

The box score really says it all. Billy Cameron seems to be on a mission w/ 15 ground balls today. It should be fun to kept track of his progress this year. Hotchkiss with another big day scoring.

It's all about the ODAC now. The ODAC should be very entertaining once again this year. W&L and Lynchburg are going to be great games.

Got to beat Va. Wes first.
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Nice Win

New postby BoomBoomRoom_83.5 on Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:45 pm

Huge win for Roanoke. After some tough games I'm sure this one feels good. This season is starting out pretty insane all across the board.

Before anyone starts ripping the 'over-rated' Jumbos or northern region in general (which no one really has - nice to see), I'm going to throw out some game scores from a few years ago:

3/23/2005 - Gettysburg thumps Middlebury 18-6

5/29/05 - Middlebury loses its second game of the season to Salisbury 11-10 in the National Championship (the bullets lost to the gulls 12-9 in the semis that year). I was at the NC game that year, and the Salisbury goalie stood on his head the entire first half to keep his team in the game early. They eventually won in the final seconds of regulation in an awesome game to watch.

All I'm saying is that A LOT can and will happen before the end of May. Tufts will re-group. Noke seems to have a few clunkers early each year, but they're also damn god every year.
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New postby Beat-Like-A-Drum8 on Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:40 am

It was close....and then it wasnt! Thats what happens when the Brain makes some adjustments teams get rolled on. When Noke is clicking and winning the battles between the lines they are hard to beat.

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New postby Guru on Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:19 am

That's the beauty of the system.........
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Re: Let The ODAC Begin ........

New postby curtis on Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:39 pm

sirhope44 wrote:It's all about the ODAC now. The ODAC should be very entertaining once again this year. W&L and Lynchburg are going to be great games.

Got to beat Va. Wes first.

This comment says it all for me. But the games so far have provided a perfect example of what might be. A loss to a good Cabrini team (first home loss at Kerr Stadium), followed by a close win over a tough RIT team, and then a solid win over St. Mary's at their place - all helped to prove that this team is very talented, but inexperienced and lacking leadership.

The loss to Kenyon (mid-week, at home) was inexcusable. It seems to me that the coaching staff did its job in this one, but the kids have to win the games. As a consequence, the at-large bid is out the window. Now, as Sirhope correctly points out, its ODAC time...

Virginia Wesleyan has been knocking on the door for years and the ODAC season opens in Virginia Beach this Saturday. They must be thinking that this may be the year to break into the "Big 4" inasmuch as each of the leaders of the conference have stubbed theirs toes on the way into conference play. To say they have motivation to win this one would be an understatement. [VW is probably playing the tape of the last game played there, with the exception of the last 30 seconds (thank you, Chris Keating) to show their kids that beating NOKE at their place IS possible.]

The loss of Zach Thomas, on attack, is huge. His ability to see the field and distribute the ball to his mates was, in my view, one of his greatest strenghts. His goals will be missed, especially because he knew the value of shooting low, which is apparently an attribute the others haven't yet grasped. The kids who remain can certainly do the job-but will they?

How can anyone argue the value of Billy Cameron to this team? The fact that he has been overlooked in post-season accolades is one of the great misfortunes. And Josh Rhea is more than a capable understudy.

The midfield, as I have said before, is the true strength of this team. So long as each of them realize that disobeying team rules will hurt the team, this unit should be fine.

That leaves the defense. Losing the best best one-on-one defender I have seen this year is no picnic...but there it is. If Brennan, Burkhead,Pearson and the others do what they are capable of, and no more, things will be OK in Salem. Simmons is....Simmons. Great take-away up top, followed by a fast break and a goal. Then, a missed trail check, with a resulting goal by the other guys. Still, I say, let him play! It would be great if Phelps overcame his injury and returned to his play of prior years. The defense should let Dorsey make the saves he is cabaple of making by moving their feet, staying with their man and stop chasing sticks.

In a season where parity has reared its head, winning the conference is paramount. ODAC play begins in Virginia Beach on Saturday. All hands on deck.
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Let the ODAC begin

New postby chester on Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:36 am

Well written post and I agree with everything except the comments on the coaching staff in the Kenyon debacle. I thought we were completely out coached in the second half and particularly the 4th. quarter of that game.
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New postby D-III on Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:44 pm

Amazing how quickly things can change.

A week ago, this game had the perception of being a great match up between highly ranked teams.

Now six days later, Tufts is certainly not be a top-20 team, at least for now (losing 20-8 on the road to Roanoke and 12-4 at home to Wesleyan and struggling to beat Eastern Ct in OT).

And Roanoke does not appear to be a top-20 team either with a home loss to Kenyon and a road loss to Virginia Wesleyan. The Maroons do have a nice win over a solid Dickinson team, but their other two "big" wins have completely lost their luster as RIT has 5 losses and Tufts followed up their 12 goal loss with an 8 goal loss at home to a struggling Wesleyan team.

Both teams have plenty of time to right the ship, and in my opinion Roanoke has a greater upside, as when they are playing well they are a very good team. Tufts can be a good team as well (the team I saw against Skidmore was very efficient).

What a season!
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Box Score

New postby NELaxer05 on Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:41 am

Just so people know, the box score from the Roanoke/Tufts game has finally been changed. I feel bad for the Roanoke coaches since this is not the first time this has happened.
Also, great post D-III.
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New postby Filth Pit on Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:40 am

the maroons were playing conservative in the first quarter and then decided to open the flood gates in the second to lay down this drubbing.
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