Men's Lacrosse Rule Book and Changes for 2009-2010

Listed below are the men's lacrosse major rules changes and points of emphasis for the 2009 season. Shaded sections indicate the changes or additions. For additional links, including ones for a PDF copy of the rule book and the section at the US Lacrosse web site where you can purchase a printed copy, please see our Lacrosse Rules page.

Rule 4. Play of the Game, Section 7. Ball Stuck in Crosse or Equipment

a. If the ball becomes stuck in a other than his crosse, play shall be suspended immediately, and the ball shall be awarded according to the alternate-possession rule. (See Rule 4-31.)

b. If at any point the ball becomes stuck in the front or back of the crosse, there shall be an immediate whistle and the ball shall be awarded to the opposing team. This rule applies when a player loses his crosse and the ball remains in the crosse.

Neither situation applies to the designated goalkeeper if he is within the goal-crease area at the time the ball becomes stuck. In this case, a defensive player shall be awarded the ball 20 yards laterally from the goal.

Rule 6. Technical Fouls, Section 6. Illegal Procedure

z. Participating in the play after losing required equipment on the field other than the mouthpiece, or participating in the play after being warned to re-snap chin strap.

A.R. 37. A1, with possession, is going to the goal and loses a glove, a shoe or his helmet. He shoots at the goal and scores. Ruling: No goal; award the ball to Team A.

Rule 7. Penalty Enforcement, Section 12. Mistakes by Officials

When a timekeeper, scorer or official makes a mistake that would result in a team or player being penalized and another official becomes aware that a mistake is being made, that official shall promptly correct the mistake. If goals are scored during the mistake made by the timekeeper, scorer or official and it is brought to the attention of the referee before the next live ball, the referee must allow or disallow the goal, depending on the circumstances.

A.R. 69. B1 is serving a one-minute penalty. After 30 seconds of play, B1 is released from the special-substitution area by the official timekeeper or returns to the game without being released. There is a stoppage of play and then a restart, after which B2 scores. After the goal and before the face-off, Team A protests. Ruling: Goal counts and B1 stays in the game. The error is no longer correctable because it was not brought to the attention before the next live ball, which occurred after the stoppage of play.

Points of Emphasis

Sportsmanship. The committee is increasingly concerned that in some areas, inappropriate conduct is occurring in and around NCAA lacrosse contests. The committee asks administrators, coaches, student-athletes and game officials to take measures if needed to address these issues.

Protection of Head and Neck. Student-athlete safety plays a part in virtually every rules committee decision. In recent years, the committee has attempted to address head and neck contact in a variety of ways. In this rules cycle, the committee asks game officials to stringently penalize head and neck contact.


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