Brotherly Love Fuels Highland Park (TX) Program

Thomson also has to approach his job a little differently than his brother does.

"My team is a developmental team. As long as we grow from a loss, that's the important thing," Thomson said. "Div. I is all about winning. I will rotate my players more and worry about playing time equity unlike (Derek). It's a different mental approach to the game. I have to have that winning edge, but progress has to be in the forefront of my mind."

The players on the Div. II team are chasing a chance to play and contribute on the big stage of Div. I. In the same regard, Thomson has seemingly chased his brother his entire life. But like all good sibling rivalries, Ross has something to hold over Derek's head.

"(Derek) is the top coach, but on a personal level I can still take my brother," Ross jokes. "I tell everyone that, because it really gets in his craw."

Thomson's team is also getting in the craw of their competition--even if it is on a slightly smaller stage.

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