Summit (NJ) Keeps Aspirations High

By Jimmy Oliver

Currently sitting fifth in LaxPower's New Jersey rankings is Summit High School. And things are looking pretty good so close to the top.

After a 10-6 loss to Delbarton in the opening game, Summit has run off eight straight victories. That includes a win over Nassau County power Cold Spring Harbor. If the streak continues, this team is could climb all the way to the top of the Garden State.

Playing the likes of Delbarton "gives you a sense of where you are" according to head coach Jim Davidson. The loss showed what was needed to improve upon and that is just what his team has done. After Delbarton came Cold Spring Harbor, and the 6-5 win seemed to propel the Hilltoppers back to where they belong.

How does Summit continue to be so successful over time? Continuity. The youth program there is strong, and the coaches have been together for a long time. Established in 1972, this organization has been developing players from the very beginning for Summit High.

This program is built on the backbone of experience with its rich history. Since 72 the Hilltoppers have amassed 14 conference titles, 14 different All-Americans, two championship appearances and 356 wins (there are no win/loss records for 1972-77).

That, coupled with a head coach who is 174-45, leads to success. Davidson has been at the helm since 1999, and the goals are always the same for his Hilltoppers: To win the group title and the Tournament of Champions.

The Hilltoppers are now a team that is poised and determined. They have the patience to push the ball in transition and settle it when needed. That comes from experience, something that Summit has on the offensive end of the field. The three go-to offensive players have been together now for three seasons and can read each other well.

Kyle Mahoney (St. Joseph's) has been tearing up the competition so far. Kyle has registered 27 goals in the nine games. James Kennedy (Holy Cross) is not far behind with 16 goals and 26 assists. Not to be outdone is junior John Scioscia who has 19 goals and 21 assists. These three are the foundation for the Hilltoppers and the success they have had so far.

Patrolling the back end of the field is Kendall Baker (Haverford) and goalie Brian Feeney, who has been solid this season. Guiding the Hilltoppers to the 8-1 mark, Feeney, a junior, is athletic as they come. He played nose guard and linebacker during the football season.

"He makes big saves in big games," Davidson said.

With the season halfway gone, Summit is preparing for that journey to the top of the mountain: the Group II title and the Tournament of Champions.

Life is good at the top.


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