US Lacrosse 2009 Boys' High School All-Americans

BALTIMORE - US Lacrosse is pleased to announce that more than 400 boys' high school lacrosse players have been named US Lacrosse All-Americans and for the 2009 season. The process is coordinated by the high school committee of the US Lacrosse Men's Division Coaches Council. Area chairpersons for geographic regions designated by the US Lacrosse high school committee coordinated the voting. Each region is awarded a set number of slots for the team based on the number of high school lacrosse teams in their respective areas.

As of July 16th, several regions had not submitted All-American nominations to US Lacrosse. Please contact them (or, better, your regional representative) and NOT us to inquire.

We have supplemented the USL list with players' hometowns and other data where this information is available to us. When the colleges (or PG schools) players will be attending for 2009-2010 are shown, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be playing lacrosse there.

The link to the list can be found on the HS-AA page, and it also be accessed directly here.

See the paragraph and links at the top of the listing of All-Americans for more information about submitting corrections and updates.


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