Why Isn't There More Growth in Division I Lacrosse?

Really Important Disclaimer that will save me from an escalation of the already annoying rumor mill: I am NOT saying Michigan will have a D1 team in the next couple of years. While that certainly could happen, there are no current plans to do so. We will have a new athletic director next fall, and who knows what he/she will think.

What I AM saying is that there is more than a glimmer of hope, and that light is getting brighter because of the way we've gone about building the program and building political and financial support (I call it equity). This can be replicated, and is being replicated to some degree, at other MCLA schools.

I have not even attempted to address here the relative merits, from a student-athlete perspective, of an NCAA program versus an MCLA program. It can certainly be argued that the MCLA experience has advantages over the NCAA experience for some student-athletes, and in a handful of cases the experiences are nearly identical. That's a different discussion, and given my conflicted thoughts on it, I'll happily stay out of it.

If you made it this far, thank you.

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