US Lacrosse Seeks Applicants for New Board, Other Positions

Message from Steve Stenersen, President & CEO of US Lacrosse:

The US Lacrosse Board of Directors unanimously approved some significant changes in the US Lacrosse national volunteer and staff structures in order to better position the organization to serve its members and the sport as well as advance its mission. These structural changes were the culminations of 18 months of focused review as directed by the US Lacrosse Strategic Plan. You can read more detail on this organizational evolution at

The new structure reduces the size of, but maintains the game balance on, the Board of Directors. Additionally, in order to establish greater alignment throughout the organization, the current Division Board and Council structures will be replaced by nine Board Committees Executive, Men's Game, Women's Game, Finance, Human Resources, Sport Development, Board Development, Regional Chapters, and Strategic Planning. The Men's and Women's Game Committees of the Board will oversee a constituent subcommittee structure. All Board committees will be chaired by Board members.

The Board also approved a change in the way volunteers are selected to serve the organization. From now on, the selection of volunteers for board, committee, and subcommittee positions within US Lacrosse will shift from a constituent appointment process to an application process managed by a newly-formed Board Development Committee. The goal of this shift is to allow a more inclusive process that enables US Lacrosse to benefit from a wider selection of candidates who support the organization's mission and are committed the organization's ongoing development and improvement.

Among other responsibilities, the Board Development Committee is charged with assessing current and anticipated needs for Board composition, and making nominee recommendations to the Board to ensure:

Men's and Women's Game balance

Diversity (including race, age, socioeconomic status, geographic representation, etc.)

Appropriate youth game influence

Knowledge and skill areas (law, finance, business, sport, etc.) needed to support Board activities

Consistency of Board member attributes and abilities (commitment to the USL mission, interest in and/or involvement with the sport of lacrosse, demonstrated leadership, etc.) needed to support board activities

The influence and access required to effectively lead the organization in the pursuit of its mission

In this regard, the Board Development Committee has announced an open call for applicants interested in serving on the new Board and other components of the revised volunteer structure. The deadline for applications is March 12, and new board terms will begin on August 1. A description of Board roles and responsibilities can be found at A copy of the volunteer application as a PDF file, but applications can also be completed and submitted on line at


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