Double Teams for Turnovers and Transition: The 'V' Drill

Once the players begin to understand their roles and are working together, it is time to go to the next step. Now position the two defenders in a 'stack' on the far line, forcing the second defender to read which shoulder his teammate chooses to force the roll and go to the other side.

The Grown-Up 'V' Drill

Now move the rectangle from the crease to the sideline, from goal line extended (GLE) to the midfield. Start with the offensive player on GLE and the two defenders stacked at midfield and blow the whistle. The offensive player still needs to stay in the now much larger box, and the two defenders have to work together over a 50-yard space to trap together.

Now we have coached in progression a specific technique for traps and double teams and in our drills emulated true-to-life game scenarios. We need to be patient; it something that needs to be reinforced three or four times a week in practice, but it can be done quickly and in different stations on the field. Kids do not learn to trap or double through telepathy; it takes good drills and coaching and trust. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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