Shipley School Starts 'Lax for Leogane' (Haiti) Initiative

Each day in practice, coaches tell young players to make every shot count. This year, the Shipley School boys' lacrosse team is doing just that, whether the shots go in or not!

The Gator's lacrosse team has began a fundraising initiative that is seeking to get local businesses and supporters of Philadelphia lacrosse to agree to donate $1 each (at a maximum donation of $200 per donor) for every goal scored by the team this season, in order to directly benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The initiative, called 'Lax for Leogane', is being supported by Madame Linda Flippo, a French teacher at The Shipley School and first responder who spent 10 days as a surgical translator immediately after the quake. Madame Flippo spent her time in Leogane, a community 25 kilometers west of Port-au-Prince, and the town nearest to the epicenter of the quake.

"We are hoping to get at least 30-40 businesses or 'dollar donors' on board, in order to make every goal we score worth at least 30 American dollars. It's important to us to reach this goal," said assistant coach Travis McDonnell. When asked why that number was an important benchmark, Coach McDonnell stated, "It's simple, one American dollar is like hundreds in Haiti. 30 American dollars is what it costs for one Haitian child to attend school for a year. If we score 1 goal that is worth $30, the amount of iodine pills that can be purchased can purify up to 4,200 gallons of disease infested water. Imagine the good we can do if we score 200 goals this year!"

"We are seeking, not only friends of Shipley, but friends of lacrosse in general to help us with our cause. We already have a few agreed dollar donors, including Lacrosse Unlimited of Ardmore and Mainline Gastroenterology Associates of Bryn Mawr, among others" according to Coach McDonnell.

"Some times you just see that you have the ability to help people and this was one of those times. It's important for us to always have perspective and to be mindful of those whose need is greater than our own and our boys are embracing that. The Philadelphia lacrosse community is well know for it's desire to help others and support important causes and we are hoping to continue that."

Along with their main fundraising effort, the Gator's lacrosse team will also be accepting donations at all home games, as well as hosting a BBQ for Haiti and recognizing all those who are involved. Donors will be updated weekly on goal totals and also be the recipients of any photos, stories or anecdotes of hope that Madame Flippo will be passing along from her travels.

"One of the themes of our team this year is 'Unity makes for strength', which is the Haitian National Motto. We are hoping that this rings true, not only within our team, but within our community to come together and support the people who need it the most. Unity really does make for strength"

If you, or your business is interested in helping to support Lax For Leogane by being a donor or supporter, please contact Coach Travis McDonnell at


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