Women's Division III All-Conference Teams - 2010

Second Team

A Nicole Adams Castleton
A Kerry Kiley Framingham St.
A Emily Swan Fitchburg St.
M Ariana Colella Westfield St.
M Morgan Hazen Becker
M Jamie Kelley Fitchburg St
M Jennifer Lough Elms
M Angelica Mazzola Castleton
D Carissa Kennedy Fitchburg St.
D Connie Perry Fitchburg St.
D Kayla Twigge Castleton
GK Haley Erickson Worcester St.

Offensive Player of the Year: Shannon Manning, Bridgewater St.
Defensive Player of the Year: Erin Quimby, Bridgewater St.
Goalkeeper of the Year: Meghan Griffin, Bridgewater St.
Rookie of the Year: Ariana Colella, Westfield St.
Coach of the Year: Greg Styles, Westfield St.


First Team

Trisha Babson, Babson, M
Anna Collins, Babson, M
Alyssa Hood, Babson, A
Sarah Macary, Babson, GK
Kaitlyn Pettengill, Babson, M
Perry Markell, Mount Holyoke, M
Megan Wefald, Mount Holyoke, M
Allie Bazzano, Springfield, M
Lauren McAulay, Springfield, GK
Molly Morrow, Wellesley, A
Loretta White, Wellelsey, M
Hailey Colburn, Wheaton, A
Brittany Whynot, Wheaton, M

Second Team

Casey Flynn, MIT, A
Erica Little, MIT, A
Alex Wright, MIT, D
Bianca Young, Mount Holyoke, D
Kaitlyn Murdough, Smith, D
Rebecca DiSisto, Springfield, D
Meagan Dobson, Springfield, A
Megan O'Brien, Springfield, D
Jenn Zubkus, Springfield, A
Nicole Labbee, Wellesley, D
Marianna Marcellino, Wheaton, GK

Player of the Year: Anna Collins, Babson
Rookie of the Year: Jamie Spang, Babson
Coach of the Year: Miriam Esber, Mount Holyoke

North Atlantic (NAC) - East

A    Megan Clement           Husson
A Shelby Bradford Husson
A Kiley Jolicoeur Thomas
A Amanda Posey Green Mountain
M Caitlyn Butterfield Husson
M Amie Daniels Farmington
M Jessica Allen Farmington
M Megan Denby Thomas
D Stephanie Eaton Husson
D Michelle Rancourt Husson
D Tori Mullins Green Mountain
GK Teshia Cates Thomas

Player of the Year: Megan Clement, Husson
Rookie of the Year: Teshia Cates, Thomas
Coach of the Year: Mark Hundhammer, Husson

North Coast (NCAC)

First Team

Nina Dine - Wooster
Emily Nichols - Kenyon
Jensen Paterson - Allegheny
Becca Worthington Wooster

Lulu Carter - Denison
Jessica Copeland - Ohio Wesleyan
Joelle Ghanem - Wittenberg
Meg Grossman - Allegheny
Liz Hancock - Kenyon

Brigid Donahue - Kenyon
Britta Harmon - Wooster
Emily Hoar - Allegheny
Bethany Keller - Denison

Chase Kreuter - Kenyon

Second Team

Jennifer Close - Wittenberg
Phoebe Myhrum - Denison
Leah Sack - Kenyon

Amy Denny - Wooster
Clare Nelson-Johnson - Wooster
Abby Silvester - Allegheny
Alex Thurner - Denison
Grace Amber - Oberlin
Lauren Rogers - Ohio Wesleyan

Isabel Baylor - Wooster
Jackie Pachuta - Denison
Taylor Verderame - Kenyon
Natalie Fisher - Ohio Wesleyan

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