Looney Family Statement; Information About Lt. Looney

Prior to his deployment this year, Brendan left his base in San Diego and flew to Annapolis with the dual purpose of visiting his family and attending the Navy-North Carolina lacrosse game that was played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on February 25.

Lacrosse was actually the second sport he competed in while attending the Naval Academy. He spent his first two years at Navy as a member of the football team before transitioning into a lacrosse player starting in the spring of his sophomore season.

One of the proudest lacrosse seasons for both Brendan and his family took place during his senior season at Navy. That year, Brendan and brothers Billy and Stephen helped lead Navy to the NCAA national championship game that was played in Baltimore.

On that Memorial Day in 2004, a partisan, patriotic crowd of nearly 50,000 lacrosse fans filled M&T Bank Stadium to support the Midshipmen in their eventual 14-13 loss to Syracuse. On September 22, 2010, 2,000 of Brendan's fellow U.S. service members gathered in Afghanistan to pay their respects to him and his fallen comrades as they departed for their final journey home. Receiving Brendan upon his return at Dover Air Force Base were 76 members of the Looney family and friends.

It has not only been members of the Looney family who have taken the opportunity this week to remember Brendan:

"As his roommate going through BUD/S and SEAL Qualification Training it was easy to see why Brendan was our Honorman; few could match his strength and endurance, and less could match his determination. As we served together at SEAL TEAM THREE I had the honor of watching him lead his men and earn the respect of every member of our command. He was a Warrior in every regard, something every leader can strive to emulate. Brendan, you will be missed, but never forgotten. 末 LT Rob Sarver, USN (SEAL Team THREE Platoon Commander, Friend and Brother)

"Brendan was the hardest working member of the team 末 he had to be to show up his brothers 末 but his example of hard work and pushing the team was an instrumental part of our success in 2004. He was one of my few peers that I have really tried to emulate in my life. Brendan was a great friend and I already miss him so much." 末 LT Adam Reel, USN (USNA Class of 2004 and lacrosse teammate)

"Brendan was a true leader in all aspects of the word. He lived his life with unbound tenacity and zeal. He embodied everything we as SEALs value: toughness, ingenuity, brotherhood. I could always rely on Brendan, from dragging me underwater during two-mile ocean swims during BUD/S, to watching over my family while I was deployed. I've never met a person so perfect for the SEAL Teams. Being a Navy SEAL never defined who Brendan was; he defined what every Navy SEAL should be." 末 LT Flynn Cochran, USN (SEAL Team ONE Platoon Commander, Friend and Brother)

"Deep loyalty, good humor and genuine concern for others earned Brendan Looney the title 'best friend' to many men. Although a 'best friend' to many, it was always family first. As the oldest of six, Brendan was a loving brother who led naturally by example with confidence, focus and fearlessness. As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and leader of the Navy lacrosse team, Brendan was a standout athlete with chivalrous personality characteristics of high regard that he learned initially from his loving parents. A man who was in love with his wife and cherished his friendships, Brendan's humble and easy-going personality will be missed by all who knew him. There was no task or goal that Brendan Looney could not accomplish. I would say, if God ever needed a warrior Himself, he would hand pick Brendan Looney." 末 LT Matt Midura, USNR (USNA Class of 2004 and lacrosse teammate)

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