Coaching with Multi-Teaching for Multi-Taskers

Likewise, any drill can also begin with a smaller fundamental and the opportunity to multi-teach. Some days we will begin the drill with two potential offensive players first to touch the ball rather than one. In other words, even in a 6V6 scrimmage, the drill or play starts with two players competing one-on-one for a ground ball. The winner then begins the drill and stays as an offensive player while the other is out of the drill and joins a line. We can teach positioning in front of the other player on ground balls, scoop and protect or outlet quickly, all incorporated in a usually slower paced 6V6 scrimmage.

Shooting Drills

So often coaches have a tendency to find a shooting drill or two they like and stay with them. They might include a pass up or down the alley or diagonal to a running shot. Those focusing on fundamentals always have the player pass or receive the first pass with the outside shoulder, fundamentally sound.

But by switching up the shooting drills and adding multiple variations we can multi-teach to a multi-task audience. We might start incorporating right-hand and left-hand one pass shooting drills to a shooter who then has to roll or make a specific dodge. We can add the teaching detailed dodging fundamentals to the drill as well.

In our interview with Coach Tambroni, this was a key part of his four core shooting drills. And although the basics of the drills were from 'Time and Space' they included unique dodges as well. I will never forget the first time we did a shooting drill from Time and Space, from both sides, but off the pass the player had to complete a face dodge to get a shot. It was obvious in the first 10 seconds that even our more accomplished players had never done 20-30 face dodges with their off hand as part of a shooting drill. And the repetition quickly builds familiarity. It did not slow down the fast paced drill, really kept the kids engaged, and we successfully incorporated another skill rarely or never practiced in a multi-task fashion.

Two-pass shooting drills might now start with a split dodge off a left-hand cradle rather than just a player first in line, to a right-hand pass, to a left-hand catch, then an inside roll to right-hand shot and so on.

So, make a short list of your most time-consuming, boring, or minute fundamentals, insert a little creativity, and integrate them into drills in which more players are participating. Please understand the multi-task nature of your team and find ways to spice up each drill with opportunities to multi-teach. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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