Pat Dillon Steps Down as US Lacrosse Rules Chair

BALTIMORE US Lacrosse's long-serving women's lacrosse rules committee chair Pat Dillon has stepped down after serving in this capacity for 19 years.

[Also see Pat Dillon's explanation for stepping down, which she posted on the LaxPower Forum.]

Dillon has been instrumental in the growth of lacrosse for more than 25 years through her service at both the national and local levels. A top-rated national women's umpire and former player at Towson ('72), Dillon served as chair of the US Lacrosse Board of Directors from 2004 to 2006, and completed nearly a decade of service on the US Lacrosse Executive Committee. Dillon has served as chair of the US Lacrosse Rules Committee since 1991 and as secretary/rules editor of the NCAA Women's Lacrosse Rules Committee since 2006.

She is a member of the board of directors for the Potomac Chapter of US Lacrosse, serving as treasurer. She also served on the National Umpiring Committee for 10 years and as the chair of the Washington Lacrosse Umpires Association from 1985 to 2003. Dillon was inducted into the US Lacrosse Potomac Chapter Hall of Fame in 2004 and in 2008 she was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame as a truly great contributor.

"Pat has been a very public and influential figure in our sport, and this position is one of the most important volunteer leadership positions within US Lacrosse," said Ann Carpenetti, US Lacrosse's women's division director.

"For as long as US Lacrosse has been in existence, Pat Dillon has been a key point of contact for the lacrosse public, equipment manufacturers and administrators seeking to gain a greater understanding of the unique aspects of the women's game. Pat's contributions to the game are too great to measure, and we are thankful for everything she has done to help US Lacrosse maintain the integrity of the women's game. We look forward to working with our newly appointed Chair to ensure that the good work of this restructured committee continues."

US Lacrosse has appointed a new women's rules chair, Lissa Fickert, to lead the subcommittee. Actively working at the youth, high school and college levels, Fickert has been a national umpire for over 10 years and has officiated more than 15 state/regional high school finals, 8 WDIA championship finals, several NCAA tournament games and the U-17 Festival in Peterborough, Canada.

In 2010, Fickert was inducted into the Ohio Lacrosse Hall of Fame. She has served as a US Lacrosse clinician and region chair, board chair, trainer and rules interpreter in the Great Lakes region. Fickert has also served on the US Lacrosse Women's Division Board of Governors, the WDIA Council and US Lacrosse Safety Committee. In addition to holding the position as the Rules Chair, she currently serves on the US Lacrosse Board of Directors.

Fickert and National Rule Interpreter, Ericka Leslie will lead the 2011 USL women's rules interpretation sessions at the 2011 US Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 21-23. Dillon and National Coordinator, Kim Basner, will continue to lead the NCAA rules interpretation sessions at this event.


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