Lynchburg College Men's Lacrosse Community Service

LYNCHBURG, VA - The Lynchburg College men's lacrosse team has performed both well in the classroom and on the field during the 2010 fall ball season, but they have also performed well in the community. The team has served the local community through endeavors in which they volunteered at a 10K road race, an elementary school, a district Carnival, an after school lacrosse program, as well as with the Salvation Army.

Head Coach Steve Koudelka said that he not only wants his student-athletes to be great in the classroom and on the field, but in the community as well. "Lynchburg College has always had roots in community service. Our team has continually expanded our service to the Lynchburg College community and it is wonderful to be able to give back to our area."

The team started their fall of service by handing out water and encouragement to runners between the fourth and fifth miles at the local 10k road race held in Lynchburg, the Virginia 10 Miler.

They again brought a helping hand and a smile to the Paul Monroe Elementary School . LC's players set up and ran relay races with lacrosse sticks and apples, as balls, for the three separate kindergarten classes at the school. This was in junction with the school's Apple Harvest Day. "It was cool seeing the smiles from ear to ear on most of these kids," said sophomore defenseman Joe Lisicky.

The team also lent a hand at the Bedford Hills Carnival where they helped with spinning cotton candy, spotting at a blow up obstacle course, face painting and more. Though, it was the booth run by the Hornet's lacrosse team, that was one of the main draws at the carnival. An accuracy challenge was setup where the kids, using a lacrosse stick, had to throw a tennis ball into an upside down helmet that was hung from the cross bar of a goal. "It was a lot harder then it looked, but some of them nailed it on their first try," junior Vin Curran said. "It was a lot of fun cheering them on."

Finally, Coach Koudelka set-up an afterschool lacrosse clinic at select schools within the Lynchburg City School district through the help of a 21st Century Grant. The team headed to Paul Monroe Elementary and Linkhorne Middle School on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for four weeks.

"Seeing these kids learn about and have fun playing a sport I love was really cool," said co-captain Eddie Bilinkas. "They were just flying around having a blast. It was a lot of fun to be a part of."

"We were able to get into two local schools this fall and introduce lacrosse to kids who have never been exposed to it. They loved it. Most importantly is was a way for us to give back to this great sport," said Koudelka.

The Lynchburg College Men's Lacrosse Team will round out their fall semester with a day of ringing the Salvation Army Bell in front of the local Kroger Grocery Store.

Coach Koudelka commented on the community service this fall by saying, "Sometimes doing community service is a humbling thing. It always put a huge smile on my face to see us help out our area. Our student-athletes did a great job and they really enjoyed the experiences that they have had."


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