Coast Guard Academy Lacrosse - Summer of Service

New London, Conn The typical college lacrosse player spends summer vacation at home, utilizing free time to lounge by the pool or at the beach, earning some much-needed cash at an internship or full-time job and playing lacrosse in the local summer league.

For Coast Guard Academy lacrosse players the summer training period always proves to be anything but typical. Cadets learn about leadership through immersion in the ultimate setting the operational Coast Guard. They learn about the roles of officers and the enlisted as they see the United States and the world as members of a Coast Guard crew.

Following the 2010 season, members of the Coast Guard Academy men's lacrosse program embarked on a variety of summer training programs all over the world. Below are some of the highlights of the team's unique, real-world experiences that will shape their futures as officers in the United State Coast Guard.

Brian Krautler
LCDR | Head Coach | Arnold, MD.
Specialty: Cutterman/Surface Operations

This summer was incredible. I had the opportunity to sail in the Coastal Sail Training Program, with a bunch of great cadets, including several lacrosse players. For a few weeks, the CG gave me a 44-foot two-masted yacht and let me sail around Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound with the cadets. We pulled into some great ports each night, had a lot of fun, and did some incredible sailing. By far, the best part was getting to know the cadets better, especially the lacrosse players. It's a pretty special part of being at CGA - that we serve alongside the cadets in so many different ways. For the lacrosse team, I'm their coach, but, for the cadets this summer, I got to be their shipmate. There's no better way to get to know someone than spending a week underway with them on a relatively small boat. As a coach, I think it would be great to have the team play summer lacrosse, but I'm happy to trade that for the chance to sail with the players.

The other highlight of the summer was getting together with the incoming freshmen before they reported. We had all the new players, their families, and the current players who were at CGA together for a BBQ at the beach. It was very cool to start off the season in June, with all of the new talent coming in and getting ready to become members of the Corps of Cadets. I also got a chance to get together with the freshmen a few times during the summer and it's always great to see them get to play lacrosse as a break from the Swab Summer routine. All in all, another great Coast Guard summer.

Paul Junghans
Senior | Defense | Damascus, Md.
Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

This past summer I spent 11 weeks on the Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin, a 378-foot high endurance cutter home-ported in Charleston, SC. I arrived just in time to help finish a main diesel engine overhaul, which immediately put my engineering education to work. It also showed me how professional and highly skilled the Coast Guard's enlisted workforce really is, as they efficiently took apart, repaired and reassembled key engine components. We got underway down to Mayport, FL, for three days for training, and tested out many of the ship's engineering systems on the way down. During our three weeks in Mayport we completed numerous drills, received a huge ammo onload and got underway for a gun exercise, which was a lot of fun. On the way back to Charleston, we completed a Helicopter Standardization visit, which qualified Gallatin to participate in helicopter operations. That was my favorite part of the trip - as I want to be a pilot after I graduate from the academy. During the summer, I qualified Inport and Underway security watch stander, the person who checks on all of the ships systems and logs readings on an hourly round, and I qualified in Advanced Damage Control. Another highlight of my summer was the epic mustache I grew while onboard Gallatin, which started a facial hair revolution among the crew. I proudly counseled junior crew members on their lip sweaters driving home the importance of Men's Health and Prostate Cancer Awareness. I had a great time this summer, learned a great deal about how the Coast Guard really operates and came back with a sweet Gallatin coffee mug.

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