Coast Guard Academy Lacrosse - Summer of Service

Matthew Chase
Senior | Attack | Baltimore, Md.
Major: Electrical Engineering

This past summer I had the opportunity to take part in two different programs, an Academic Internship and operational time on the Coast Guard Cutter Staten Island, a 110-foot patrol boat. For my internship, I traveled to the heart of lacrosse culture, Baltimore, Maryland, to work at the National Security Agency (NSA). While at the NSA, I utilized my Electrical Engineering background and worked with wireless security, but as expected and in the words of Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that". Working outside of the Military was exciting and challenging, but a great change of pace. I capitalized on my time in Baltimore to travel to the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Final Four and Championship games. After departing from my internship, I traveled south to Atlantic Beach, NC to report to the Coast Guard Cutter Staten Island. The cutter was put into dockside (an extended maintenance period) to prepare for a possible deployment to the Gulf of Mexico to assist in the response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. During the dockside, I immersed myself in the engineering aspects of cutter operations and was involved in multiple overhaul projects. While at my cutter, I qualified in Standards for Special and Emergency Operations and Procedures (SEOPS) and was prepared to handle shipboard emergencies. Upon completion of my time on the Staten Island, I returned back to Baltimore for some much needed vacation, crab cakes, Old Bay, and the occasional toss around with friends.

Andrew Breen
Junior | LSM | Falls Church, VA
Major: Mechanical Engineering

What was the best part of my summer? Sail training on 44-foot Luders Yawls: two weeks, one sailboat, seven "brothers", and a sweet time. The academy gave us the boat, the money, and the schedule and left the rest to us. All the navigation, food, and anything else you could think of - was run completely by cadets. Each night we stopped in a different New England port and got to hit the town after we finished eating. One of my favorite nights was in Newport, RI. When we pulled in, my buddy and I jumped right off the boat and walked over to find our crew some lobsters for dinner. About an hour later, we returned with two bags of these coastal creatures and a few packs of gushers (our snack of choice). With no fancy kitchen facilities, we threw 'em straight on the grill with some corn, potatoes, and butter. Best lobster I ever had. Next on our list was some exploring in Newport - which included 3 trips to 3 different ice cream places and that's the most important part. The following morning, myself and a fellow laxer got up early and went for a solid run around the neighborhoods of Newport - something we did in almost every place we stopped to stay in shape and explore. While the places we stopped each night were great, the best times had were just sailing Long Island Sound and running the show with my classmates. Each day we switched positions, so everybody got a chance to learn different skill sets. Everyone learned a great deal and had amazing experiences - there was no better way to do it.

Nick Zablotny
Junior | Midfield | Annapolis, Md.
Electrical Engineering

During 2/c Summer, I participated in all the activities that rising juniors participated in. I started with Rules of the Road course, then moved to range week where I shot the Sig 40 service pistol for the first time. I then participated in Colgates, where I learned to sail 26-foot sailboats in the Thames River. One day, we were able to take a trip all the way to Fishers Island which is in Long Island Sound. After Colgates, my cadre section moved to T-Boats. I had an awesome time in T-Boats and learned some of the basics of ship handling. The next week, half my cadre section traveled to Elizabeth City, NC for the best week of the summer CATP (Cadet Aviation Training Program). I was able to go on two HC-130J Super Hercules flights and also participated in a "duck hoist" where an MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter hoisted me from the water up to the cabin. That was one of the coolest things that I had ever experienced in my life. I returned from E-City and my cadre section participated in a "prep week" to get ready for our cadre experience. I chose Eagle cadre, because I wanted to travel on America's Tall Ship and lead the new swabs through their first time at sea. I traveled from New London to Port Everglades, FL with Alfa, Bravo and Charlie companies. We spent a week at sea and arrived in Savannah, GA the following Friday. Here, Alfa, Bravo and Charlie companies departed for New London to complete Swab summer and the cadre welcomed Delta, Echo and Foxtrot companies. We left Savannah on Monday and arrived at Wilmington, NC on Friday. My family met me in Wilmington and I had the opportunity to spend some fun time with them on liberty. We switched out Delta, Echo and Foxtrot companies for Golf and Hotel for the final leg of the voyage. I was afforded a great opportunity when the EAGLE Commanding Officer allowed each of us to bring one parent on board for the final leg. My dad had the opportunity to sail with us. It was great to show my dad what I had done the previous two summers. He had a great time and he still talks about his trip on Eagle. We anchored off New London on Thursday night and sailed into port on Friday morning. We cleaned up Eagle and I departed back to school, ready to start another semester. I had a great summer and was able to experience many different things. I would not have been able to do all these things if I had chosen to go to a civilian college.

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