The Hippo Drill to Improve Passing Fundamentals


You have to keep score. As with almost all of our drills, we want to step up the intensity here by adding a real element of competition. The reward for winning might be cheering the others as they do sprints or shuttle runs. But the winning prize I have had the most success with is which team has to collect the balls after practice, and they need to collect all the balls in three minutes or run two sprints before collecting the balance of the balls.


Variations can also be added. For example, if the team in white pennies loses possession by failing to make a pass in five seconds, the offensive player rolls the ball out of bounds, and the coach rolls a ball to a player on the other team at some other location anywhere on the field. Now we have ground ball and field recognition scenarios added to the Hippo Drill.

Another variation that can help game situations is that once the ball is in the box, it always needs to stay in the box, or the offensive team loses possession. Have some fun by varying the format, and focus on looking up and moving the ball. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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