2011 Team Records and SOS if Nothing Changed from 2010

How will your favorite -- or most disliked -- teams fare in 2011? No one can answer that question with any confidence, of course. However, we can show how the season would turn out if teams played exactly to their form of last year.

We used teams' 2010 computer ratings and the average home field advantage for each division and applied them to the games and venues in the available 2011 schedule information. We did not allow for ties. More than a few games would rate as statistical toss-ups with the method employed, but a winner and loser were declared nevertheless, as a 7-3-4 record just isn't that interesting.

Although these "results" may give one a sense of expectation, they should not be considered predictions for how the 2011 season will turn out. There is no really good basis for doing that (witness pre-season vs. final polls). Players were lost to graduation, other players will emerge in their place, and new players have arrived hoping to make their mark. Schedules and venues change; so do teams' schemes and strategies. Sometimes a team gels; sometimes it does not. As always, results will be decided on the field.

Tables are available for men's and women's Divisions I, II, and III. In addition to the schedules and "records" for each team, full listings of teams by W/L percentage and strength of schedule (also based on 2010 computer ratings and 2011 opponents) are provided at the bottom of the pages. Here is the link:

2011 Team Records and SOS if Nothing Changed from 2010

We do not have complete 2011 schedules for some teams (and show games that appear on opponents' schedules in such cases), and there are surely errors in the information we've received or found, so please let us know if you can update an incomplete schedule or spot something amiss.


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