Lax Coach Mike: Full Field 1v1 Add One


1. You can also begin the drill with a simple ground ball battle between two players, with the winner taking the first offensive fast break.

2. Or you might start the drill with a ride/clear in one end for to a clearing pass to the player entering the field from the midfield line.

Coaching Tips

1. Work in quick, fast break transition, so keep it moving.

2. If the ball is thrown away, just yell "clear" and have the goalie quickly start it back down the other end.

3. Work on the principles of offensive spacing in 4v3, 5v4, and 6v5, with outside shoulder passes at one end and identifying the open man.

4. Work on the principles of even play on defense, slides and recovery, and loud communication on the end that is 'even' through most of the drill. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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