D-III on D3: Tournament Bracketology, 3/06

We are a couple of weeks into the season, though some teams have yet to play a single game. That said, several teams have already lost key games, greatly diminishing their chances of making the NCAAs, while others have won big early games. There were enough changes to update the brackets, but a reminder that at this point in the season Bracketology continues to be mere speculation, mine alone.

500 Mile Rule: One of the most difficult tasks in creating the brackets is geography, which takes precedence over seeding. The goal of the NCAA Selection Committee will be to minimize air travel (which must occur if the schools are more than 500 miles from each other). As such, I had to shift several teams in the seeding from where I believe they should be and rework the brackets to account for the 500-mile rule.

Preseason Tournament Bracketology, 3/06

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