Q&A with Milton (GA) Girls' Coach Tim Godby

Talk about some of your coaching methods and how you get the team to improve over the course of a season.
"We try to do things better every day. We have challenging games scheduled throughout the season. We always keep the focus on leading with a good defense. That way, we can take away what other teams do offensively. It's easier to do that against some of the in-state teams we are familiar with. But it's much harder to do with out of state teams we haven't seen before. But we've had success against teams from the Northeast, Virginia and Maryland over the years. Those games really help us for the in-state teams. It helps expose some of our weaknesses and things we need to improve on. It's the biggest reason why we schedule those games."

How do you see the growth of Georgia lacrosse since you took over for Milton in '05?
"The skill level of players continues to get better every year. Girls are starting out younger now and developing their skills earlier and continuing to get better. In 2005, girls didn't play the game until high school, so they were trying to learn the skills and strategies of the game as high school players. Now, they are starting at the age of seven and learning how to cradle and scoop ground balls and understanding the fundamentals of offense and defense."

The 2010 Milton team seemed to be head and shoulders above the competition in Georgia. And considering your recent 16-3 win over Lassiter, that may be the case once again. What's the difference?
"We have players that are really committed to playing and working on their game and getting better in the offseason. We've built on our success each year and people want to be a part of the program. They know they have to play and work on their game and get better every day."

What can we expect from Milton in 2011?
"You can expect a group of girls that will come out and always compete hard. Hopefully, we'll be disciplined on offense and not commit turnovers and take care of every possession."

LaxPower's weekly High School Q&A feature is written by Adam Warner.

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