Wind, Rain Don't Hold Back #3 Rams vs. Huskies

SEATTLE, Wa. The Rams ended their spring break trip to the Pacific Northwest with a 18-9 win against the University of Washington during a cold and rainy game. The game was a great opportunity for the Rams to showcase some of their newer talent and to pick out the areas where they will need to improve before next week.

"Our game plan was to turn up the tempo and pressure all over the field on offense and on defense," Head Coach Alex Smith said. "We did a great job when we had the ball and we got some goals in transition and off of face-offs, but our defense was less than stellar tonight."

The game started with a couple of fast plays which put the Rams ahead in the first five minutes of the game. Despite the pressure, UW continued to keep up during the first quarter. At half time the Rams were ahead 7-3, but they had turned the ball over a few too many times.

"It's hard to be too mad when we win by nine, but there were a lot of breakdowns tonight that let them hang around," Coach Smith said. "Credit to Washington for never giving up and taking advantage of their opportunities, but we simply gave them too many chances." The second half is when the Rams offense really started to shine, scoring seven points in the third quarter and 11 overall. "We played fast tonight - especially when we were clearing the ball. It was big for us to continue to try to play a lot of guys and to run hard in the middle of the field."

Everyone contributed to the win against the Huskies. "We have some really good athletes and tonight we wanted to let the dogs run. Everyone on the travel roster except our starting goalie played tonight and some of the goals we scored were really nice."

Next weekend the Rams play on the CSU intramural fields against Arizona State University and University of Arizona. This will be a difficult weekend for the Rams as Arizona State is ranked second in the league.

"The focus when we get back is going to be team defense, plain and simple. We have an extremely difficult schedule and Arizona State is going to be one of our toughest games of the year," Smith said "It will be important for us to make a concerted effort on the defensive side of the ball."


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