Coaching Drills: 4v3 Both Ways, Stay in the Box!

Variation 1

For a unique variation, we have a rule for this drill: If the coach rolls out a ground ball, the offensive player needs to pass first, and if the coach throws a pass, the player initiates by driving. This makes the players think on the field and creates different looks. And it remains philosophically consistent if you are a coach who coaches for every ground ball then pass, pass. Again, all the action must take place in the box. If they leave the box, then possession changes or a new group comes in.

Variation 2

In the second variation, the first repetition of the drill stays the same with four white shirts on offense versus three red shirts on defense. But in the second repetition, two white-shirted players (the last two to touch the ball) exit the drill, while the three red pennied players stay and become the offense. The coach rolls out a ball or makes a pass to a player with a red penny. Now on offense, they play against the remaining two players with white pennies, and we go 3v2 for 10-15 seconds, then the next seven come out, and we repeat the sequence. As before, players must stay in the box.

Variation 3

If you like the drill, another great way to keep it different is to run the two units from the opposite alley space between the side of the box and the sideline. In this case, I usually start the offensive unit (white) from outside the sideline, and the defenders at the side of the box to help insure they can get in the hole and play defense in the 4v3 from the inside out.

Make them think, keep it changing every day, and make it competitive and make it fun.

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