Coaching Drill: Is Your Crease Guy a Statue?

Now you might think I am crazy, but we also put our poles in this drill. It really helps their hand-eye coordination but more importantly teaches them to step or move towards every pass. In this drill, have your poles 'shorten' their sticks, sliding them down in their grip to the size of a short stick.

There are so many benefits to this drill. With younger players especially, we often see a player waiting to catch a pass on a clear, only to see a riding player step in front to intercept the pass and streak to the cage in transition. That drives me crazy. Getting players to drill and make a habit of moving into and through every pass while protecting the stick will save or eliminate many turnovers.

Teaching Fundamentals

    1. Outside shoulder catches
    2. Passing or feeding high and away to the outside shoulder
    3. Catch and square to the cage to shoot; footwork here is key
    4. Move through every catch
    5. Fast and fun

Advanced Options

For players with more advanced skills, we have the last player to go through the shot progressions in the box, then stay in the box to set picks for the next player entering the drill as a shooter. This too may look a little rough first time through, but the kids love it.

Once we run the advanced drill with a picking guy as well as the shooter, we then move two of the feeder lines behind goal line extended and work low to high and high to low. Let me know your thoughts. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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