Rhodes Lacrosse Brings in Special Guest

"The game is a celebration!" - the words used by coach Sid Jamieson to describe lacrosse at his speech in Memphis.

Rhodes College, joining the ranks of NCAA Division III lacrosse for the 2012 season with a 12-game schedule, invited Jamieson to our campus to extoll the virtues and values of playing the Creator's Game. We wanted to educate, inform and celebrate our beginnings as a lacrosse program while simultaneously laying the pillars and foundation of our program by having a better understanding to the origins, purpose, and meaning of game of lacrosse.

In a speech where you could hear a pin drop, Jamieson delivered a powerful message to the Rhodes and Memphis audience of "inclusion and unity" when laying and building the foundation of a team. According to Jamieson, It is an intense and fierce game that is a privilege to play. Everyone and anyone can bring honor and value to their team if they play with heart, mind, and spiritual balance while displaying excellent sportsmanship.

Jamieson's, himself of Iroquois Native American heritage and the only coach Bucknell University knew from 1964-2005, didn't limit his message to lacrosse. He shared antidotes and stories of how Native Americans helped shape the United States and in particular the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. With Jamieson's visit , the Rhodes Community now has a deeper appreciation and understanding to the Creators Game

The foundation is set, and now Rhodes Lacrosse is set to begin its lacrosse celebration and journey.


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