2011 Navy Women's Lacrosse Summer Highlights

We spent the 4th of July off the coast of South Korea, where we met sailors from the South Korean Navy and traded everything from snacks to baseball hats with their officers. Our ship was in its homeport of Sasebo during my final week, which gave us the opportunity to go snorkeling and explore places such as Nagasaki.

Our days were mostly spent sampling the local food and trying to learn the language, but by far the best cultural experiences were partaking in a Buddhist meditation service, as well as a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. I brought my lacrosse stick with me on the trip, however, most of the locals thought it was a fishing net!

Charlotte Hauser
Junior | Goalie | Greenfield Center, N.Y.
Major: Political Science

I spent two weeks in France this summer with (teammate) Morgan O'Brien. We stayed at the French Naval Academy for a week, then boarded French training ships (similar to YPs) and set off on an eight-day voyage. Our first four days were at sea and we arrived in Marin, Spain on a Friday, where we stayed for three days.

We then sailed to Lisbon, Portugal, where we spent another weekend. After that we went back to Ecole Navale (French Naval Academy) and attended their yearly formal ball. It was an amazing time and we learned so much and got some great cultural experience.

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