CMSV MLax Lends Hand at Wheelchair Tourney

Riverdale, N.Y. Members of the College of Mount Saint Vincent Men's Lacrosse team reached out the New York Community over the weekend and offered a helping hand to the Major League Wheelchair Tournament sponsored by the New York Mets at Citi Field.

The event, which is in its 10th year, is a softball tournament that features team sponsored by a Major League Baseball franchise. The teams compete over a two day period to find out who has the best team in the country.

Volunteers help to run the tournament in various capacities, with the Dolphins helping out with score keeping, grounds crew as well as being a bat boy. The event also gives members of the community a first hand view of what disabled sports is all about.

Professor Jonathan Rosenberg, a former employee of the New York Mets and current professor of Business at Mount Saint Vincent, shared his thoughts on the experiences gained by all involved at the event.

"Students working at the New York Mets annual Wheelchair Softball tournament are exposed to the nuances of disabled sports and gain a greater appreciation for the what these athletes and families are capable of. The competition is serious but the camaraderie and sense of shared mission of these athletes is what makes this event and others like so compelling," stated Rosenberg.

Senior captain Larry Caputo heard about the event from Rosenberg and brought the idea to Head Coach Dan Mulholland.

"I thought it would look good for both our team and the department with the new Director of Athletics coming in," Caputo said. "We wanted to let people know that we do these things on a regular basis," he continued.

Caputo said that the team was initially going to send upwards of 20 players, but found out not that many were needed. "We took 10 players, a few from each class," Caputo explained.

While working the event the players worked as bat boys, set up and broke down the event and got to talk to several of the team's captains. The Dolphins were even invited to play the team representing Nassau County at Eisenhower Park.

"They said they would have chairs for us and that they had a section of the park they played in each Monday. We were told they just played the team from Molloy College and won," said Caputo.

Overall Caputo thought the day went well for the team. "It was a great experience," he said. "We got to appreciate the game more and realized that the effort that goes into it for the players is much more then you would think. They are committed to what they do."


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