New HEADstrong Home Fittingly on Green Street

"The (guest) apartments are outstanding and they give them all the comfort of home. There is no sign of lacrosse up there, it's just for them. The locker is in the stairwell; that's Nick."

Cheryl Colleluori said, as she has countless times before, that Nick's legacy and leadership continues. "Nick is like a pied piper," she said. "It's amazing to have the youth of today looking up to him."

Son Pat Colleluori, Jr., the Foundation's director of marketing and development, said the new house has helped him to deal with the pain of losing his younger brother.

"I have never felt comfortable in the five years at home since Nick passed away," he said. "But when I came here I felt at ease. This legitimizes our efforts. It's been so well received in the lacrosse community and that's very comforting."

Mr. Colleluori said the Foundation hopes to add more space and possibly other buildings and also has proposed to provide opportunity for students with disabilities from the Ridley School District to get involved in service.

"That was Nick; he was always about giving back," Colleluori said. "We take on that motto."

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